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A Complete Guide to Increase Mobile app Downloads and Playstore Ranking : Mobile App Marketing

Posted on 14 August, 2017 No comments

Mobile App Marketing Strategy- Tips to Increase Mobile App Downloads and Playstore Ranking.

We have always come across some very popular apps on Googleplay and some very similar apps that don't rank that well. Many a times we come across very good apps which are still not very popular. It is only due to the sole reason that some have been able to increase mobile app downloads by increasing the playstore rankings and popularity of the mobile app. Developing a good mobile app is just the tip of the ice berg, it is all the more important to back it up with a full fledged mobile app marketing strategy. 

Today is the trend of apps. Apps have become the need of people. Who would have thought it. There are more than 1 million apps for almost all the categories. 

You think of any issue and there you have application for that as a solution be it shopping, banking, taking notes, meeting, reservations and whatsoever you think of about, you have an app for it. In such a highly competitive app marketplace it requires a very solid mobile app marketing strategy to keep ahead and increase mobile app downloads and playstore ranking.

How to Increase android app downloads on google play which is one of the most popular app marketplace for android phone users:

Now amidst so much competition how you can stand out and market your app and how to get more app downloads for your android app is what the focus of this article. What all it takes to create a sustainable app is strategizing well enough in the area of marketing and distribution that you app reaches to your target audience.

Many app owners even opt to buy app downloads to increase the app downloads but it is altogether a different topic which we will share more insights on in our next posts. Internet is full of ideas for increasing mobile app downloads and everyone is trying to do a hit and try without proper understanding of how google play-store algorithm functions. If we understand the functioning of google play-store algorithm we will be able to select the best way to boost android apps downloads on this platform.

The apps developers often are seen facing the problem of less downloads and poor playstore ranking status of their apps in the search results. It is not a feel good thing to see your efforts are not reaping results as expected. 
Developing an app is no doubt a tiring task but equally important is to get people discover your creation, appreciate and accept it. A good mobile app marketing  plan can take you places and get the most installs and increase mobile app downloads in required time.

We are going to compile here all possible ways that you should be following to rank your app on google play and get more downloads as the visibility increases: 

Mobile app marketing Strategy
Improve Mobile App Ranking in Playstore and thus Increase Mobile App Downloads

08 Quick Steps to get Started with your YouTube ads Immediately

Posted on 30 July, 2017 No comments

Start Running Youtube Ads is Quick and Easy: Check out these Steps!

If you are looking to monetize your Youtube channel or targeting more views and subscribers for your channel Youtube ads is the most effective way to achieve your Youtube marketing aim faster.

Do you notice the ads that pop up before you watch your video? Yes, these are the YouTube ads. Video viewing trend is increasing day by day and it is only going to get increase further in the times to come. The ads that plays on the videos you watch are based on your interests and every viewer has specific targeted ads playing on the videos they watch. 

It helps brands connect with a highly targeted audience which can connect to their brand and would be interested in the products or services they are offering. 

Create Videos for Free

YouTube is one big platform and has a lot of traffic. Therefore, this space can be utilized for promoting & marketing by the businesses. 

Most Popular Video Editing Apps for your Mobile Devices

If you already have a Google adwords account and wish to start with the youtube ads you can start immediately else first we need to signup for the adwords account.

We are here listing some steps below which can guide you on how to create ads on YouTube just in case you are a beginner :

How to Create Youtube Ads?

Coupon Marketing Ideas - How to Increase Sales from Advertising Coupons

Posted on 22 July, 2017 No comments

e-Commerce Coupon Marketing Tips : Drive more sales and understand the do's and don't of Coupon Marketing

Online Ecommerce Business Tips for Sellers and Digital marketers.

Do you have some stock that is just occupying inventory since long?

Are you a startup looking to get first new sales for your e-commerce?

Are you willing to show some appreciation or reward your customers?

Are you looking to get some new customers?

If one or more of the above is affirmative you need to read more and explore this article to get the most out of coupon marketing for your e-commerce business.

To read more on the topic:

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[ How to promote your Brand towards more visibility and exposure ]

[ eCommerce Shopping cart solutions for Storefront owners ]

[ Learn How to start selling your Products on Flipkart ]

[ Marketing Ideas to promote your eCommerce Business ]

e commerce coupon marketing Tips and techniques
e commerce coupon marketing Tips

Top of the Funnel Marketing : Do's and Dont's

Posted on 17 July, 2017 No comments

Making the Top of the Funnel Marketing Work with these Do's and Don'ts.


To begin with let us first understand the concept of the top of the funnel marketing.
Top of funnel marketing basically refers to efforts aimed at awareness and consideration while conversion is the bottom of the funnel. 

The stages herein are awareness, consideration, intention and conversion. The whole process from right from generating awareness to educating prospect to creating a buzz around your brand so as to finally convert your prospect/lead into customer is what this marketing concept all about. 

This process is considered as completed or say it comes to an end when all your marketing efforts pay of and money flows into the company's bank account. 
To succeed in a business, at first place you need to get your prospective buyers aware of you and your service. 

Top of The Funnel Marketing: Do's and Don'ts

The game is all about getting your customers in & engaged.

>> Follow these 08 Basic Tips for Customer Retention

This can't be imagined in the absence of marketing. Marketing is the most powerful weapon in the business provided you have the skills to excel in that zone.

Top of the funnel marketing is spreading the word out about your product without saying too much

Herein it is not about spamming your target audience in any way instead this marketing concept is focused towards getting the attention of customers and making them aware about you via content marketing and thought leadership.

This article will guide you through the do's and don'ts that applies here in top of the funnel marketing. 

Let us take a look:

1. Do Play Smart as a Marketer

Smart Marketer

'Recognize the people that have chosen your product over competitors as well as the ones who chose your competitors over you.' 

Identify your customers by doing all sorts of research. See what provoked them to buy from you or your competitor. Try to find out the driving force behind the decision they took. Not merely this, infact also know the people who haven't considered any of your products yet.

This will help you in understanding their mind, their emotions and you can mold the content accordingly to make it appealing for them.

2 Don't make assumptions

Don't Assume

Because not everyone will be in need of your product. You never know who wants your product unless you do some research about your customers. 

Therefore, do not do this silly blunder of thinking that everyone is your customer and you can persuade anyone to buy your product.

>>Killer Strategies for Up-selling your Products

3. Do go strong with your top of funnel content and use it to build your image


The thing is, if you are able to attract your potential customers and successful in making them realize how beneficial your product can be for them instead of just pushing on the sale forcefully than your half battle is achieved already. 

Make sure your content is not confined to your website but it should be at all the possible places where the chances of your potential customers being present exist. 

Also see to it that the format used for the top of the funnel content is that which can appeal them be it reports, graphics or whatsoever.

>> Significance of Content Marketing in Driving Sales

4. Don't just talk about your product

Offer Solutions

You must know that it takes time for the potential customers to develop trust in you. 

At the first meet if you just keep on praising your product and ask or force them to buy then this will be the most stupid thing done. 

Talk about the issues that your product can solve and what other advantages are there of using it. Talk about the goals that your prospects want to achieve and how your product can play a huge role in it. 

This will get them interested in your offering which will ultimately pave way for lead conversion.

>> Master Sales Negotiation with these 07 Physiological Strategies

5. Do utilise the available technology in the best way possible

Utilise the Technology

Today with the advent of technology, a lot of tools are available. 

Technology has changed the whole scenario. It is up to you how best are you able to exploit it.

Talking in the context of sales & marketing, so for that too we have ample of tools available which can make you an expert in your field and simplify maximum of your work thereby increasing your productivity. 

>> 12 Popular Online Advertising methods

You can keep an eye on your competitors, their strategies, what the market is upto, where your customers are landing to obtain information on products & services and a lot more these. 

>> Top 5 Online Tools to Keep an Eye on the Competitors

6. Don't spam

Don't Spam

Do not flood your prospects with emails, messages, tweets or calls for they can get annoyed and you may lose them forever. 

Also, this will affect your reputation as you will be considered as the spammed and not any reputed brand.

These were some of the do's and dont's that you must abide by. Other than these, also never forget that the salesforce plays a huge role in the success of any business. Therefore never ignore them. 

They need proper training and guidance in order to deliver their best. So make them learn how to deal with the customers, how to begin & end the conversation, give them ideas and relevant points that could help them in dealing with the questions shot by the customers. 

Moreover provide them extra knowledge  by giving additional content on marketing that they could need & which can make their work easy so that they don't get stuck anywhere in the sales process.

Infographic by:

Content Marketing- Tips to Get your Content Shared More Often

Posted on No comments

Create A Content Strategy that Gets your Content Liked and Shared More and More

A lot goes into creating a good reputation online when it comes to your website. The page should load fast, the keywords must be good enough to let you rank on the top and various other technical aspects needs to be looked into but, the most important is content. 

Nothing from the previously mentioned can do magic on its own unless you have a solid content that could attract your audience's attention & their interest. Now that internet is flooded with content, more emphasis is laid by Google & other search engines on the power of social sharing as well as backlinks. 

Social shares have tremendously affected the SEO rankings. Therefore, it plays an important role in ranking the website higher. 

In this article we will share some of the tips on how to get your content shared more. Let us take a look at these:

Mobile Advertising- How to Use Whatsapp for Your Business Marketing?

Posted on 16 March, 2017 6 comments

Whatsapp Marketing Tips- How to Use Whatsapp for Business Promotion.

Mobile Advertising Methods- Best Ways to use WhatsApp for Your Business Marketing and promotion?

Team member: I could not make the EOD report as I just finished a meeting at client's venue.

Boss: Whatsapp me a brief and I will revert.

Team Member: I have sent you a mail regarding the new corporate video we are making. Please check and advise.

Boss: I don't have an access to mail as I am traveling. Just Whatsapp me and I will check right away.

Above communication suggests, Whatsapp have delved deep into not only our personal communication space but also our professional network.

Whatsapp for Business marketing success

Event Marketing Tips to Formulate Effective Strategies for your Events

Posted on 05 March, 2017 No comments

8 Ultimate Event Marketing Strategies.

There's so much increase in competition in the market due to globalization that businesses, marketers and professionals are looking for different ways to engage and retain customers. 

As far as event marketing is concerned, it is something where for the purpose of promoting and marketing the product,cause or other program or organization, a themed activity is designed like live events, trade shows, music festival, corporate meetings, concerts, fair, publicity stunts, award ceremonies and others. It is basically the vent creation. 

Event marketing is of great importance as it helps in brand building and creating awareness about the product when you are launching some new brand or product. 

Via event marketing you can highlight the features of the product, what's innovative in your product, what are the additional features newly introduced to it and so much more.

Event Marketing Strategies for promoting events
Event Marketing Strategies

Upselling and Cross-Selling- How to Gain Loyal Customers Who Pay you More

Posted on No comments

Three Steps to Start Killing Upselling and Increase the Average Sales Deal Size.

Upselling and Cross Selling Tips for Sellers

People often misconceive upselling as a negative word. They might confuse the term with the activity of the sellers trying to unnecessarily pushing in the other products you don’t need to get purchased by you to increase their revenue.

Must Read>> How to Convert the Visitors on your Website to Buyers?

Many a times it does happen like that lamentably. But still an undeniable fact remains that when used in a proper way, upselling can create a good bonding between you and the customers, better relationship, lower churn and better retention.

UpSelling and Cross Selling for gaining more sales and loyal customers

Festive Season Marketing Tips for Driving Sales from e-Commerce Stores

Posted on 16 February, 2017 1 comment

Festive Season Marketing Tips to drive more sales to your e-commerce store.

Learn some workable Techniques to grow sales from your eCommerce online store!

With the festive season around the corner, for most people it would mean a well deserved holiday time. This is also the annual golden opportunity to spike up those sales. 

A 2013 survey (by Assocham) reports that online retailers were expecting upwards of 250% rise in sales during the Diwali season.

For e-commerce marketing strategists, this is the busiest season of the year. You  think you are done with your homework to accept it with all the pomp and show you planned for? 

Is your e-store is all decorated shapely and stacked up for record-breaking statistics you aimed at?

[ Holiday marketing tips to generate sales leads from Instagram ]
[ Festive and Holiday Marketing Tips to sale over Facebook ]
[ Start Getting Sales Instantly with these 5 Key Techniques for eCommerce website ]
[ How to market and promote your Products on Twitter in Holiday Seasons

If you are still under the conception that all the designs and strategies that worked last year will be a hit this time as well, then you are picking the wrong card from the deck. 

Neither  you will be trying the same dress in a different shades, then why present the same to your customers? 

The best part about owning an eCommerce business is when you give it a makeover you have the liberty to transform it into something fresh and amazing. 

You made your list and checked it twice. You have developed a strategic approach to holiday promotions and are ready to see what eCommerce success will come with the 2015 holiday season.

But before you launch full throttle into the holidays, step back and make sure you are well prepared for the upcoming shopping season. Read hear about eCommerce coupon marketing tips

Festive Season Marketing Tips

How to Advertise your Business or Website Free on Yahoo? Online Marketing Tips

Posted on 15 February, 2017 3 comments

Worth Knowing : 3 Ways to Market your business Free on Yahoo Networks.

Mark Twain once said that many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising. Indeed, nothing except the mint can make money without advertising. Perhaps that is why Yahoo offers great advertising platforms for business people to advertise their businesses and make their brands known.

Though, Yahoo offers greatly popular paid advertising options for businesses, like Yahoo Directory, Yahoo search Marketing, Yahoo Bing Ads, etc, but in this post we are focused about free advertising

I frequently get to be asked this question : "how to advertise my business free on Yahoo?" 

Today i thought to answer this question through this post. Though, i could not mention many ways here for making free advertising on Yahoo as few years back it had stopped some of the free advertising services. Yahoo also used to have free classifieds to post ads online. But, not any more.

Worth Knowing : Ways to Advertise your Business or Website Free on Yahoo!

Website Promotion Ideas - How to Promote with SEO, Advertising, Marketing, Social Media

Posted on 27 January, 2017 7 comments

10 Best Methods to Promote a Website successfully using Free+Paid Ways of SEO +SEM + Social Marketing and Advertising.

Website Promotion ideas, techniques, Tools, Tips: 10 Ways to Successfully Promote and Market a Website.

Website Promotion using various effective Tips for Marketing, SEO, Advertising, Social Media, Content Promotion, Free Submission, Blogging Tools, etc.

With the number of host names hitting the 861,379,000 mark as of January 2014, there is no doubt that having a website is no longer a problem these days. The real issue is promoting it. Businesses running websites and blogs face the challenge of having people to visit their sites and make sales

Website Promotion Methods: Best Ways Promoting a Site using Means of Advertising Marketing SEO, etc

eMail Marketing Tips - 10 Methods to Increase List of eMail Subscribers

Posted on 24 January, 2017 No comments

Want more subscribers to your mailing list? Read 10 Tips and effective Ways for growing the newsletter subscribers list for email marketing.

Building a sustainable emailing list is one of the most important tasks that you have to complete in order to gain leads and sales while developing your business to the next higher level.  

Follow this small guide on how to grow your email list of subscribers for effective email marketing. A beginners guide that covers all the basic and important points about how can anyone grow their email marketing list.

Tips for Business Marketing- Learn how to Build your emailing list of subscribers

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