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Top 10 Worldwide B2B Trade Marketplaces for Exporters, Importers, Suppliers, Manufacturers

Posted on 08 March, 2018 7 comments

Top 10 Online B2B Marketplaces in the World: An Ultimate List of B2B Websites.

Marketplaces model have emerged to be an interesting business model and witnessing rapid growth in the technology driven world.

While the major chunk of the cake is being enjoyed by mostly the business owners in big cities and town whenever a new technology is launched but B2B marketplaces have given equal opportunity to all.

✪ Benefits of using B2B Trade portals for the business development, sales and marketing

Top 10 B2B Marketplaces in the World
The 10 Most Popular B2B Trade Portals all over the World

Top 10 Content Marketing Tips and Trends for B2B and B2C Marketers

Posted on 25 September, 2017 No comments

Content Marketing Tips and Trends : Takeaway From 2017.

Content Marketing Tips For B2B and B2C Content Marketers to Plan for the Upcoming Year : Content Marketing Trends.

They say "Content is the king" and they say it right. We see a lot of content being produced/generated everyday. Some are attractive and holds the audience while some doesn't appeal the audience maybe because it lacks sense, authenticity, facts, long & annoying advertisements or quality. 

The Reasons can be numerous if you start analyzing why some content fails to impress the audience, the readers/viewers.

If we keep a good observation and eye on the content marketing trends from the previous year we can plan ahead our strategies for the next year. 

Herein we will be covering all the content marketing tips which we have come up with after a good analysis of content marketing trends from this year and last year.

More on Content Marketing....

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Content Marketing tips
Content Marketing Tips and Trends from 2017

B2B Portals UK- Top 14 B2B Trade Websites for Online Business Success

Posted on 24 July, 2017 No comments

Top 10 B2B Trade portals in UK where Sellers, Traders, Exporters can make online trade and get success with their business.

UK based B2B Trade Portals for small business owners & Entrepreneurs to get sure shot success by doing their business online.

UK has an elaborate e-commerce industry featuring key players like Amazon, Tesco, eBay, Asos, Argos, next, and John Lewis. Business-to Business ecommerce portals have particularly continued to grow in the UK, creating a great market place for businesses to transact and do business together. Exporters particularly have a lot to benefit from these platforms.

Get your business registered at these websites and work as a seller, exporter, or trader to get success with your business.

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UK's B2B Ecommerce Trade Portals for Business Owners Exporters, Sellers

Indian Yellow Pages Directories B2B Business Websites List India 2017

Posted on 03 June, 2017 12 comments

B2B Marketing: List of best Yellow Web Pages directories Web sites in India. Free Indian Yellow Page directory websites. Add your business services (Free/ Paid)

Yellow pages online directory webs in India- Free Indian yellow pages b2b directory sites list. 

Yellow pages used to be very popular until the past few years back. I remember how we used to search local business services in our city by directly visiting the Yellow web Directories. 

Now, the time has changed. This is because of the sudden rise in the number of business citation directories available today. The difference between Yellow Pages and local directories has diminished a lot. They (YP) have, to some degree, lost their shine because of the emerging trends of local business submission directory websites. 

[ Top 10 B2B Portals Globally ]

BUT, they are still very much used the way it did in the past. The only difference is that now businesses have wide range to choose from. From classifieds websites to local directories and from paid PPC search engines to web 2.0 sites and from Business forums to social media marketing websites. The list is endless. 

Stay on Top: Submit your business in Yellow Pages 

Selling Handicrafts Online - Top 5 Handicraft Business Sites & Marketplaces in India

Posted on 27 February, 2017 3 comments

Top 5 Marketplaces to Sell handicrafts Online in India and Start making Profits.

Time is moving fast. Lifestyles, taste and preferences of people are changing with the changing time. People are becoming more creative in terms of finding ways to improve their living standard. 

➤ A Must read for sellers: What 5 Marketing Rules every successful sellers follow ) 

Those who used to make daily use things for their self-utilization and comfort are now selling these to marketplaces to earn. 

Yes, I am talking about none other than handicraft products. Handicraft items are in trend nowadays and India is always known for its cultural traditions. Our culture is reflected beautifully in the elaborateness of our handicrafts.

 Top 10 Websites for Book Shopping

Best Websites to Sell Handicrafts Online

LinkedIn Marketing 2017- Best Practices for B2B Business Promotion

Posted on 13 February, 2017 No comments

LinkedIn for B2B Marketing and Promotions: Learn the Tips and Best Practices to enhance the leads and conversions.

LinkedIn is a haven for B2B marketers but most of us are not doing it right way. 

To maximize results and rocket fire your LinkedIn marketing you should have a look at these ultimate tips and best practices. 

Today, every small or bigger business knows about the power LinkedIn has for getting substantial leads and sales, but not everyone is equally capable to utilize it fully.

We will discus in the article about the most fundamental and important social media tips related to LinkedIn!  

LinkedIn for Business

B2B Online Market Places in Australia - 10 Best Trade Portals for Business Sales

Posted on 2 comments

The 10 best B2B E-commerce Trade portals for Australia for Online sellers, business owners, exporters, Importers, and Entrepreneurs.

B2B Ecommerce Portals for specifically Australian market places

Just like in other countries, the Australia B2B e-commerce sector still working towards matching the levels of the e-commerce giants like USA, UK and China. B2B ecommerce websites work as great online platforms for buying and selling products.

Most of the Trade websites are free to join and register and they also offer great tools to market and highlight your products and company.

You are offered a separate company page on most of the B2B websites where you can maintain a professionally effective portfolio of your brand and business. 

Best B2B Ecommerce Trade Portals for the United Kingdom ]
[ Top 10 B2B Online Market Places in the World ]

Australian B2B Online Market Places: Top 10 B2B Trade Portals in Australia

B2B Trade Portals - What are 10 Best Indian B2B Directories for India

Posted on 07 January, 2017 6 comments

5 Best B2B Portals in India for ONLINE Sellers AND Business Owners. Buy Sell Trade Directories. Promote business service Free.

B2B business websites for Indian Business owners and Entrepreneurs

Not all companies have million dollar distribution, sales and marketing budgets. Not all companies enjoy the strength of a recognizable and trusted brand name. B2B trading portals offer an answer to businesses that face these challenges. They offer an opportunity for business owners to access international markets without a large initial investment. 

Top 10 B2B Sites in India for buyers, sellers, Exporters, Manufacturers, and Suppliers

How to Use Google Adwords for B2B Online Search Engine Marketing Success

Posted on 28 December, 2016 3 comments

Use Google Adwords as the Prime Weapon to Defeat the Marketing Challenges for B2B Business.

Tips for Making Paid Advertising via Google Adwords for your B2B Online Search Engine Marketing Success.

For a strong B2B marketing, Google Adwords forms to be an important element and this fact is known by all the marketers who are smart enough in their area of work. How to increase the rate of conversion via search engine marketing campaigns is what the concern is. 

Google Adwords is great tool for generating B2B leads as it drives targeted audience to e-commerce websites and other businesses as well. Through Google Adwords ads are shown to the people who are searching for you and Google search is the place where buyer and seller meet each other. 

B2B Marketing Tips on Making Adwords Strategy
B2B Marketing Tips on Making Adwords Strategy

Top 10 Packaging Companies in India- E-commerce B2B Development

Posted on 22 October, 2016 1 comment

Best Packaging Companies in India: Find Out the trends and a brief analysis of the Packaging Industry in India

India's packaging industry trends and analysis.

India's Packaging Industry:

The perennial rise in urban population in India is leading to an increased demand of packaging.

Packaging industry in India is growing at a rate of 22- 25 % annually. Currently standing at 5th largest sector, the packaging industry is a high growth sector in India now. 

Over the last few years, the packaging industry is driving technology, innovation and thus growth in the country by adding value to various sectors including e-commerce, agriculture and FMCG.

As compared to European and U.S market the cost of packaging and processing is quite on the lower side in India thus attracts a lot of investment in this sector. 

Due to cost control the price of processed food and other packaged food etc are lowered when manufactured and packaged by India.  

The boom of e-commerce has also added and multiplied the growth of packaging industry in India. 

The packaging industry has been helping Indian economy by adding value and providing huge employment opportunities.

Heightened competition in all product sectors has facilitated huge demand of packaging in the country. 

Packaging serves the four distinct functions i.e protective function, graphic and/or infographic function, convenience function and physiological function from the marketing point of view. 

Few types of packaging by content includes food packaging, drug packaging, cosmetics packaging, toiletry packaging, dangerous material packaging, liquid packaging, clothing packaging, etc. 

Types of packaging by materials include rigid packaging (like bottle/metal can, wooden box and metal box), semi-rigid packaging (like cartoon box and plastic bottle), flexible packaging (like paper, plastic, film, cellophane, alu-foil, etc) 

Best Packaging Companies in India

B2B United States Trade Portals - What B2B Website are Best Online Market Places in USA?

Posted on 01 September, 2016 2 comments

USA Based B2B Websites - 10 Top B2B Online Market Places for Trading in the US for Sellers, Businessmen, Marketers, and entrepreneurs!

B2B Portals Introduction:

Nowadays, the word 'B2B Portals’ is being thrown around quite casually by corporate companies, online sellers, entrepreneurs, business owners and the likes. B2B (Business to Business) portals are being used by millions of online buyers and sellers around the world.

The United States have been pioneer in this e-commerce sector where businessmen from different geographical areas do their business successfully over the Internet. B2B portals are great mediums for anyone looking for doing a business of small scale to large sized over the Internet. The sites offer great trading capabilities, in terms of buying selling features, product listings, customer support, transactions, promotion and exposure. 

In our series of popular B2B portals details, we decided to publish a general review about 5 to 20 top B2B trade portals based in the United States. 

B2B Trade Portals of United-States for Business Marketing

10 Benefits of B2B Trade Portals for Business Development and Sales Marketing

Posted on 05 April, 2016 1 comment

10 Most Sought After Benefits of Using B2B Trade Portals for Business and Start Secure Trade Instantly

B2B business portals are ready solutions for business to gain worldwide visibility instantly.

It helps small business leverage cost-effective online marketing for small and medium business entities.

In this article, we would find out how B2B marketplace portals are benefitting the small medium business.

10 most sought after Benefits of B2B Trade Portals for Busines
Benefits of B2B Trade Portals for Business

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