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Quora Social Media Marketing - 13 Tips to Get Free Referral Traffic from Quora

30 September, 2016

13 Content Marketing Strategies to Get Free ( Social Media) Referral Traffic from Quora Community.

Ultimate Tips to get referral traffic from Social media sites.

Quora is a very famous community based social media networking website where people give answers to the different questions and increase their reputation points so that they could become able to improve the rating of their account. People consider the reply or questions of those persons who have got good reputation at the network.

Quora could be among the most apt answers to the web traffic deficiencies in your website and it is one of the best social media tools to receive free social networking traffic.

Getting free referral traffic is one of the very important factors that are helpful in promoting your business website to the next higher level.
It is a wonderful way for improving your website ranking and diverting the traffic toward your website. Just keep answering to the different questions asked by community members that are related to your website's niche and improve the rating of your Quora account. 

Do not answer to those questions regarding what you do not know. Only prefer to give answers to those questions, regarding which thing you know better.

13 Marketing Tips to get Good Referral Traffic from Quora

How your business may get promoted through Quora?

3 quick points that will be helpfully responsible in driving the referral traffic from Quora to your website-

  1. Your author or member bio that keeps your website url links.
  2. Links embedded in your blog post content (yes, you can create unlimited separate blog posts)
  3. Inserting links in your answers  given by you to the different questions and queries related to your business niche.
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5 Content Marketing Strategies that you can Follow for driving free web traffic Towards your Website from Quora :

1. For driving the traffic to your business website through organic marketing, you need to engage in the activities at the Quora community, you need to give the answer to the certain questions with complete information so that people give votes to your answer and promote it.

2. Promote your answer by getting the appreciation of the people in shape of votes option. When people will like your answer regarding any question, they will automatically give you vote and your ranking will improve that will help your further for directing the traffic towards your website.

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3. Choose the questions carefully and do not answer those questions regarding which you do not know anything because the moderators at Quora keep an eye on all the activities of the forum and ban that person who does spamming there. So be careful while answering to the questions and always prefer to give informative answers that would give the help to people.

4. When you become a senior member on Quora and your account ratings become higher, then place your website link with complete information in your bio so that people could visit your official website by reading your helpful content. 

5. Only place your official website link on those answer questions that become related with your website, otherwise, due to pasting your official website link on this website, you might get blocked there.

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Using Quora as a Platform to Promote Your Business : Learn How...

Promote Your Business Via Quora
Promote Your Business Via Quora
A lot of traffic can be driven to the website via this space "Quora." All you need is a brand name that makes you ready to promote yourself and makes it easier for people to find you. The content you post on Quora ( on the the blogs, the questions, the answers, etc) will bring audience to you which you can take to your Website as well as to other social media accounts

This platform is mainly for Information and Knowledge hungry people. You can find a lot of intellectual discussions going on here from any topic under the Sun

But, there are the people who also be there to market their professional brand as well their business. Quora gets you the best answer to any question

You get to learn from the experts in different fields, find new ideas to talk about, get to learn what's on the top of your customer's mind and so much more this space has to offer you when used at its best.

Follow the below given Tips to get good results from marketing over the Quora community:

Quora Tips for Promoting Your Business, Website, or Content:

1- Following Topics

Herein you must follow the topics which can either be narrow or broad. Whenever there is any new question related to the topic you choose, you will receive notification. There are different ways to follow topics on Quora.

If you see the topic name anywhere, you can just hang on to it and and search for the option to follow. Secondly what you can do is, you can click on the green "Follow Topic" button from any topic page.

You will find this button located below the topic name and description. Other than these, you can also access Quora via mobile phones.

2- Profile Building

Next step to be taken is that of profile building. You can either signup for Quora by connecting to Facebook or Twitter. You can also mention you don't have a Facebook or Twitter account and carry on with creating a profile on Quora.

Write about the industry you belong to, the expertise lies within you, the vision you have etc. Let people have a clear idea about you as they visit your profile. You should include links that take your visitors to your main website & social media accounts on your profile.

This will help in bringing traffic to your social profiles along with the main website. A unique profile highlighting your expertise on certain topic can be created with each topic you follow ultimately adding credibility to your answers.

3- Active Participation

Actively participate on the topics related to your industry. Post questions that involves a great thought process and could lead to valuable and helpful answers. Spamming would not work though. Therefore do not spam and be relevant.

4- Connect

Moreover try to find out the top answers and followers of a particular topic and connect to these people. You can get more insight on the relevant topics that would be of great help to you. Networking is important on every space and so is here.

5- Content Sharing/ Blogging

Create a Quora blog and share the valuable and insightful information that in your view people would want to know and follow. Creating/generating the content and then contributing to boards on topics related to your industry would work wonders for you.

Each Quora blog must include the summary of the highlights of the blog as well as the link back to the blog for the audiences, if want to read more.

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6- Sharing On Twitter & Facebook

Take your social media profiles along. Share the answers on Facebook and Twitter for your social media audience. Now with the quora RSS feature this has even become automated.

Whenever a question is answered, it automatically gets shared on social media. The trend of automated features/tools have made things a lot easier and time saving.

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7- Ask People To Follow

Encourage  people to follow you on Quora. Guide them the procedure of following like go to Quora resource page and click on Quora follow button. Let people notice you. Once they follow you, they can be your voice and ask others to follow you as well. The thing is make your presence felt/known.

8- Keep A Check

If you want to know what kind of topics attracts maximum people and gets noticed at large then for that there is a page on Quora named most popular topics, this will show you the most trending and famous topics on Quora. Now how you utilise this information depends on you.

Final Thoughts:

And, most importantly you could also create a separate blog of your own. Add useful c
Content on this blog and make it more visible by giving its link into your questions or answers.

In this way, it is better poised to get you good natural and referral traffic.Not hard to achieve traffic success at Quora, provided that you have quality, honesty, and transparency as offerings!

Whenever the community is concerned, only the decent and genuine efforts win! I have seen many kinds of people at Quora, including very successful and very much failed :)

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These are the some helpful tips through which you can direct free traffic from the Quora social platform. It is a wonderful place for social networking and for finding the quality information regarding different things and it helps the people to learn about new things with others experiences.

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  1. Outstanding resources for getting referral traffic. Referral traffic is a very important segment for any website and we need to pay serious attention towards improving it and Quora is a great social networking site today where same minded people discuss their views on any and every topic under the sun!!

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  4. I think you have mentioned all possible sources of traffic. People want to be educated, to be part of something new. Rather than consider cheap trickery, I absolutely guarantee you that innovation will work better for you in the long and short run. The days of driving average people to buy average products is over. Admission Essay Writing Service

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  7. I just think, that people, who asks the question on Quora, they have to visit and ask every single question, because they know every single answer.

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    1. Thanks mate for your feedback. You are wonderful :)


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