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Ultimate Tips To Achieve Entrepreneurial Greatness and Become a Successful Entrepreneur

Posted on 06 October, 2017 No comments

Tips and Techniques for Becoming an Efficient and Successful Entrepreneur.

When you establish a new business as an entrepreneur, a lot of questions needed to be looked into. Are you having enough resources? Is your staff capable and skilled? Do they have what they need to function smoothly? Are you employing the resources in the right manner? Is there a scope of partnership with another entrepreneurs ? Are you planning and various such questions. 
There is always someone who you can look up to and learn from. Here when starting as an entrepreneur, you can learn from your friends, colleagues/ mentors/ seniors in your previous job, other professionals, expert reviews/ opinion/ guidance through online medium who have experience in this line and went through this stage which you are in today. 
Tips To Achieve Entrepreneurial Greatness- How Become a successfull and efficient Entrepreneur
Tips to Mastering the Entrepreneurial Skills - How to Become an efficient Entrepreneur

How to Find a Co-Founder for your Business Startup- Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Posted on 26 August, 2017 No comments

What to Look for While Searching for a Co-Founder Business Partner- Entrepreneurship Development Ideas

Following are Some areas you need to Focus upon while Looking for a Good Co-Founder.

Finding a perfect co-founder is a task in itself. A co-founder is the business partner to a start up business. Everything has to get started from the very beginning in a newly set up business. It is quite a challenge to find a partner with the required skill set, mindset, personality, knowledge and interest. 

One who is passionate just like you and has a willingness to prove him/ herself, One who faces the challenges and struggles with the same positive approach as you and who has the same emotions towards the business as you. 

Together with whom you can work towards a common goal as a team, that's what you need in a perfect business partner. Therefore, a sound and intelligent decision on this front is to be taken.

15 Reasons why most of the Startups Fail

Searching a Business Partner or Co-Founder is a Mission in itself and so should be accomplished well

3 P's To Profit Maximisation: How to Achieve Maximum Profits

Posted on No comments

How to Grow your Business Big and Maximize the Overall Profits Maximization is the Key. 

It is the short run and long run process in any business through which it aims to maximize the profits over the time. As an owner, you have to look after as to what kind of strategy must be formed that could help your business in maximizing long-term profits. 

As already defined it to be a whole process which includes multitude of factors directly and indirectly affecting it to achieve the maximum output with the given inputs. This remains the sole aim of profit maximization i.e to get the marginal profit equal to the marginal cost

This achieves the maximum profit target for any product when the marginal revenue is equal to the marginal cost. 

Revenue is the money that any company receives from the business it is carrying on like sale of goods or services.

Fixed and variable costs included together as the total running cost of the business.

In this article we are listing down the 3 P's that are crucial for any business whether small or large, to maximize its profits which are purpose, partners and proactive approach. 

3 P's To Profit Maximisation: How to Achieve Maximum Profits-800x400
How to Achieve Maximum Profits with 3 P's To Profit Maximisation: 

10 Best Productivity Apps and Tools for Online Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Posted on 18 August, 2017 2 comments

Best Business apps as Productivity tools for Mobile Users. 10 mobile apps that every Online Business owner & Entrepreneur Must Have!

Productivity Tools: Most of the apps listed here are Free! Though, they also offer premium or paid subscription as well!

Mobile apps have become very popular among every smart phone mobile users and there are many mobile web apps development companies that are consistently providing their services to design and support them.

Today, there is an app for everything. You can find a mobile app for everything and anything. The mobile apps explained here are used on Android and iOS platforms as great tools for business. 

Productivity Tools: Top 10 Mobile Apps for Businessmen, Entrepreneurs, & Professionals

Top 5 Productivity Apps for Android, iOS, Students and Entrepreneurs

Posted on No comments

Discover the Best Android Apps for Productivity: Mobile Apps making Work easier for the Telecommuter Entrepreneurs.

Best Android Apps for Telecommuters and Working from Home People.

With digital tools telecommuting has become easier than ever. This is also one of the reasons why telecommuting is growing. If we go according to the statistics by Forrester research then we will see that in 2016 the figure will reach 63 million people as far as the number of telecommuters in the U.S is concerned. 

Blogging Tips to Increase Productivity

Best of the Productivity Mobile Apps for Telecommuters
Best of the Productivity Mobile Apps for Telecommuters

SEO Tips for E-Commerce Sites- 10 Ways for Better Optimization Scores

Posted on 23 July, 2017 1 comment

10 Crucial SEO Tips for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs- How to Optimize your Online Storefront for Better Search Engine Rankings.

If you run a small ecommerce business, then it is probably true that you have a limited budget for sectors like search engine optimization, advertising, website design and email marketing. Among the mentioned sectors, one of the most important ones is known as Search Engine Optimization for your ecommerce site.

In such case, you would probably look for the most efficient and effective SEO tips which can help you to go your ecommerce business further enough to make you a successful entrepreneur.

SEO for E-Commerce Sites-howto-rank-optimization-tips-550x300
E-commerce and SEO - How to Optimize your eCommerce Store for better SEO Score

07 Best Podcasts to Excel in Marketing

Posted on 05 July, 2017 No comments

Explore the Best Podcast to Excel in your Marketing Strategies and Outshine in your Niche

Marketing is a challenge itself in this dynamic and competitive environment. Not everyone gets success when it comes to marketing, no matter how much money you infuse or what many platforms you use. If this was all that is needed to get success out of your marketing efforts then nobody would have failed on this front. 

Somehow everyone would have managed to achieve success but the reality is quite different. Mere hushing in money does not drive traffic. You have to compete and match with the ever changing trends be it marketing platforms, new product, new fashion, changing taste of customers and more. 

Best Podcasts to Excel in Marketing

You have to stay updated & stand out from the crowd of competitors.

In this article we will highlight some of the best podcasts to master marketing from which you can take a lot of tips. Let us take a look:

1. The Growth Hacking Podcast ( Avanza Growth)

This podcast allows you to listen to seasoned entrepreneurs with the help of which you will get answers to your problems. These experienced individuals speak about the strategies they applied to make their startup grow big. 

This growth hacking podcast is in the 25 to 45-minute range and you can take a lot from it. The data is all that matters here. What you take away by listening to these different set of entrepreneurs will help you up your marketing game, giving you great insights on marketing strategies necessary for a startup.

2. Growth Everywhere 

You might not be pleased with the quality of production of this podcast yet what you will find appealing is the content here. Founders from diverse fields make a part of this podcast talking about their experiences.

They will suggest books and strategies that could be useful for. You have to be a little patient here as initial 10 minutes you might not find interesting as they talk about their companies and what all it does. 

In fact to be honest here, be ready to bear those advertisements too that promotes their services in between.

3. Social Media Marketing Happy Hour

When the topic of a podcast is decided in advance, there exist no space for unnecessary baseless or useless issues/problem which people hardly have any interest in. 

The conversation becomes more to the point and logical which if you take a detailed look lacks in an interview. Now herein there are two hosts Dawn Marrs-Ottiz and Traci Reuter who are very specific and clear about what exactly they want to discuss. 

When no unnecessary conversation takes place, various different kinds of suggestions can be extracted out of a single discussion. Their way and level is in sink with the latest marketing approaches.

4. Social Media Examiner Show

Basically it shows the way a topic can be made understood or knowledge about certain topic can be given via small amount of information on that topic. 

Regularly they take ten minutes to cover a single topic. This podcast doesn't consume lot of your time and this is the very reason that it could become a good habit of people to gain ideas on new topics everyday and increase their knowledge.

5. The Art of Paid Traffic by Rick Mulready

If used in the right way paid advertising could pave way for great amount of traffic. Although the bitter fact remains that not everyone consider using it as it is paid form of marketing.

Some businesses overlook the great advantage it delivers which is of bringing targeted traffic to the website. This podcasts covers paid promotions of all sorts like YouTube, Twitter Ads, Retargeting, LinkedIn Ads, Google Adwords and most importantly Facebook Ads. 

These ads also make a part of your landing page, analytics & more. The duration is for about 30 minutes i-e to the most this podcast would take just your lunchtime; let's say for that matter.

6. Online Marketing Made Easy by Amy Porterfield

With great production quality, in this podcast Amy Porterfield shares her experiences of running a business, promoting a product. She gives examples of the right and wrong she did or experienced while doing the aforesaid. 

What fears us and the questions whose answers we seek for in relation to business are addressed here in this podcast, which makes it worth our time. Even the guests are also invited once in while to share their experiences and this makes a whole lot of a valuable learning experience.

7. Conversion Cast

Hosted by Tim Paige, every episode of this podcast takes 10-20 minutes. How different startups emerged from their lows to high, how the traffic increased on their sites, how conversion rate improved, how they got more and more subscribers via campaigns and other such things are talked about in these episodes. 

You get inspiration, knowledge and great ideas, which you can execute in your own business through this podcast.

Infographics by

Why Businesses Fail? : 5 Major Root Causes

Posted on 28 June, 2017 No comments

Ever try to come across the reasons, the causes why businesses flop? 

If we look carefully into the records, the statistics, we will find that most of the businesses have failed within a few years of their establishment. 

Why? What lead to this failure? 

Is it the lack of leadership qualities, poor management, planning or a wrong strategies?

More and more startups and small businesses that face this loss of not being able to survive in the market. Unless and until we know the causes, the sources that lead to the failure of businesses, we can't work upon finding solutions

Startup Marketing Ideas

This article will highlight five common, very basic reasons due to which businesses lose its existence. Let us take a look at these:

Why Businesses Fail?

7 Most Popular Handy Tools for Entrepreneurs for Business Promotion

Posted on 22 June, 2017 No comments

Popular Tools which  the Entrepreneurs Must use to Have All that they Want at a Single Click.

Establishing and growing business in today's scenario has become a lot easier than it used to be before the advent of technology. Today we have tools & techniques to deal with all kinds of work in the simplest way. 

Be it marketing, entrepreneurial or other business activities like brand building etc, with the tools available we can work in this direction without wasting time or getting distracted by things and while staying productive.

Let us take a look at some of these tools:

Handy Tools for the Entrepreneurs

How To Negotiate Better Deals With the Vendors : Negotiation Skills

Posted on 10 May, 2017 No comments

Negotiation Skills are a must for every Business Person or Sales Person: Learn to Grab Best Deals

Be it big or small, all kinds of agencies, businesses get into the negotiation process. Vendors negotiating with customers, business negotiating with other business, partners negotiating with clients and so on. 

Every party wants to get the deal done in its own favor. But only a few master the art of negotiating.

Following are some of the traits of a good negotiater:

1. A Good Listener
2. Sensible communication
3. Right reaction Timings
4. Patience
5. Confident
6. Friendly yet diplomatic
7. Witty

Negotiation Skills

Not that negotiation is difficult but it needs practice and being a little diplomat here is not bad.

>>> What are the 7 Psychological Strategy every Negotiator must Know? 

One needs to identify the needs of the concerned party and present to them a solution which is beneficial for both the parties. The negotiater should be smart enough to be talking and bringing out the best for the other party while dealings and still be able to get benefited from the deal.

They should be highlighting the benefits of the other party and not much of their own.

In this article we will highlight a few tips negotiating tips which could help you deal in a better way with vendors. Here they are:

>>> Learn these worst negotiation mistakes, and never do it again.

1. Always Start Friendly

A Friendly Start
In the beginning of the negotiation always try to make a connection and establish a good rapport with the other party. 

Try to find some similarities if you can. The initial few minutes of negotiation will give you the idea of what the outcome will be. 

Although, it would be difficult to maintain the softness for long yet you can try to stay calm & polite in your tone rather than 
heating up the negotiation too early.

2. Be Clear With Your Facts & Figures    

Facts & Figures
When getting into negotiation make sure you have done your homework well. With the homework it is meant that you need to do a detailed background research to get your facts and figures right on the topic of negotiation. 

Let not the other party beat you down because you are lacking in logical & relevant points to put before. Show them that you know your thing. 

Take best advantage of the data and lead!

3. Know What's Driving Them

Negotiation is not a policy. It's a technique.
Know their Interests
It's something you use when it's to your advantage, and something that you don't use when it's not to your advantage. 
~ John Bolton

Unless & until you know what's pushing them into this negotiation, you cannot convince a vendor. 

Are they price sensitive? Or Is it that make sale is important to them? 

Reason could be anything. 

They might have to meet some sales target. 
So in order to take negotiation in the right direction, you must know what's driving them.

>>> 5 Killer Marketing rules to Generate Sales Leads

4. Get Understanding Of Their Acquisition Cost

Acquisition Cost
Do not hesitate to work the deal in your favor. Do you have any idea that what does it costs for the vendors and technology companies to acquire a customer? 

To your knowledge here, to get you to the point of the negotiation is one large expense for the aforesaid both. Therefore, you have to be very smart here. 

Know that if you already are a customer of them, then it won't cost the vendor too much as compared to if he goes on to gain a new customer/account. Take full advantage of being the old customer.

5. Don't Hesitate To Mention Alternative

The best move you can make in negotiation is to think of an incentive the other person hasn't even thought of - and then meet it. 
~ Eli Broad 

Let the other party know that there are other options available too if not them. Get them aware of their better then do not hesitate to mention thinking it would sour the negotiation process. 

Know that you are just putting your point & they must be told what other decent options do you have which can be considered competition. 

Do not let them mistaken that they are the only player in 
the market. Infact, if you think the alternative is cheaper and 

>>> A Sales Person should never do these 11 things

6. Don't Be Afraid To Step Away

When agreement or disagreement doesn't affects you then you are under no pressure to surrender to the other
party (or say vendor here in this context) in negotiation.

If you have no issues in walking away from the deal if it doesn't go in your favor then you have power over the other party.  

This is why it is important to have alternative available.

You must not be afraid of moving away. Infact do it often 
to show that you have other options too and it's ok to you 
if the deal doesn't happen.

7. Let Conversation Get Stretched, Take Your Time

Take your Time
Forbearance goes long way. Do not be in a hurry to finalize the deal. Also, if there is no deadline given to you then
it is obvious that you are under no obligation to meet the deadline as the decision has to be your own and you have right to take your time. 

Get the conversation going through emails or other medium. Make sure they know you have not yet chosen some other but reflect that you are considering to do so. 

Get them alarmed & agitated. Now watch them requesting 
you to think again and renegotiate. That's a good sign though.

>>> Tips to Building longterm relationships with the customer

8. Blame Game Is Advantageous Here

What is negotiation but the accumulation of small lies leading to advantage? 
Blame it

~ Felix Dennis

Make the other party understand that it's not only you whose benefit is lying in this deal rather there are other people too in the organization whose interest will be affected and it's they who are influencing the decision. 

Show them that you are under pressure from the multiple stakeholders say your boss, your coworkers etc. 

Put the blame on these sources so that the vendor can empathizes with you and a better bond is created between you which can turn the deal in your favor.

Everything is negotiable. Whether or not the negotiation is easy is another thing. 
~ Carrie Fisher

Watch out the complete article in this video: (Launching Podcasts soon, so that you can listen to the whole topics on the go, in the gym, in your car, while jogging, walking down the streets and anywhere else).

Negotiate Better with the vendors

Best TED Talks every Entrepreneur Should Watch. Entrepreneurship development

Posted on 10 February, 2017 No comments

Ted Talks for every Entrepreneur: Connecting, Inspiring and Understanding Entrepreneurship.

TED talks, the apt source to educate all in just a few minutes. These short videos having some great speakers motivates & inspires us to do something big & make a difference in life. 

It covers various aspects of one's life, different topics, discussions which could help us in finding the solution to our problems. 

As an entrepreneur you have to face a lot of challenge, a lot of hardwork, struggle & risk is involved. Now these TED talks help you to find our the best ways of dealing with life situations, keeping a positive approach.

Ted Talks: For Entrepreneurs

How to Become a Successful Real Estate Entrepreneur- 7 Business Tips

Posted on 31 January, 2017 No comments

Entrepreneurship Development Tips and Ideas for Real Estate Business Entrepreneurs. 

Why is it that almost every entrepreneur wants to invest in the real estate? The answer is very simple. To make a lot of money. This is a dream that almost each one of us holds. However, not everyone who invests in the real estate ends up being successful.

The main reason for this failure is lack of critical information about this business.

Tips to Become a Real Estate Entrepreneur-550x400
Success Tips to Become a Real Estate Entrepreneur of your Choice!

Best Fashion Business Ideas To Make Huge Profits- Startup Tips for Beginner Entrepreneurs

Posted on 26 January, 2017 No comments

Start your Fashion Business with these best Fashion Business Ideas.

Fashion, who doesn't love it? We all do. Right? Now, how about making your career in what you love? 

Yes, here we are talking about career in fashion & clothing industry. There is no doubt in saying that fashion industry has got some really cool opportunities for the aspiring entrepreneurs.
Need is to look around and see which opportunity you can tap and which can get the best out of  according to your abilities, competency, knowledge & skills.

Fashion Ideas to Make Huge Profits
Fashion Ideas to Make Huge Profits

Top 5 Real Estate Business Success Ideas every Entrepreneur Should Know

Posted on 25 January, 2017 No comments

Business Ideas for Every Real Estate Business Entrepreneur. 

For those who are looking for starting business in real estate, you have reached the right place to gain insight on different ideas which you can go ahead with. 

As we know that real estate sector is at booming phase today, so there lies ample of opportunities for the aspiring entrepreneurs in Real Estate Sector to get into this niche & make more money

Must Read>> Killer Tips for Real Estate Business Promotion

Business Ideas for Real Estate Entrepreneurs
Business Ideas for Real Estate Entrepreneurs and Agents

Startup Marketing Ideas- 6 Tips for New Business and Beginner Entrepreneurs

Posted on 22 January, 2017 2 comments

New Business Development Tips for New Entrepreneurs- 6 Advertising and marketing Tips to follow to give your business a good starting.

Entrepreneurship development and Marketing Ideas for Business Startups.

Some young people dream of running their own business one day. In some cases, they may start fulfilling these dreams early.

Regardless to the timing, there are numerous challenges that they will be faced with.

Two of the most common involves choosing a business idea, and developing a marketing to reach the consumer.

There is a great demand for promoting a business online+ offline today to get the desired results and sales.  

[ MUST Read :  50 advertising and marketing ideas to promote a business ]

Which means, once any entrepreneur has chosen a business idea that they want to implement, they will need an effective marketing plan to ensure its success.

Entrepreneurship Development : Advertising Business Marketing Tips

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