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Amazon Sales Tips - 5 Ways to Increase Sales on Amazon Marketplace

Posted on 20 September, 2017 No comments

Amazon Sales: Tips and Tricks to Get more Sales from your Amazon Products Listings.

Online Selling Tips for Sellers- Best Methods to Increase Sales from your Amazon Store.

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The online web portals for shopping or say shopping sites tend to grow with the increase of its seller base. More the sellers, More the Goodwill similarly More the customers, More the sales. That's how it goes. 

The reputation and popularity of e-commerce sites are dependent of its sellers as well as customers. Amazon is one of the biggest names when it comes to online shopping sites. It is doing really well for itself from so many years. 

Let us take a look what all more it should focus upon to increase its sales as with the increase in competition, so many big market players are existing in the market. What aspects to be a taken care of by Amazon to attract more customer traffic towards it.

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How to Increase Traffic to your eBay Listings

Here they are as follows:

Increase Sales on Amazon
Increase Sales on Amazon

Payment Gateways in India- List of Best Companies for Payment Processing Services

Posted on 01 July, 2017 1 comment

Ecommerce Business Payment and Online Transaction Options- An Ultimate List of Major Payment Gateways in India.

Choosing a perfect payment gateway according to your requirement can be a critical task. 
In this article, we will cover all the major payment gateway services in India. Some of them don't even charge any set-up fee, so it is best for start-ups and small medium business.

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E-commerce business is incomplete without speedy, safe and secure payment gateway and with so many options available in the market it gets difficult to decide which one to opt for your business. 

We will highlight all the details of the best of the payment gateways available in India and you can decide which one suits your business needs from these.

An Ultimate List of Major Payment Gateways in India-500x250
 List of Major Payment Gateways for eCommerce shopping solutions
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Festive Season Marketing Tips for Driving Sales from e-Commerce Stores

Posted on 16 February, 2017 1 comment

Festive Season Marketing Tips to drive more sales to your e-commerce store.

Learn some workable Techniques to grow sales from your eCommerce online store!

With the festive season around the corner, for most people it would mean a well deserved holiday time. This is also the annual golden opportunity to spike up those sales. 

A 2013 survey (by Assocham) reports that online retailers were expecting upwards of 250% rise in sales during the Diwali season.

For e-commerce marketing strategists, this is the busiest season of the year. You  think you are done with your homework to accept it with all the pomp and show you planned for? 

Is your e-store is all decorated shapely and stacked up for record-breaking statistics you aimed at?

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If you are still under the conception that all the designs and strategies that worked last year will be a hit this time as well, then you are picking the wrong card from the deck. 

Neither  you will be trying the same dress in a different shades, then why present the same to your customers? 

The best part about owning an eCommerce business is when you give it a makeover you have the liberty to transform it into something fresh and amazing. 

You made your list and checked it twice. You have developed a strategic approach to holiday promotions and are ready to see what eCommerce success will come with the 2015 holiday season.

But before you launch full throttle into the holidays, step back and make sure you are well prepared for the upcoming shopping season. Read hear about eCommerce coupon marketing tips

Festive Season Marketing Tips

Ecommerce Promotion Tips - Best Ways to Market a Store with SMM, SEM, Content Marketing

Posted on 24 January, 2017 No comments

5 Key Techniques to Promote your eCommerce Store : Beginners Tips to Start getting Sales Instantly.

Got amazing products to sell? Get an eCommerce storefront website created easily here. Now that you have already created an eCommerce store to sell across these amazing products you need to know what exactly it takes to get traffic and sales coming in.

We understand how difficult it could be for new eCommerce entrepreneurs to start getting sales. We will in this article ease it out for you and you will start getting instant sales.

Promote your eCommerce Store

How to Start Selling on Facebook - Store Setup Tips for Online Sellers

Posted on 30 December, 2016 No comments

Steps for Selling on Facebook : Tips for Setting your Online Store on Facebook.

Onlinestore Tips for sellers - How to be successful with your Facebook Storefront.

With over 1.65 billion active users every single month, Facebook stands to be the leading social media platform. Businesses are tapping the opportunities they are getting via Facebook. It is one of the greatest platforms to promote & market your products and services

You can imagine yourself, when it has 1.65 active users, even if you target just 1 lakh customers you can have enough of potential customers to grow your business. Facebook is growing day by day at such a rapid speed paving way for you to get more potential customers.

Tips on How to Start Selling through Facebook Store-600x400
Tips for Sellers for Selling Online through Facebook Store

Best Logistic Companies in India for Logistics, Shipping and Delivery Services

Posted on 25 October, 2016 No comments

Best Logistic Companies in India: Choose the Finest one which suits your Business the Most.

Indian Logistics Industry- Introduction and the current trends and scenarios:

With the growth of Indian economy and influx of more and more companies, logistics industry in India is witnessing rapid growth. There are three different mediums for logistics in India i.e air, land and water. For faster and long distant deliveries, air is the most opted medium.

Land, with an extensive network of road and railways this is the most traditional medium of logistics in India. It is been most popular for especially the shipments of heavy goods, machinery, etc.

Indian logistic industry is growing at 15% annually according to Cushman and Weikfield study. Other than the buyout growth of industries increasing the demand of logistics in India the new entrants in logistics is also increasing thus making the industry more competitive.

The reports further suggest that with the poised growth of e-commerce industry in India logistics will also witness an exponential growth.

Along with the increase in demand of logistics, there is an increased demand of improvement in speed, quality and customized logistics by the e-commerce companies in India.

The Highest Popular Logistics Companies in India for B2B eCommerce Shipping Delivery
The Highest Popular Logistics Companies in India for B2B 

Ultimate Selling and Conversion Tips for your Ecommerce Store Website

Posted on 26 September, 2016 No comments

Some Quick Tips and Tweaks to Convert Website Visitors into Buyers: Generate more Profits from your e-commerce Store

All of us are looking to generate more and more traffic to our websites. We are spending a lot to generate more traffic and increase the number of visitors on our websites to get more sales.

However, very few of us have been able to successfully lower the bounce back rates on our websites and convert most of the visitors into buyers.

[ 26 Tips to increase sales and conversions on your site ]

When the bounce back remains high, the acquisition costs also go high resulting in low profits. You need to put cost every time on every new sale even if it is not a new buyer. It becomes frustrating to the marketers to keep pumping so much of money all the time and not getting good profits. It also takes a toll in the competition and disrupts the core businesses.

Increase Conversion

What to Sell Online? Tips for Choosing the Right Products for your e-Commerce Store Shop

Posted on 23 March, 2016 No comments

Products Selling Tips for Online Sellers: How to Decide what to Sell on eCommerce Storefronts and Shopping Websites

The Most important and the first step in selling products online is zeroing on the most suitable products that you want to offer on an eCommerce storefront or shopping website.

Then come in the other things in the process of selling products successfully online (or anywhere else, off-course).  

[ SaleHoo- Select Best Products to sale on eBay and Amazon

Start with what you already have by selling on auction sites like eBay etc. It will give you some experience of online selling and not cost you an arm and a leg. Look for the products which you can easily source and/or can be made available from a known source.

Look for the products which you find selling is easiest for you and interests you. Perishable products or those with a short shelf life should be avoided unless you have an expertise.

Products which are unique and not easily available are also bestsellers

Customized products or personalized gifts also have a good demand in online space.

Then Come the next basic question in the selling process: 

How to price your product and what to charge from the customers?

Can you afford to give some discounts to new or returning customers?

Who would be your potential customers?

Try to understand the basic demographics, psychographic, and price sensitivity of your target audience.

This will through you in what you are selling and to whom you are selling and hence strategize accordingly. This will help in pricing decisions, marketing planning, and branding, etc.

For example we need to have different marketing and brand strategy for selling a cosmetic brand or selling industrial or automotive parts. 

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Choosing the right Products for your Storefront

5 Criteria for Choosing the Right Marketplace for your Products

Posted on 11 March, 2016 No comments

What all to Consider before selling on a Marketplace?

Choosing the right place to sell your product is indeed a task in itself that involves a lot of thinking. Whether you want to sell in a physical market place in a city or select online mode of selling depends on your where, what & to whom you want to sell.

Today is the time online selling. Life is so busy that people are trying to find the easiest ways to do things be it shopping even. What's best than having the product you want comes to your doorstep. 

Yes, this is trend today & so is the reason sellers too choosing online medium to display & sell the products.

Few things we need to consider when deciding on the right marketplace to sell the product are mentioned below.

Choosing Right Marketplace

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