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Marketing Automation Software for Small Business- List of Collaboration Tools

24 July, 2017

Discover all About the Collaboration Tools : How they help ease our tasks and get best results and what are the possible barriers.

5 Collaboration Tools for Marketing and Business Automation with Ease.

In the field of marketing and business there are tools for almost everything be it tools to help your marketing team run smoothly, tools to keep things organized, tools to support you in your marketing efforts and much more. 

New gadgets devices and software tools are invented and updated everyday to make our life at work easier. Collaboration tools are the most evolutionary inventions to lessen the burden, and get more productivity and improve results in the same given work resources.

Using these tools has become of extreme importance in today’s business scenario when so much competition exist. 

Collaboration at Work

The need is to look out for the most appropriate marketing collaboration tools that are apt for every aspect as far as your marketing efforts are concerned.

Two Vital and Significant Usage of Collaboration Tools are:

Collaborate: To ease the Task

- Collaboration helps make the most difficult tasks easier. 

Collaborate: for the Best Results

- It helps achieve the best results in the given time and resources. 

Studies have revealed that:
Problems tackled by Collaboration Tools

- About 38% of employees valuable time is lost in duplicating work. 

- About 58% of employees waste an hour a day looking for the right  information. 

- On an average 28 hours a week is spent solely on writing e-mails, searching for information and manually collaborating internally. 

-  Atleast 59% of managers miss vital information just because they never see it. Six weeks per year are wasted searching for the lost documents

The Key Barriers to the Collaborative Practices involves:

1. Dissent in the Teams

2. Involves time for feedbacks and mutual work

3. More risk of conflict

4. Delay in Projects due to major dissent in the team

5. Loss of interest and loss of direction

To overcome these barriers the selection of right collaboration tools is very crucial. Although every process has its own flaws but collaboration tools have helped bring out more success and tangibility than its barriers. 

Quick Fact: Beginning of the Collaboration Tools


Business automation was first experienced in 1970 
with the invention of the manual typewriter. 

It led to the invention of the first collaboration software 
called EIES ( Electronic Information Exchange System).

This software helped conduct surveys, thread replies
and group-structured methods.

Most Popular Communication Apps for Android Phones

Best Collaboration Tools: Marketing and Business

Marketing Automation Tools List

Listing down six marketing collaboration tools which are of great help for online marketers:

1. Google Drive : Store, Share and Real Time Updates.

Google Drive is a great Collaboration Tool

With Google Drive, any type of document, spreadsheet, presentation, folder, and more can be created as well as shared with anyone. Real time updates can be made here by you as this tool allows you to decide who can edit your document. 

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The changes made can be seen on the right hand side of the screen. This keeps you updated with regards to what changes have been made in the document/presentation/folder or any other file. 

This tool is free for all the Gmail users as well as organizations having Gmail address for their employees.

Get it on Playstore - Download Google Drive for Android ]

2.  Basecamp : A Project Management Tool

Basecamp is yet another effective tool that helps you in your marketing efforts. With this collaboration tool you can easily send assignments, content to people. 

You do not need to send emails and carry on with that whole email chain wherein you send and receive message via email. This is basically a project management tool. 

As a team you can send the assignments to your team which they can see on the tool itself and it has space for leaving comments by the team as well which is the best things about this tool. 

You can ask questions then and there, receive answers etc. If you want that your comment must be received by some people via email then you can request for that too. Overall a great tool to manage project work of the team.

Sign up for 30 Days free Trial ]

[ Learn more about this collaboration tool ]

3. : Online Meetings Tool

This allows you to share your screen with other people whom you want show. To put in simple words and precise form, this marketing collaboration tool is a screen sharing tool. 

Owned by the renowned SaaS company LogMeIn, is its Freemium meeting and online collaboration tool.

All you need to do is a quick and show the other party what you are seeing on your screen. Your every move will be visible to the other party. 

Best part about this tool is control can be handed over to the other party if you want guidance on how something is done. 

Just sit back and watch the other party showing you steps one by one. You can teach/learn by showing/watching. Isn’t that exciting?

Learn More on Website ]

[ Download for Android ]  

4. Skype : Share files & Video Conferencing

Skype Tool for Collaboration

When you talk about skype, it is thought of as a tool that allows you to chat with someone face to face. But this is not the only feature skype has rather it has a lot more to offer. It is one of the most widely used tool for business collaboration. 

If your team members are working on a project sitting at some other office, you can communicate in the best way via skype with them. 

You share files, leave messages, talk face to face, talk via skype on phone or simply chat like that you do on facebook or any chat messenger. Not to forget, this tool is available for free.

 [ Download Skype for Android ]          [ Download Skype for IOS ]

5. Dropbox : Share Big Files, Real - Time Updates


This marketing collaboration tool allows you to share big files. You can share pictures as well. When there arises a need to send projects to the team in shortest time then this tools turns out to be your savior. 

All you do is drag the file to be shared, in the dropbox folder which you already set up for the team members. Dropbox not only sends across the large file to your team members but also allow them to edit and download the same.

Other than these there are various collaborative tools available to help marketers but these being the topmost ones were needed to be shared with you.

[ Download Dropbox for Android - Googleplay ]  

Here is a List of 30 Marketing Tools for Marketing Automation and Collaboration:

1. Slack : Team Communication Tool ( Direct Messages/ Calls)

2. Zoho Projects : A complete Project Management Tool.

3. Nutcache : Project Management Software with time Tracking

4. BrightPod : Marketing Project Collab Tool.

5. LogMeIn : Remote Access and remote desktop support for technicians

6. Google Hangouts : Messaging, Voice and Video Calling

7. BitBucket : Bitbucket is the Git solution for professional teams

8. GitHub : Project Management Tool for Developers

9. SwiftKanBan : Workflow management Software

10. Nimble : Social Sales and marketing CRM

11. Float : Cashflow forecasting for Business

12. Scribblar : Virtual Classroom

13. DeeKit : Realtime Projects Collaboration

14. Evernote Business : Project, feedback, realtime collaborations

15. Scoro : Work Management Software Solution

16. Microsoft Projects :  A complete Project management software

17. Cage : Manage creative projects online 

18. IdeaFlip : Realtime brainstorming and collaboration

19. Prezly : Connects your content with the influencers

20. Codepen : build and deploy a website, show off your work and build test cases, etc

21. UserSnap : Collect feedbacks and track bugs

22. Smartsheet : Manage and automate collaborative work

23. Fogbugz : task management, document collaboration, agile development, code management and customer support

24. Microsoft - One Drive : Easy access and share on multiple devices

25. Podio : Project management and collaboration

26. Workflow Max : leads, quotes, invoicing, time-tracking, etc

27. MavenLinks : project management, time tracking, resource planning and project financials

28. Wrike : Project Management Software

29. Asana : Tracking and project management

30. Trello : Organize and prioritize projects

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