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16 November, 2016

Tumblr Social Media Marketing Tips- How to Promote your Content over Tumblr

Business Marketing Made Easy on Tumblr- a Beginner's guide on Getting Advertising Success at Tumblr Platform  .

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Marketing Tips on using Tumblr for your Business Promotion:

Tumblr is a blogging platform that makes it possible for users to post images, text, links, audios, videos and quotes in a microblog-type format. It is one of the fastest growing and best social networks globally that are being used by organizations to market their products. 

The statistics speak for themselves: Tumblr boasts of approximately 18 billion views per month and it hosts over 63 million blogs. Here is a sneak peak of the tips and techniques used in promoting a business on Tumblr through content marketing and blogging. 

Tumblr based Content Marketing for Promoting a Business

Content Marketing Tips for Tumblr:

Content marketing will move your business to the next level if you use it wisely.

Indeed, Tumblr is much like Facebook and Twitter, and if you have compelling content on your Tumblr account, you can share it with a wide network of fans.

The result is an increase in the Returns on Investment among other advantages. 

Tumblr Advertising- How Tumblr could be used to Advertise and Market any Businesses Online

Here are a few Tips for Marketing your Content over Tumblr:

1. Create content that elicits a certain emotion. If you expect many responses and reblogs from your content, then it must incite an emotional response. 

2.Enable the “Ask and Submit” feature on the blog settings in order to create an interactive platform that will allow people to ask you questions and get answers.

3.  Ensure that your posts are tagged with relevant keywords to ensure that the posts are visible to searchers. 

4.  Share your work/tasks in progress with your fans and customers.

5.  Share the most recent press and reviews. 

6.  Give behind-the-scenes glimpses. 

7.  Post photo based posts. 

8.  Publish the blog posts at the right time when most of your audience is online. Yes, study the reblog counts of your posts and find out when are your most of the followers online.

If you become successful in figuring out the trend, then it will certainly help you in boosting your visibility over Tumblr network.  

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Blogging on Tumblr:

You can use Tumblr both as a hosting platform for your primary site and for your blog. You should use your Custom business domain name on Tumblr instead of using free subdomain name.

Tumblr for Business Blogging: Tips and Techniques for Promoting a Business Online

Have a domain name like this : Instead of  

If you have an account with Tumblr, there are a myriad of tips and tricks that can make you succeed in your business through blogging. 

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Blogging Tips for Tumblr:

1. First things first. You can customize your blog by adjusting various settings. For instance, you can add a background photo, change the colors as well as the font type and add tabs or pages to your page so that you can give it your desired look. 

2. If you envision increasing your followers, ensure that you interact with as many followers as possible.

3. In addition to this, you need to reblog and like appropriate posts that are relevant to your business. This will draw people to you like moths to flames.

4. Perhaps we can state here that reblogging is similar to the retweeting feature on Twitter, where you retweet another person's tweet so that its content can show on your page. The same strategy can be used with Tumblr blogging

5. Follow others people’s blog so that their content will be available on your Tumblr dashboard of blog posts.

6. Make use of the “Submit” feature. With this feature, you can run contests and ask content for your site. You can allow users to post photos, audio and video files among other forms of content. You also decide what is published on your blog. 

Last but not the least:  Use some or all of these most popular content promotion tools to market your published content at Tumblr blogs . 

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In a nutshell, the cutthroat world of business marketing requires pragmatic advertising policies that will ensure success of the business. That is why Tumblr comes in handy. 

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Over to you:

Do you use Tumblr as a marketing platform to promote your content? If so, what have been the most successful methods for you using it?

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