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What are 15 Best Ways of FREE Organic Traffic to a Website or Blog [ Business Blogging ]

Posted on 06 November, 2017 11 comments

15 Easy Methods to Get More Search Engine Traffic to your Business or Company Website/ Blog Consistently.

You can successfully Promote a Small Business, website, or any content using free Search Engine Marketing techniques. To make your task easy we have prepared this handy List of Submission websites and useful search engine traffic methods. 

If you follow the advice mentioned in these Methods you can get really huge Internet traffic for free. You will start seeing the changes within 1-2 days and after 20-30 days of full work on the submission process you can expect constantly growing spikes in your website traffic. 

All this comes under Search Engine Marketing, the popular mean of online marketing.  

15 Best Ways to Increase Search Engine Traffic for your Business Blogs-Websites

30 Best Blog Sites for Online Advertising and Business Marketing

Posted on 12 October, 2017 10 comments

Blog Advertising Sites to Promote and Market your Business via Blogging.

Best Blogging Platforms for Advertisers, SEO, Bloggers,  Internet marketers, Small business owners, sellers, and online services providers.

30 Best Blogging Websites where bloggers, content marketers, online advertisers, and SEO personals can promote or market their content effectively. These blog writing sites are free for everyone. Anyone can create a free blog in minutes at them and start posting content.

These blogging sites are popular among Internet marketers and SEO consultants for blog posting. 

Visit these Press Release Websites and do publish a press release about your online or offline business to increase your online visibility.

Best Blogging sites and Platforms for business
Best Blogging sites and Platforms for business Photo Courtesy: 

Methods of Online Advertising- 12 Popular Ways to Advertise a Business

Posted on 09 May, 2017 2 comments

Effective Business Advertising : What are all the popular methods of online advertising today in 2017?

Are you searching for more ways to advertise? Don't you get the desired marketing results from your traditional methods of advertising and marketing?  Don't you think that it's time to explore all the possible ways of advertising online to make faster and good number of leads and sales for your business or services?

If your answer is a 'yes' to any of the above questions, then please read this post to add a new campaign in your advertising project. I would suggest you to not go through this article if your answer is 'no' to all the questions listed above :)

Well, advertising is an ever changing dynamic field and we have to keep ourselves updated with all the new trends and techniques in the business marketing field.

We were planning to publish an article for those who are anxious to know all the fruitful ways and methods of advertising. And, here we are!

Please don't hesitate to make a new addition in this list through comments if you know a different way of digital advertising which we have left uncovered here.   

12 Different Methods of advertising Online 

Pros and Cons of Search Engine Advertising and Marketing

Posted on 08 December, 2016 1 comment

Understanding the Advantages and Disadvantages of Search Engine Advertising.

The very reason for which search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing exist is to get people the information they are looking for on the internet. 

If we talk in the context of consumers then a fact to which we all will agree and what research has also proved that consumers before purchasing a product or service does online search in order to find where they can find the product.

The main Info they search for, include, who are providers, which vendor is offering the best deal and more of such details. 

Pros and Cons of Search Engine Advertising
Pros and Cons of Search Engine Advertising

YouTube based Advertising - How to Advertise and Market your Business via Video Marketing

Posted on 04 October, 2016 13 comments

Submit Videos Free to YouTube for Social Media and Search Engine Marketing for your Business Website or Blog

How to Advertise and Promote your website using Youtube based Video Marketing?

Submitting videos on You Tube is a great practice for promoting any business online today as this is one of the unique ways of Prevalent Online advertising where you get benefits from the two pillars of today's best of the Internet marketing methods- Social media marketing and Search Engine Marketing.

When you Promote your Small Business over you tube it's part of 2 two types of Internet marketing ways as stated above. Since You Tube is a popular social networking site, hence it becomes a part of social media marketing and advertising once you start publicizing your content on YouTube.

You Tube Social Media for Promoting a Business website/ blogs

80 Must Add Business Listing Directories Submission for USA Local Promotion

Posted on 29 April, 2016 13 comments

50 US citation sites list - Submit your local business and services FREE | Add your business page to 50 Best Local Business Directories Websites

Business directories sites are Very helpful to boost the presence of your local business in Google places ranking.

These Local business directory sites offer free business addition and as well as premium/ paid submission  

We are not saying that these are the only best ones, but the Local US directories mentioned here in the list are really useful to get that extra referral traffic, leads for your company.

Above all, once you have added your business website in these directories, you will notice a sudden surge in SEO, traffic, and online visibility for your brand. 

We have mentioned in many places on this blog that submitting a business in reputed listing websites is one of the primary goals for a business marketing plan.

Submitting a business website to these sites could be really rewarding for any business or brand, in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM)

So, make your submission properly optimized as per with best SEO practices. Provide the description with rich keywords for your business and make each listing unique from the last one. AND, add your citation manually.   (Also read- 50 Online advertising and marketing ideas
Business Directories Websites for USA Based Local Places
80 Best Local US directories to submit your business, service, company or sales websites. United States America's Local  business directory listing sites to add your sites to be found in local searches for places in USA.

Glossary of 10 Popular Advertising terms used in Paid Search Engine Internet Marketing

Posted on 22 January, 2015 No comments

Glossary of the top 10 ad terms: CPA, CPC, CPL, CPM, CPS, CPT, CPV, CTR, PPC & PPV

[Meanings and definitions of the Popular terms used in Search Engine Advertising, banner advertising, and paid advertising]

For those of you who are new to online paid advertising and search engine marketing, should be well versed with the important terms and glossary. For this reason, we decided to publish a new post dedicated to important glossary for advertisers and marketers for online paid advertising and marketing industry.  

Though, there could be lots of methods of paid advertising and so there exists many such terms. But, we have included only the most widely used terms and definition of the commonly used advertising methods- PPC, CPA, PPA, CPM, etc. More than 90 % of the paid online advertising websites provide paid ads through these methods only.

Advertising Terms: Glossary of 10 popular & commonly used words

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