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06 March, 2018

3/06/2018 11:10:00 PM

8 Most Popular Apps for Sellers to Increase Productivity and Sales

Best Productivity Apps for the Sales Professional to Manage their Tasks on the Go.

Most Popular Android and iOS Mobile Apps for Sellers.

Sales people spend most of their time outdoors from one meeting to another. To stay productive they need to be able to manage their multiple tasks while they are on the go. 

No, this doesn't mean they should carry laptops, files and documents with them. Instead all they require is a smartphone. 

Yes, with smartphone they will be able to manage almost all of their work
be it scheduling, sharing files, taking notes and everything that you can imagine.
Wondering how is that possible? 

It is indeed possible with so many apps in trend today. We have apps for all kinds of work to manage. So here's shedding light on some of the apps that work wonders for the salespeople and are must be used by them:

Must Have Apps for Every Sales Person

13 November, 2017

11/13/2017 08:41:00 AM

Domain Reseller Home Based Business- How to Make Money Online With it

Tips for Making Money Online With Your Domain Reselling Business

If you are one who wants to create your own income, then you'll benefit from a home-based business! Creating income right in the comforts of your own home will have you be able to save up on rent from offices and other miscellaneous fees.

Plus, you get to control your own time and money, letting the profit flow without fail. So long as you work hard, your business will grow! 

But the question is: How to make money with an online business?

We show you the tips and tricks on how to create an online income and keep it flowing!

Domain Reseller Home Based Business-How to start Making Money Online-500x300
Get Started Making Money with a Domain Reseller Online Business

18 October, 2017

10/18/2017 06:40:00 PM

6 Killer Tips for Sellers on How to Sell Anything to Anybody

Beginners Tips for Sellers: The Things to Know before you Start Selling.

With ever increasing competition amongst the businesses/brands, persuading customers to buy the product has become quite a task in itself. 

People have a lot of alternative options available with them. If they don't get satisfied with one seller, they turn to its competitor. The ball is always in the court of customer.

Now, there is a need to get good sales persons that are capable enough to deal with the prospects and turn them into customers. To a great extent, other than the quality, brand and different aspects of the product, the success of a business depends upon its sales staff.

So, in this article we will highlight some of the tips for the sales people which will guide you to sell anything to anyone.

Sell Anything to Anybody

16 October, 2017

10/16/2017 02:16:00 PM

How to Start Selling on Etsy? eCommerce Starter Tips for Etys Store

Beginners Tips to Start Selling Handmade Products on Etsy- the Most Renowned Marketplace for Handicrafts

➤ Etsy, a platform to sell vintage items or handmade, art and craft items. There has been a lot of noise for handicrafts and vintage stuff these days that millions of people working in this sector more specifically women, found e-commerce as one great platform to boost their sales of handmade items.

[ How to Open an Online Storefront ]

Tips for Sellers on How to Sell on Etsy
Beginners Guide on Start Selling on Etsy: Tips for Sellers

14 October, 2017

10/14/2017 11:23:00 PM

How to Start Selling Online on Snapdeal- A Guide and Tips for Sellers

How to Become a Registered Seller on Ecommerce Marketplace Platform?

[ Selling process on Snapdeal - A Beginners Guide for Sellers about Snapdeal Ecommerce. ]

Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal being its founders, Snapdeal is one of the largest online shopping platforms in India with over 4 million products in different categories and over 50,000 sellers. 

In this age of e-commerce there are ample of opportunities for the businesses to find their target customers easily. 

By selling products via online eCommerce sites, like Snapdeal, Amazon, Flipkart, ebay etc, you can easily attract large amount of customers without having to do much on the marketing part and others.

Seller Registration-selling-process-on-Snapdeal-sellers-guide
Seller Registration: How to Start Selling on

Snapdeal's per minute sales record is touching 'crore' figure today. 

For all those looking forward to sell through this medium, here's how you can start selling on Snapdeal. Just a few simple steps and there you are ready to go! For Toll Free Numbers for Snapdeal Sellers, please scroll below.

06 October, 2017

10/06/2017 01:25:00 PM

10 Killer Facebook Marketing Tips for eCommerce Business Success

Facebook Tips for Ecommerce Business Promotion: Tricks to Drive more Traffic and Increase Profits

Facebook has been unanimously identified to be one of the most promising social media networks by the eCommerce marketers. And it has been upgrading its system to be more attractive and useful even for eCommerce sector. You can see that from their introduction
to "buy Now" button on Facebook pages for Business.

They also have already started offering lead generation tools for marketers, like Signup forms, Sign up buttons, call now button, links for App pages, etc. 

Let us discover in this article, some tips and tricks to amplify results from Facebook marketing for e-commerce business.

Facebook Tips for eCommerce Business Products Sales marketing Promotion
Facebook Tips for eCommerce products marketing and sales

23 September, 2017

9/23/2017 09:39:00 PM

What Sells Best on eBay- Seller's Guide to Find Top Selling Products!

Know What to Sell on eBay and earn more Profits now by increasing the Volume.

Find out What are the Best Selling Things on eBay.

Wondering why there is a bulk of stock in the product categories? 

Why the volume of items for sale is huge? 

Why your products in different categories are still lying in the stock and not getting sold? 

Well, the reason might be you are not selling the relevant items according to this site. There is so much competition amongst the online shopping site that as a retailer you have to plan carefully what items to sell on which platform.[ Tips for sellers- How to start selling your products on eBay
What to Sell on eBay- Top Selling Products
What to Sell on eBay- Top Selling Products

20 September, 2017

9/20/2017 06:32:00 PM

Amazon Sales Tips - 5 Ways to Increase Sales on Amazon Marketplace

Amazon Sales: Tips and Tricks to Get more Sales from your Amazon Products Listings.

Online Selling Tips for Sellers- Best Methods to Increase Sales from your Amazon Store.

[ How to become a Successful Amazon Affiliate ]

The online web portals for shopping or say shopping sites tend to grow with the increase of its seller base. More the sellers, More the Goodwill similarly More the customers, More the sales. That's how it goes. 

The reputation and popularity of e-commerce sites are dependent of its sellers as well as customers. Amazon is one of the biggest names when it comes to online shopping sites. It is doing really well for itself from so many years. 

Let us take a look what all more it should focus upon to increase its sales as with the increase in competition, so many big market players are existing in the market. What aspects to be a taken care of by Amazon to attract more customer traffic towards it.

Must Read: Why adopt upselling techniques for growing eCommerce sells

How to Increase Traffic to your eBay Listings

Here they are as follows:

Increase Sales on Amazon
Increase Sales on Amazon

23 August, 2017

8/23/2017 06:25:00 PM

E-Commerce Explained - A Unique Guide For Boosting Online Sales

How to Increase Online Sales for your Ecommerce Business.

Online Business Tips to Increase Ecommerce Sales. 

Increasing the volume of online sales is the primary goals of every e-commerce business regardless of its size. Be it a five-employee startup or large retail business like Amazon; it is the main aim. With the popularity of social media and technology, it seems like a lot easier, but in reality, it is not.

E-Commerce-Guide For Boosting Online Sales-560x315
E-Commerce-Guide For Boosting Online Sales

It required extensive preparations and various business tactics to boost your online sales, and almost all those methods seem like the best until you test it. Depending upon the characteristics of your business, it may or may not work for you. Some techniques are general whereas other are very specific.

8/23/2017 03:07:00 PM

Selling your Products via Social Media Sites- Marketing Tips for Sellers

A Beginners Guide for Sellers on How to Sell Products Successfully on Social Media Platforms.


Tips for Sellers on How to Increase Product while Selling via Social Media Channels.

With a growing usage of Internet, social media marketing has become a new trend to sell your products online.  Sharing details about your product at the click of a button to unlimited customers are some of the notable advantages of this marketing practice.

Selling your Products via Social Media Sites- Marketing Tips for Sellers-560x300
Selling your Products via Social Media Sites- Tips for Sellers

The immediate product awareness increases your business conversion many folds than any conventional methods.

22 July, 2017

7/22/2017 10:05:00 AM

Coupon Marketing Ideas - How to Increase Sales from Advertising Coupons

e-Commerce Coupon Marketing Tips : Drive more sales and understand the do's and don't of Coupon Marketing

Online Ecommerce Business Tips for Sellers and Digital marketers.

Do you have some stock that is just occupying inventory since long?

Are you a startup looking to get first new sales for your e-commerce?

Are you willing to show some appreciation or reward your customers?

Are you looking to get some new customers?

If one or more of the above is affirmative you need to read more and explore this article to get the most out of coupon marketing for your e-commerce business.

To read more on the topic:

[ eCommerce Tips to get sales from Facebook Marketing ]

[ How to promote your Brand towards more visibility and exposure ]

[ eCommerce Shopping cart solutions for Storefront owners ]

[ Learn How to start selling your Products on Flipkart ]

[ Marketing Ideas to promote your eCommerce Business ]

e commerce coupon marketing Tips and techniques
e commerce coupon marketing Tips

20 July, 2017

7/20/2017 05:57:00 PM

Check out 10 Developing Trends in e-Commerce Industry

Whats Trending in e-commerce: Discover and Implement to upgrade to the Latest Trends

All thanks to the advanced technology that the businesses are going global today. E-commerce industry is rising bigger and better with the passage of time. The reason being it is accepted with open arms by all and hence has become their need. 

People love to buy and sell through e-Commerce sites because of the convenience that lies within. Moreover, if we take a detailed look at the status of businesses then we will find that none of the business is confined to one city or state or country. 

Check out The Top 10 Trends in e-Commerce Industry
10 Developing Trends in e-commerce

27 June, 2017

6/27/2017 06:20:00 AM

05 Ultimate Ways To Get The Product Sell Itself- Tips for Sellers

How to Automate Product Selling to a Larger Extent and Reduce the Time and Efforts. Sell Successfully with these Pro Tips.

Amidst so much competition and crowded marketplace, it gets difficult for a new product to make its place in the market. The fact is, the game is all about planning & how you strategize. See to it what can make a customer say yes to the product without much of the efforts from your end. 

We certainly can not attain complete control as the market is highly dynamic and volatile but some best practices when applied correctly helps us to reduce a lot of time and energy that we put in everytime on regular basis.

These best practices to get the product sell itself can be implemented to any category of product without doubt. Many sellers are already learning and applying these to increase sales and productivity within a given time frame. 

In this article we will highlight some of the tips that can help a product speak for itself & attract the audience despite of so much competition.

5 Ways to Get the Product Sell Itself

24 June, 2017

6/24/2017 09:38:00 AM

How to Become a Registered Seller on Flipkart?- A Beginners Guide!

How to Sell on Flipkart - A Beginners Guide for Online Sellers!

How to Earn Money from Flipkart Affiliate.

Flipkart has been ranked as #1 eCommerce website in India for some selected products and categories. Many of the online sellers from all over India are registering great sales over Flipkart.

That's why there is a lot of buzz and curiosity among new online sellers about the eCommerce selling platform offered by Flipkart. We will discuss and provide all the necessary details about how to sell your products on Flipkart in this article.

Ecommerce sector is likely to see a 7% growth in average annual spend per individual on online purchases, the study says. 

With 30,000 sellers already making huge profits grow your business by becoming a registered seller at Flipkart today!.


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Have you decided what to sale online?

eCommerce and Mobile Marketing: 4 Tips for marketers 

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How to become Paytm Seller


Why to Sell on Flipkart?

22 June, 2017

6/22/2017 11:41:00 PM

Tips to Sell Technology to the Ones that are not Tech Savvy

Selling Technology to those who are not Tech Savvy Needs a Different Level of understanding About the Consumers : Explore these Killer Tips.

Online Business Tips for Sellers

The focus of the tech marketers usually remains on the young generation because of the very reason that they are quick adapters of latest technology. They see whats new in the market and grab it. But while keeping their focus to this limited segment businesses are unable to tap other opportunities that exist for them.

It is just that a little more intelligent planning, strategy making is all what required to serve the untapped. 

Sell Technology to those Who are not Tech Savvy

03 June, 2017

6/03/2017 06:14:00 PM

Being Top on eBay- How to Increase Traffic and Views on eBay Listings

Essential Tips to get your Ebay Listing on Top. What are the Best Methods to get more Views and Traffic on your eBay Products Listing pages.

Tips and Success Formula for eBay Sellers. Follow this Guide to Stay Top on eBay.

To be a successful eBay seller, the first great step is to draw attention of the viewers to your item listings. When people come to visit eBay looking for a specific product, there are chances they would come across your item which would increase the odds of your sale to a great extent.

For example, out of 100 people who visit eBay each days, not everyone comes for looking at items they would certainly buy. When people visit the online market place, there are some who might not be looking for something specific, while there are some who know specifically what they want to buy. This offers amazing business opportunity.

How to Increase Traffic and Views on eBay Listings-600x400
Tips for eBay Sellers: Best Methods to Grow Views on your eBay store listings 

15 March, 2017

3/15/2017 09:48:00 PM

Best Ways of Generating Leads through Facebook - Social Media Tips for Beginners

How to Generate Leads Using Facebook : Unveiling some Best Practices and Methods to Start Generating Leads for your Business Instantly.

Facebook Lead Generation Tips for Beginners Sellers.

Are you using your Facebook page just for branding purpose and not getting leads from it?  Have you ever considered using Facebook for lead generation?

Every Business is looking for leads. A continuous steady flow of leads and a decent pipeline is what makes the sales department content with the job done by the marketing department.

Most of the time the sales people are not happy about the leads been given by the marketing guys. Either there is no continuous medium of inbound lead or it is not reliable enough to serve the purpose.

The Most Fundamental ways used in generating Leads sales Via Facebook Social Media Marketing (SMM)

With every opportunity that you are missing to generate quality leads for your business, you miss upon some revenue that you could have generated otherwise.

07 March, 2017

3/07/2017 11:26:00 AM

Customer Care Tips - How to Build A Long-Term Relationship With Customers?

The Marketing Science of Building long lasting and better relationships with customers.

What are the Basic Tips to Follow while Serving your Customers?

Marketing doesn't means selling goods or services to customers and you're done No, the process doesn't end here rather marketing is aimed towards providing satisfaction to them by establishing a good relationship through way of delivering the best quality, quantity with reliability.

This helps in retaining the customer and you will enjoy long patronage of your customers. 

Customer Care and Customer Retention Tips 

05 March, 2017

3/05/2017 12:08:00 AM

Upselling and Cross-Selling- How to Gain Loyal Customers Who Pay you More

Three Steps to Start Killing Upselling and Increase the Average Sales Deal Size.

Upselling and Cross Selling Tips for Sellers

People often misconceive upselling as a negative word. They might confuse the term with the activity of the sellers trying to unnecessarily pushing in the other products you don’t need to get purchased by you to increase their revenue.

Must Read>> How to Convert the Visitors on your Website to Buyers?

Many a times it does happen like that lamentably. But still an undeniable fact remains that when used in a proper way, upselling can create a good bonding between you and the customers, better relationship, lower churn and better retention.

UpSelling and Cross Selling for gaining more sales and loyal customers

27 February, 2017

2/27/2017 02:12:00 PM

Selling at eCommerce MarketPlaces- Challenges and Solutions for Online Sellers

Selling Online is Profitable but if we are aware of the Challenges that Online Sellers Face we can better Equip ourselves for the Business.

eCommerce Portals for Sellers: Find out the Challenges of Online Selling and How to overcome them.

Online selling seems enticing and lucrative in the present times. Online selling is most talked about and it is everywhere. It is the most common trend and market buzz where everyone is looking to invest in online selling.

➤ Why you should start selling online

Challenges of Selling Online