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Small Business Ideas to Make your Inbound Marketing Successful

Posted on 30 August, 2017 2 comments

Why your Inbound Marketing Efforts not Working as Expected? Business Tips 

Online Business tips to Promote a Small Business via inbound marketing and lead generation techniques. 

One extremely effective promotional strategy used by most of the companies is inbound marketing. Companies invest their efforts in working on this strategy not because it is mandatory or so but because it gets them great results in terms of leads for the business

Inbound Marketing Going Wrong!
Inbound Marketing Going Wrong!

According to the reports 92.7% companies that used inbound marketing noticed huge increase in leads. The increase in this tactic by 2016 has become even more and to the extent that this is being considered as one of the most important tools for online marketing today

Website Lead Generation Strategies- Online Business Tips for Beginners

Posted on 21 August, 2017 3 comments

How to get More Leads from your Money Making Website?

Some Quick Tips for making your Website well optimized for Generating more leads and sales.

Running a website to make money? Interested in generating more sales, leads, and money from your website? Discover some real beginners tips.


We all put in a lot of effort to make our website look visually appealing and attractive. 

We also realize the importance of website for lead generation and sales however, many of us do not fully utilize the website as a lead generation platform and skip major things which shall be there on our website to get more leads. 

We have already learned about these best methods to promote a website and now in this article, we shall explore some easy website hacks that we can immediately implement and start getting more leads and reduce the bounce back rates.  

Tips for getting More leads from your Money Making Site 

Best Ways of Generating Leads through Facebook - Social Media Tips for Beginners

Posted on 15 March, 2017 1 comment

How to Generate Leads Using Facebook : Unveiling some Best Practices and Methods to Start Generating Leads for your Business Instantly.

Facebook Lead Generation Tips for Beginners Sellers.

Are you using your Facebook page just for branding purpose and not getting leads from it?  Have you ever considered using Facebook for lead generation?

Every Business is looking for leads. A continuous steady flow of leads and a decent pipeline is what makes the sales department content with the job done by the marketing department.

Most of the time the sales people are not happy about the leads been given by the marketing guys. Either there is no continuous medium of inbound lead or it is not reliable enough to serve the purpose.

The Most Fundamental ways used in generating Leads sales Via Facebook Social Media Marketing (SMM)

With every opportunity that you are missing to generate quality leads for your business, you miss upon some revenue that you could have generated otherwise.

Webinar Marketing- 11 Killer Techniques for Making Leads via Webinars

Posted on 22 February, 2017 No comments

11 Killer Techniques for Webinar Marketing : Generate Leads that continuously converts.

Webinars were considered to be a medium to educate the audiences in the past like delivering classes by teachers and educating about health, career, business etc by professional counselors and speakers.

( Apart from Webinars what are the other smart ways of getting leads without cold calling )

Now however, webinar marketing has emerged out to be one of the most eminent methods of content marketing. Most of the small businesses today use it as a powerful weapon for Local Advertising.

Reaching out to the new audiences and skimming though the prospects have never been as effective as per the statistics. 

Webinar Marketing Techniques!

How to Generate Sales Leads without Cold Calling?

Posted on 20 February, 2017 No comments

Prospect without Cold Calling: 6 Ultimate tips for success in Sales without a Single Cold call.

How to Start Generating Qualified Leads without Making Cold Calling?

Sales people often complain about cold calling. Nothing beats an inbound call. The very fact why sales people are apprehensive about cold calling in most of the industry is the quality of leads they get to work upon when it is an inbound call and not from a cold call. 

An inbound call in certainly a more qualified and a quality call which every sale person loves to breakthrough.  In this article we will highlight some of the best ways to generate leads without cold calls.

Read previous article to get an insight of Twitter Techniques to Start Generating Leads for your Business

Say No to Cold Calling Forever!

9 Effective Advertising Steps for Craigslist based Lead Generation and Marketing

Posted on 12 January, 2017 No comments

9 Quick Steps to getting Started with your Craigslist Marketing and get the Best Results.

How To Generate Free Leads From Craigslist.

Craig Newmark being its founder, was founded in the year 1996. The marketing power of is such that it gets around 10 million visitors in a day. 

Be it wholesalers or businesses (startups, small), online or offline has proved its importance & power everywhere to everyone. You couldn't ask for more as a marketer when you get to know that posting on site is free for the most part. It connects buyers & sellers in more than 300 communities.

Posting on Craigslist site is free to maximum extent. At this platform you will find right from furniture wholesalers to SMEs (Small & Medium-Sized enterprises) online as well as offline to e-commerce websites and more. 

Craigslist Marketing advertising tactics
Craigslist Marketing Tips

Twitter for Business Leads- 5 Best Techniques of Using it for Lead Generation

Posted on 07 November, 2016 No comments

The Present article will help you unveil how Twitter can be a great tool to generate leads for your business for free.

Online Business Tips for Generating Leads from Twitter.

Read previous post on Led generation: 50 Tips to boost and Increase sales on eBay

No matter you are selling in B2B or B2C space, Twitter is an amazing tool to get you leads. There is a big opportunity amidst getting followers and twitting to engage. 

If we channelize how to actually get leads from the engagements we would be in a win win situation. We need to create a compelling call to action for channelizing the potential prospects to actually go beyond the engagement and take an action.

16 Free Tools for Being successful with Twitter based marketing

Twitter Techniques for Lead Generation-600x350
How to Get Leads from Twitter- Techniques for Business Lead Generation

5 Marketing Rules any Seller Should Follow to Generate Leads Sales

Posted on 15 September, 2016 1 comment

5 Mantras every successful seller follows to get the amazing Sales and Leads compared to the others with the same capacity!!

[Tips for sellers - The Common Traits of the most successful Sellers]

Everyone knows that each company has to deal with customers attraction and increasing profits in order to "stay in business”.

It's true, or not? Once we have identified the first apparent rule, it is time to answer the logical question: who is responsible for customers attraction, and who should convince potential buyers to pay hard-earned money to your company? 

If you answered the responsibility that lies with marketing department - you're right. If you think that it’s the part of the sales department, it is also true.

If marketing and sales department interact harmoniously, they will get perfect teamwork and achieve goals in case their tactics to customers attraction is the same. 

During all the time both departments work closely with each other to establish a relationship with a potential customer, who eventually will start making a constant profit.
Successful Sellers believe in building long lasting relationships with their clients

9 Ultimate Tips on How to Generate Leads through LinkedIn?

Posted on 03 June, 2016 1 comment

9 tricks to start using LinkedIn like a pro and generate free leads everyday

Last Updated- March 2016

‘Generating 5 to 10 leads everyday over a cup of coffee’- If this sounds an exaggeration to you probably you have never tried LinkedIn to generate B2B leads

LinkedIn is the most powerful business networking website with over 300 million members. 

Ever since its inception, LinkedIn is growing by leaps and bounds as a professional network where "like-minded and same profession people" connect irrespective of their global boundaries.   

In this article you will discover how to employ LinkedIn to generate cost effective leads on daily basis.

The present article is the new addition in our series of articles on social media marketing. Read the previous article which is based on how to promote your business smartly on Quora- the new social media giant 

9 Effective Ways to Generate Leads & Sales via LinkedIn

50 Tweaks to Boost eBay Sales and Generate more Profit

Posted on 14 May, 2016 No comments

50 Tweaks to Boost eBay Sales and Generate more Profit: Get over the Sluggish Sales and make more Profits

While eBay has a lot of traffic of its own and you have good chances of getting sales but it has got an equally huge number of product listings also. 

So, if you are looking to speed up your sales and earn more profits, check out these simple tweaks.

Tips and Techniques at to Boost eBay Sales
Boost eBay Sales by Following these 50 Killer Tips

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