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8 Most Popular Apps for Sellers to Increase Productivity and Sales

Posted on 06 March, 2018 No comments

Best Productivity Apps for the Sales Professional to Manage their Tasks on the Go.

Most Popular Android and iOS Mobile Apps for Sellers.

Sales people spend most of their time outdoors from one meeting to another. To stay productive they need to be able to manage their multiple tasks while they are on the go. 

No, this doesn't mean they should carry laptops, files and documents with them. Instead all they require is a smartphone. 

Yes, with smartphone they will be able to manage almost all of their work
be it scheduling, sharing files, taking notes and everything that you can imagine.
Wondering how is that possible? 

It is indeed possible with so many apps in trend today. We have apps for all kinds of work to manage. So here's shedding light on some of the apps that work wonders for the salespeople and are must be used by them:

Must Have Apps for Every Sales Person

6 Best Writing Apps for Writers. Download Free for Android and iOS

Posted on 17 November, 2017 No comments

Best Mobile Apps for Writers as Helping Tools for Better Writing.

The Top Mobile Apps for Content Writing - The Apps Making Life Easier for the Writers.

With the advancement in Technology  writing has become a much easier task. There has been a major shift from desktop to virtual writing.

Also See >> List of Mobile apps for Music Lovers 

With tablets, smartphones, ipads & many other devices that come with writing tools with superior word processing capabilities, things have changed.

Writers have become more productive than ever with these mobile apps to make their task easier. Find out yourself in this article.

World popular Freelance websites for Content Writers

Content Writing Apps- Top Mobile Apps for Writers

5 Best Apps for Learning English- Download Free for iOS & Android

Posted on 26 September, 2017 3 comments

Apps for English Learning: Made Easy with these Mobile Apps.

Top 5 Android and iPhone Apps to Learn English with Ease and efficiency.

English learning is very important reason being it is the official language in a large number of countries & most of the people in the world use English for daily communication.

If you want to communicate globally or say cross-border communication, you have to have command on English language.

Best Websites that offer Free Elearning and Courses

Best Mobile apps for English Learning

Top 6 Communication Apps for Android and iOS Phones

Posted on 30 August, 2017 No comments

Explore the 6 best Mobile Apps for Communicating using your Smart Phones

List of Communication and Messenger Apps for iOS and Android Platforms.

Gone are the days when we use to depend on SMS for sending across important information or messages. 

Today in the time of smartphones & so much dependency on internet, people hardly even think of dropping by SMS. They are now dependent on communication apps that's giving them more than just messaging feature.

It's a world of communication. The faster the better. Find out 6 best mobile apps for communication.Top Communication Apps for Android & iPhone Powered Phones.

[Best Mobile Phone Browsers]
Do's and Don'ts of Effective Communication ]

Top Communication apps for Android iPhone Mobiles-500x400
Communication apps for Android and iPhone based Mobile Phones

9 Best Apps for Teachers and Tutors for Android and iOS

Posted on No comments

Best Mobile Apps for Teachers: Find out the Top 9 Apps handpicked for you.

List of some must have Apps for Teachers/Tutors.

Teachers have to look after a lot of stuff. Manage so many activities related to students & class. Attendance, behavior analysis, lectures, assignments, explanation, reports to parents & lots more. 

How about reducing their workload by simplifying the methods of doing things. Yes, with apps today you can manage & make tasks easier then they would be otherwise.

Best Mobile apps for Teachers

07 Most Popular Video Editing Apps for Android Phones

Posted on 28 August, 2017 No comments

Editing your Videos Becomes as easy as ABC with these Mind Blowing Video Editing Apps on Google Playstore.

List of Best Apps on Google Playstore for Video Editing

Videos are becoming the fastest mediums to convey to the audience. With ever increasing information sources and decreasing attention span it is need of the hour to develop the best visuals and eye catching graphics to hold the audience and get them interested to begin with. 

There was a time when video shooting can only be done with professional camcorders. But with the technological advancements, things are now totally changed. It is the time of smartphones & moreover the apps have become a trend. 

In order to make your videos more appealing you can use android editor & do so. Videos recorded through Android phones and tablets are of high quality still editing work is need to reach the level of perfection.

10 Best of video submission websites for video Marketing 

Video Editing Apps for Mobile Devices

An Ultimate List of Top 50 Social Media Apps for Android & iOS

Posted on 25 August, 2017 No comments

Most Popular Social Media Apps. 

50 Best of the Social Media Apps for Personal, Professional, Business, and Marketing Benefits.

Social Media has changed our way of life. It has now become our need because we need to stay connected to the world for numerous reasons. Our near dear ones, friends, family, colleagues & others form important part of our lives, Hence need to develop connection is imperative.

To stay Connected with the Loved ones and your potential clients or customers, these apps play an Immensely important role.

Top 50 Social Media apps for everyone including personal business marketing reasons
Top 50 Social Media apps for Every Reasons: Personal, Professional, and Business

Increasing Mobile App Downloads- A Guide for Ranking on Playstore

Posted on 24 August, 2017 1 comment

A Complete Guide to Increase Mobile App Downloads and Playstore Ranking : Mobile App Marketing.

Mobile App Marketing Strategy- Tips to Increase Mobile App Downloads and Playstore Ranking.

We have always come across some very popular apps on Googleplay and some very similar apps that don't rank that well. Many a times we come across Very good Mobile Apps which are still not very popular.

It is only due to the sole reason that some have been able to increase mobile app downloads by increasing the playstore rankings and popularity of the mobile app. Developing a good mobile app is just the tip of the ice berg, it is all the more important to back it up with a full fledged mobile app marketing strategy. 

Mobile app marketing Strategy
Improve Mobile App Ranking in Playstore and thus Increase Mobile App Downloads

Mobile App Marketing- 14 Ultimate Tips for Promoting Apps

Posted on 22 August, 2017 1 comment

Mobile App Marketing: Tips to get more Mileage and Downloads for your Mobile app.

Marketing Tips to Promote your App Online.

With over 800000 apps in app store, it is crucial to not only design an outstanding app with an exceptional idea which sells but also marketing the Mobile app is of utmost importance. 

Do you own a mobile app? are you in an online business of mobile apps?

Like any other business, services, products, or websites you also need to market and promote your mobile app

App stores are flooded with mobile apps and there is no dearth for unique ideas and app concept however what differentiates a successful app from a failed or sluggish one is not necessarily the concept but the marketing and planning to hit the target niche. Let us explore in this article, how to market mobile apps for more mileage and downloads.

Mobile app Marketing Tips and Techniques
Tips and Ideas for Marketing your Mobile App

In this article, we will discuss 14 ultimate tips for mobile app marketing which will help you get more mileage and downloads. Also, read this article about How shutting down the e-commerce website and going app only is benefiting the e-commerce business

10 Best Productivity Apps and Tools for Online Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Posted on 18 August, 2017 2 comments

Best Business apps as Productivity tools for Mobile Users. 10 mobile apps that every Online Business owner & Entrepreneur Must Have!

Productivity Tools: Most of the apps listed here are Free! Though, they also offer premium or paid subscription as well!

Mobile apps have become very popular among every smart phone mobile users and there are many mobile web apps development companies that are consistently providing their services to design and support them.

Today, there is an app for everything. You can find a mobile app for everything and anything. The mobile apps explained here are used on Android and iOS platforms as great tools for business. 

Productivity Tools: Top 10 Mobile Apps for Businessmen, Entrepreneurs, & Professionals

Top 5 Productivity Apps for Android, iOS, Students and Entrepreneurs

Posted on No comments

Discover the Best Android Apps for Productivity: Mobile Apps making Work easier for the Telecommuter Entrepreneurs.

Best Android Apps for Telecommuters and Working from Home People.

With digital tools telecommuting has become easier than ever. This is also one of the reasons why telecommuting is growing. If we go according to the statistics by Forrester research then we will see that in 2016 the figure will reach 63 million people as far as the number of telecommuters in the U.S is concerned. 

Blogging Tips to Increase Productivity

Best of the Productivity Mobile Apps for Telecommuters
Best of the Productivity Mobile Apps for Telecommuters

Content Marketing Tools - 18 Best Tools for Online Marketers

Posted on 27 June, 2017 1 comment

Now, Content Marketers can Save more time and get more Results with these 18 Best Tools. 

Nothing better than investing more time in content marketing in the present times when it is yielding most lucrative results. Yet nothing better than getting more results by investing lesser time. 

Automation is the key we are referring to here. Instead of doing everything in a conventional manner if we turn to an organized automation strategy of approach on a daily basis we tend to reduce the amount off time we need to spare for our content marketing efforts. 

Although there are hundreds of tools that supports content marketers in numerous varied ways, highlighting top 18 tools in the field of content marketing that makes the work of content marketers easy and their effort even fruitful. Take  a look!

Content Marketing Best Tools for Online Marketers-560x315
Best Tools for Content Marketing

What are the Top Offline Apps for Android Phones to Use without Internet

Posted on 26 June, 2017 No comments

Offline Apps for Android Phones.

Survive without Internet with these Offline Apps for Android based Phones.

What if you don't require the internet to enjoy your shows, read stuffs like articles/news, locate places, listen to music & so much more to have a pleasant offline experience on phone.

You might be thinking how is that possible? Well, with so many amazing apps that's coming up or already available, you can experience this wonder.

Below listed are the few apps for android that works offline. Check it out!

Best Offline apps for Android based Phones

Top 5 Mobile Live TV Apps: Watch your Favourite TV Shows on your Phone

Posted on No comments

Don't Miss out your favourite TV Shows now: Learn About these Mobile Live TV apps.

Ever get frustrated on missing out on your favorite shows because your brother is watching a cricket match, or mom busy with cookery shows? Well, it happens with all of us.

How about having your personal TV on your mobile? Yes, with mobile apps today you don't have to feel bored or bad if you missed your show.

Live TV apps lets you enjoy all your shows & movies just at a click of the button. Need is to choose the app suitable for you as per the shows it stream & the region it covers.

Live TV apps to Watch your shows on a mobile

Mobile Advertising- How to Use Whatsapp for Your Business Marketing?

Posted on 16 March, 2017 6 comments

Whatsapp Marketing Tips- How to Use Whatsapp for Business Promotion.

Mobile Advertising Methods- Best Ways to use WhatsApp for Your Business Marketing and promotion?

Team member: I could not make the EOD report as I just finished a meeting at client's venue.

Boss: Whatsapp me a brief and I will revert.

Team Member: I have sent you a mail regarding the new corporate video we are making. Please check and advise.

Boss: I don't have an access to mail as I am traveling. Just Whatsapp me and I will check right away.

Above communication suggests, Whatsapp have delved deep into not only our personal communication space but also our professional network.

Whatsapp for Business marketing success

12 Best Instagram Marketing Tools and Apps for Marketers

Posted on 04 March, 2017 1 comment

Instagram Tools for Social Media Marketing. Best Instagram Apps for Marketers to amplify results from Social Networking Promotions.

Social media marketing Tools for Instagram.

Instagram's popularity has inspired marketers to spend more on Instagram marketing for their brands. 

For a success on Instagram, you need to build more engagement on Instagram and drive traffic this is not an easy job with so many other doing the same. We have some splendid Instagram tools to make the work easy for you on Instagram.

Let us explore in this article, these fantastic tools to catalyse your Instagram marketing and get more results in lesser time.

12 Instagram Tools and Apps for Social Media Marketers
Instagram Marketing tools for Social media marketers

Mobile eCommerce Marketing Tips for Online Shopping Made on Mobiles

Posted on 3 comments

eCommerce Tips for Mobile based Shopping: How to Deal with Marketing for the Online Shopping through Mobile Devices.

eCommerce is a growing global market largely driven by increased use of smart phones shopping and internet users across the globe. According to a report by Digi Capital, mobile will be the major source of traffic and sales will be happening  by mobile phones itself by 2017.

We have already witnessed the major e-commerce players going app only and shutting down their web - shops. One of the recent example is Flipkart, India's biggest e-commerce giant which went app only.

e-commerce and Mobile Marketing

With over 70% traffic coming mostly from mobile phones and 57% orders been made by mobile phone, there is no doubt that mobile marketing tops the chart when it comes to e-commerce specifically.

7 Best Antivirus Software and Security Apps for Android Mobiles

Posted on 13 February, 2017 No comments

Discover the Best Antivirus Apps for your Android Phone.

Mobile security against viruses that damage your device on downloading apps or files is a huge matter of consideration. With anti-virus apps these days this there is no more an issue left. So many applications with unique features to safeguard your device are available. 

Highlighting few of such apps:

Best Antivirus Apps for Android based Phones and Devices

Google Playstore Alternatives- 7 Other Best Platforms for Downloading Apps

Posted on 11 February, 2017 No comments

Discover these Best Alternatives to Playstore for Downloading your Favorite apps.

The android users download all their apps from the very famous Google play/Play store but if you think this is the only source through which apps can be downloaded then you need to grab a little knowledge on this matter. 

Yes, Google play is not the only source rather there are many more other sources which act as an alternative to Play Store. 

[Best Mobile Phone Browsers for your Phone]

Google Play Store Alternatives

Best Apps for Downloading Free Music on Android Phones

Posted on 10 February, 2017 No comments

Downloading Music on your Android Phone made Easy with these Awesome Apps.

We all love music & with hundreds of apps for music the craze has been increased even more. Bringing you the top & most loved music apps for downloading songs for free:

Best apps: For Downloading Music

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