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17 Killer Ideas to Improve your Blog Readership and Grow your Blog

14 September, 2017

Grow your Blog with These Killer tips to Increase Blog Traffic and Gain more Readership for your Blog 

With the momentum content marketing is gaining these days, it has become quite a challenge for the bloggers to make their position in front of the audience as there are numerous players existing already from different industries. 

As a blogger you put in your heart and soul in creating the content. You aim to make your reader engaged with your blog and simultaneously earn a good amount as a source of income from your blogs. These are the things that makes you happy being a blogger. 

Make Money Blogging : A Beginner's Guide

But easier said than done. Things might not turn out the way you expected or you wanted. Your blog might not receive good amount of traffic many a times. You might end up feeling frustrated or demotivated as you are unable to make good money even after all the hardwork. We have crafted this article to address to this very issue as most of the bloggers get demotivated and abandon their blogs when they don't get enough and consistent traffic. To increase blog traffic we will try to cover simple but major tactics which most of us don't follow consistently and hence fail to see the results. 

Increase Blog Traffic
Increase Blog Traffic and Grow Your Blog

Now, when such kind of situations prevail, you should not lose your morale instead get up, look for ways things can be made better. Its not about hardwork always, smartwork takes the lead. You need to do research and strategize well before you proceed on with posting blogs. 

Most Popular Microblogs To get more Traffic to your Blog

To improve your blog readership a lot of measures can be undertaken. You can find numerous solutions on the web that can guide you on how to bring more traffic to your blog,  how to get more clicks, how to get them shared to large amount of population and much more of such things.

To help you on the same,  we have tried to put together a few ideas which you can consider to improve your blog readership.  Have a look at these:

Top 10 Content marketing Tips and Trends

1. Use Of Optimized Images

Use optimized Images
Optimized Images

Many bloggers skip or forget using high quality optimized images on their blogs despite of being told repetitively. There are numerous advantages that comes with these. 

Maximizing performance of the blog and better position in search engine results being some of its advantages. 

Optimizing your images for the web is important. It is all about saving or compiling your images in a web friendly format depending on what the image consist of. 

Be it description, text, filename or any other kind of details. Use of optimized images help you gain more and more traffic organically. These optimized images load quickly on digital devices. It reduces your total page load size by up to 80%.

Most Popular Picture Editing Apps for Android and iPhone

2. Support Your Blog With Overviews

Increase Blog Traffic
Increase Blog Traffic - Overviews
Writing overviews is a support that you provide to your readers. It serves two purposes. 

Firstly, these overviews gives the idea to the readers of what the blog post is about, what they can expect out of it. 

On the other hand, by linking these overviews to appropriate and their respective sections you make it easy for the readers to select the section of their own interest. 

Now they do not necessarily have to go through the whole blog instead they can read the sections they want to by looking at the overview. This way there exist no frustration and the reader find it extremely convenient to read especially the ones who hardly get time to read blogs or articles because of busy schedule.

3. Adding Videos For Introduction & Summarizing

Increase Blog Traffic
Into Videos

Content in the form of videos is undoubtedly leading everywhere and is extremely popular. 

More than 60% of the traffic on the web comes due to videos. It is for the purpose of branding that the introduction videos are made. 

Create Free Videos : Check out these Video Maker Sites

Though these introduction videos are very short in length say for a minute or less but they do have the power to leave a great impact on the audience. 

All it has is the name, logo, slogan and founder name of the business. On the hand if talk about video summaries, then they are a bit different. As the name says “summary”, these videos feature the summarized form of the article more like preview thing to arise the interest of the readers.

Market My Video : Popular Video Submission Sites

4. Offer For Free

Increase Blog Traffic
Increase Blog Traffic : Power of Free

“FREE!” Nothing beats the power of this word. People can’t resist checking out stuff that’s being offered for free be it anything whether it is something to download, print or others.

When you offer downloadable or printable goodies like PDF copy of your blog post or so, it tends to attract the readers and they want to check them out. This way you grab attention of potential readers which may become loyal ones later.

5. WordPressPlugins & Social Media

Increase Blog Traffic
WP- Social Media Plugins

When it comes to blogging or content marketing text does matter to a large extent. But it takes a lot more than that to flourish smoothly and up your blogging game in today’s digital scenario. There is a need to combine the blog posts with social media and other aspects of the web. 

Most Popular Wordpress Plugins for Affiliate Marketers

Social media helps in spreading your content to masses via way of sharing and more sharing. Wordpress plugins help you in different ways. You can integrate them to your social media, you can customize your site, track where visitors are clicking and a lot more of such things which makes your work easy and effective.

6. Placement of CTAs

Increase Blog Traffic
Right placement of CTAs
Making money from your blog is a crucial thing and you should work upon it. 

Making your readers happy is a good thing and you must take care of it but unless your hardwork is getting you money, there’s no fun. 

Most Popular Sites for Online Advertising

This is why it gets important to check where to place your Call to action in your blog so that it receives more and more clicks. You can conduct A/B testing so as to know what can be the placements for CTAs. Strategizing your CTA placement alongwith the all the aforesaid tips can do wonders to your blog.

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7. Professional Blog Design 

Increase Blog Traffic
Professional Blog
A professional blog design is crucial for a good first impression as well as further usability.

If a blog is not professionally structured it will adversely affect the bounce back rate. The more attractive and professional looking blog will attract users to stay and look around more for other resources available on the blog. 

In layman's term if you have a well lit and decorated living room your guests would feel good and would like to visit again whereas if it is shabby dirty or smelly they would immediately leave and would not ever want to come back again.

Same is the case of a blog's design which should be payed more attention on to attract and retain the readers. 

Create An Appealing Website and Attract more Visitors

8. Social Media Marketing

Increase Blog Traffic
Social Media Marketing

These days everyone is on social media be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or elsewhere. 

Although Facebook is eating up every other social networking site but the popularity of other top ones can't be denied. 

So we know what to do right! Be where the customers are. 

Must Check- Social Media Marketing Sites for Blog Promotions

For some niche Twitter works better and for some Instagram is the gold digger or any other. We should do our own research and find out what will work best for our niche and promote on it aggressively while maintaining decent amount of activity on all top social media sites.

9. Outreach and Outgrow

Increase Blog Traffic

Outreach and connecting to other fellow bloggers and Influencers helps get more visibility and traffic to your blog.

We must continuously keep roping in more and more influencers. The more they share our content more visibility we get. 

Influencers are not only good for getting hold on a bigger market but also adds authenticity and reliability to our brand with their endorsement to the audience that follows them.

We can also connect with other fellow bloggers locally and globally. Writing guest posts, getting interviewed or interviewing them is a good way to get more traffic and increase readership of our blog.

Killer Content Marketing Tips to Promote your Blog

10. Unique and Shareable content

Increase Blog Traffic
Unique Content

Unique and Shareable content is the core of any content marketing effort. 

Get your Content Shared more Often with these Simple Tips

The more unique a content is the more it will appeal to the readers. The more appealing they find it the more is the chances of getting shared.

The organic traffic which comes from the unique content is worth more than any paid efforts or traffic source. 

The content marketing success depends on unique and shareable content more than anything else.

Submit your Article and Get Instant Approval to get more Readership

11. Eye Catching Graphics and Infographics

Increase Blog Traffic

Graphics and Infographics are blowing away the content marketing arena. We are seeing ever decreasing textual content and ever increasing infographics and graphics.

The consumers these days have lesser time for reading through the boring long texts. While attractive graphics, infographics or videos get their attention easily. 

So to increase blog readership now graphics and videos play a very important role.

12. SEO Friendly Content

Increase Blog Traffic
SEO Friendly

SEO friendly content is possibly the one of the most crucial steps to get organic traffic to your website by ranking high on google SERP. Even writing a good content if not properly SEO Optimized will not yield desired results.

Proper keyword researching and placement at the right places in the article is valuable to increase the blog readership.

It is equally important to have a good on-page and off page SEO done.

While writing a content every blog writer should keep in mind that they are not just writing for readers but google search engine crawlers also, which will play an important role in getting more readers for their blog or website.

Top 20 Directories for Website Submission

13. Social Sharing Communities

Increase Blog Traffic
Social Sharing

Be where the people are and people these days can be found spending most of their time on social media. 

This makes very clear how important it is to share our content on social media sites to increase readership and gain more traffic to our blog.

14. Guest Blogging

Increase Blog Traffic
Guest Blog

Guest blogging is one of the most credible methods to increase blog traffic and increase blog's authority. 

Look out for the guest blogging sites in your niche and start writing guest blogs for them.

This will help you get more audience for your own blog.

15. Connect with Other Bloggers

Increase Blog Traffic
Connect with Bloggers

Connect with other blogger and interview them or get interviewed by them. 

The more online substance you gain the more credibility your blog will get. This is another great tool to multiply your audience.

Associating with more and more bloggers hold your chances high of reaching out to a larger audience. Either interview them or get interviewed by them, this will help in gaining more authority.

Win Local Content Marketing for your Blog

16. Forum and Discussion Sites

Increase Blog Traffic
Increase Blog Traffic: Forums
Forums and Discussion Sites are a great way to attract some good authority and referral traffic. It helps us grow our website worth and credibility and at the same time gets us more visibility.

Forums and discussion sites are also gaining more popularity now a days because all its content is user generated and consumers are more keen to know what other users are talking about the brands rather what brands are claiming and promoting.

Increase Blog Traffic
Exclusive Email Content

17. Exclusive Email Content

Email has been one of the most conventional online marketing methods which still holds good. The new trend however is that now emails have to be highly targeted and personalized.

No matter howsoever big your email list is, you will not succeed in email marketing unless you have segregated and created the right categories of the lists.

Must watch this great video By Neil Patel to learn more about Getting International Blog traffic:

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