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SEO or Content Marketing: What is Best for Website Ranking?

Posted on 15 March, 2018 2 comments

Search Engine Optimization or Content Marketing: Which Method is best for Online Ranking?

Proper allocation of time between two advancement technologies is a long-term dilemma which any web marketer faces. There are so many things to do within the framework of a marketing strategy, but there is also lack of time for their implementation.

According to the famous saying "Time - is money” - let’s transform the question "What to spend time on?" in the following form:

What method - SEO or content marketing - will provide a better return on investment (ROI) for your business?

SEO Vs Content Marketing: Which is better?

How to Keep Generating New Ideas for your Blog? Content Optimization Tips

Posted on 15 October, 2017 No comments

How to Continuously Keep Generating Ideas for your Content that is Engaging?

7 Primary Sources to find Ideas for Creating Content that is Trending. How to Generate Unique Ideas in your Niche!

There is no dearth of finding ideas for your content in this digital era but finding ideas which are unique and get you more results needs more attention to the daily trends and happenings around us.

It requires one to go beyond the locale and think what is keeping the masses engaged and write something related to it.

Promoting your Content is as Important as Writing a good Content

It is also a tedious task to keep researching for ideas all the time and waste more time in finding an idea which makes the writing and development part suffer.

Considering this fact we have tried to quickly sum up some of the best ways you can keep generating unending and clickable ideas for your content without wasting much time and resources.

Also, find out these secrets of professional content writers

Content Ideas: Generate Content Ideas whenever you want!

12 Content Writing Tips to Become a Successful Professional Writer

Posted on 05 September, 2017 1 comment

Content Writing Tips for Writers- 12 Ways Secrets of Professional Content Writers to Start Writing Like a Pro.

Content is ruling the marketing and advertisement industry which implies it is presently ruling all industries across the world as marketing and advertising is essential to all businesses. 

Why Content has become the King in today's Market

With such a soaring demand of content and so many efficient writers all around how do we place ourselves? Where do we see ourselves? 

Are we able to make a mark with our piece of writing? Are we writing enough for length but not to the satisfaction of the depths of the topic?

Let's figure out how the professionals do it. Explore in this article, the secrets of professional content writers and apply them to proliferate your skills.

Secrets of Professional Content
Secrets of Professional Content Writers

SEO Copy Writing is NOT Dead! How to Write SEO Friendly Content

Posted on 7 comments

What Rules to Follow while Writing Content to make it Perfectly SEO Friendly.

SEO Copy Writing PRO Tips for Beginners on How to Create Search Engine Friendly Enriched Content.

The question on so many people’s minds these days is whether or not SEO copy writing is relevant anymore. To put it bluntly, YES. It’s not only relevant but more important than ever before.

There have been some changes in optimizing content over the years, but they were a necessity to keep up with what was and frankly still is going on in the information age. Here we will take a look at where SEO has been, where it is, and where it’s going.

Must Read  Superbly working SEO Tips for Website Ranking

SEO-Copywriting-how to write SEO based content-400x300
SEO Copywriting- How to write SEO based content

List of 30 Top Content Marketing Blogs Websites on Internet for 2017-18

Posted on 28 August, 2017 22 comments

30 Best Content Marketing Blogs in 2017-18 to Gain in Depth Knowledge and Tips about Marketing of any Type of Content for your Website, Business, Products, or Services.

Top Ranked Blogs on the Internet for the Topics Related to Content Marketing.

List of Top Content Marketing Blogs to Follow and Learn the New marketing Trends, Tricks, Techniques, Rules, and Methods.

Market your business with the help of the tips and insights offered through these popular marketing blogs. The list would prove very handy in case you are an Internet marketer, small business owner, publisher, advertiser, or a blogger in digital marketing niche!

[ 15 Free ways to get traffic to your blog ]

What Blogs to Visit for Reading Authoritical Content on Content Marketing Niche

How to be Successful with Local Content Marketing for your Business Ranking

Posted on 22 July, 2017 No comments

Win the Local Customers through your Content Marketing : Killer Tips for Geo Targeting.

You need to strategize in a different way with a different approach when it comes to marketing your content to local customers. The strategies that works for large businesses will not work right for your local audience and reasons could be numerous, like different perception, preferences, knowledge and much more.

This is where comes the role of local advertising and geo targeting via local marketing. 

Useful Tips to get success in Local Content Marketing
Content marketing Tips: Win Local Customers

Content Marketing- Tips to Get your Content Shared More Often

Posted on 17 July, 2017 No comments

Create A Content Strategy that Gets your Content Liked and Shared More and More

A lot goes into creating a good reputation online when it comes to your website. The page should load fast, the keywords must be good enough to let you rank on the top and various other technical aspects needs to be looked into but, the most important is content. 

Nothing from the previously mentioned can do magic on its own unless you have a solid content that could attract your audience's attention & their interest. Now that internet is flooded with content, more emphasis is laid by Google & other search engines on the power of social sharing as well as backlinks. 

Social shares have tremendously affected the SEO rankings. Therefore, it plays an important role in ranking the website higher. 

In this article we will share some of the tips on how to get your content shared more. Let us take a look at these:

Duplicate Content Checker Tools- Top 10 Websites for Checking Plagiarism Online

Posted on 04 July, 2017 6 comments

Plagiarism Checking- 10 Best Online Tools for Website Owners, Writers, SEO, Content Optimization.

Best Websites to Check Duplicate Content Online.

For every blog or website, the most important and crucial element is content in the present era of online marketing.  Quality content has become the prime need of every online business. It is because it plays an important role in each section of online marketing whether it is SEO, SMO, Marketing, Press Release or e-books.

But as the digital industry is growing different types of threat are also growing with it, and one of among that theft is content theft. Also known as duplicate content, copied content problem, etc.

Free business tools for small businesses

Checking Plagiarism Online- The 10 Best Content Checker Tools

Thus, how can we solve this problem or is there any way to perform a check on the content? Well, yes there is many content checking or plagiarism tools available online and by using those tools we can test the content.

Content Marketing Tools - 18 Best Tools for Online Marketers

Posted on 27 June, 2017 1 comment

Now, Content Marketers can Save more time and get more Results with these 18 Best Tools. 

Nothing better than investing more time in content marketing in the present times when it is yielding most lucrative results. Yet nothing better than getting more results by investing lesser time. 

Automation is the key we are referring to here. Instead of doing everything in a conventional manner if we turn to an organized automation strategy of approach on a daily basis we tend to reduce the amount off time we need to spare for our content marketing efforts. 

Although there are hundreds of tools that supports content marketers in numerous varied ways, highlighting top 18 tools in the field of content marketing that makes the work of content marketers easy and their effort even fruitful. Take  a look!

Content Marketing Best Tools for Online Marketers-560x315
Best Tools for Content Marketing

How to Optimize and Speed Up your Blog? 3 Steps Optimization Guide

Posted on 03 June, 2017 No comments

Blog speed Optimization Tips for Bloggers and Webmasters.

Today we will discuss a very important and useful topic that will allow each of you to increase the speed of your blogs, increase the speed of resource. This has a positive effect on the attitude of the site visitors; search engines will only approve such a move and, in some controversial cases, may even rank down your blog.

Except for the acceleration of a blog, the maximum server unload is another weighty feature and pros of optimization.

Blog Speed Optimization Blogging Tips 600x400
Speed Optimization Tips for your Blog

Pinging Submission Websites- Top 10 Best Ping Sites List for Faster Indexing

Posted on 07 March, 2017 17 comments

Top 10 Websites to Ping your Blog, Site, or any Content for faster indexing and Search Engine Traffic.

Pinging submissions Option to add url free!

Pinging to some important content syndication and discovering sites is a great way to tell other search engines and content platforms about your newly published blog posts or any content. 

By doing this you can get your content indexed faster and it is a way to make sure that your content is being searched, indexed, or included by search engines in their web crawling systems. 

25 Best Ping Websites List

Once you ping your latest updated posts or content to big search engine sites through any of the good ping sites mentioned here, you are actually inviting the various search engine web crawlers to visit your fresh posts. This is a great way to get free traffic to your website .

Hence your content gets discovered as soon as it is published on your blogsite. You can submit any website or business blog to the ping sites, BUT don't do it too much otherwise it could appear as if you are spamming. 

8 Content Marketing and Blogging Tips for Promoting your Blog

Posted on 27 January, 2017 No comments

The Most Important Tips to Promote your web based Content. Basic Steps of Marketing your Blog Content.

Are putting a lot of hard work to produce a good flow of content all the time but still struggling to get traffic?

Do you envy other similar posts even some of them not as good as yours are getting more reach and able to drive more traffic?

Promoting your content is as crucial as writing it. One should divide their time equally in writing and promoting their blog posts for best results. 

Read the trending articles related to Blogging and Content Marketing:

  1. 10 best Tools for Content Marketing
  2. Why and How to Use content Marketing
  3. 20 Free RSS websites to Ping and Index your Content easily
  4. 30 Best Blogs on the Internet for Content Marketing Tips
  5. Learn How to Keep generating ideas for creating fresh content 

Tips to Promote your Content from Website  Blog Business
Content Marketing Tips for promoting your website

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