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How to Optimize and Speed Up your Blog? 3 Steps Optimization Guide

03 June, 2017

Blog speed Optimization Tips for Bloggers and Webmasters.

Today we will discuss a very important and useful topic that will allow each of you to increase the speed of your blogs, increase the speed of resource. This has a positive effect on the attitude of the site visitors; search engines will only approve such a move and, in some controversial cases, may even rank down your blog.

Except for the acceleration of a blog, the maximum server unload is another weighty feature and pros of optimization.

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Speed Optimization Tips for your Blog

Why The Speed of a Blog is so important Today? 

The vast majority of both beginners and more experienced bloggers do not pay any attention to their blogs acceleration.

Some are constantly in search of ways to improve their website, and at the early stages of development they are faced with the question

"Does the blog loading speed affects rankings?" 

Certainly, it affects! 

As an example, let’s look at the following situation: imagine that a user opened a search engine, entered a query in the search box, and saw a lot of pages of results. He or she faces with a link to your blog and opens it.

But what happens next? The window of his browser is loading slowly and does not want to give a full picture of the site. And then another question arises:

“What do you think most users will do in this situation?”

Most likely, people won't wait for the page download, and simply close the window with the blog. It turns out that it is nothing but a failure. And you probably know that with the increase in the number of these failures, the lower position your blog will have. [ free blog posting sites ]

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So, now we will tell you some tips to speed up your blog.

Step #1. Turning off all unnecessary plug-ins

When you take a close stroll through the list of all installed plug-ins, you easily will eliminate a lot of unnecessary ones. Their large quantity overload the server, even though you have a wonderful cache.

Of course, before that you should well think out everything. As an option, you can replace some of them with a code as many features on the blog really can be carried out without special software modules.

Here are some examples of WordPress plugins, which you can easily give up in favor of the code:

- ScrolltoTopButton. With the help of this plug-in, the button to return to "the top" of the page is displayed on the blog.

- WordPressRelatedPosts. This plugin is used to display related posts on the blog, but it can be done using a simple code.

- DisableWordPressUpdates. Disabling this plugin will significantly reduce the load on the blog. It is responsible for disabling the automatic update of the engine and plug-ins.

- QipSmiles, InvisibleCaptcha, Anti-XSSattack, etc.

You will be pleased with the result of this "cleaning”, because the blog starts work a lot faster, and you can generally forget about the server overload. 

Of course, this is not the whole list of plugins that can be turned off in order to unload your blog.

But for now, focus on these. If you do not know how to replace the plug-in with the code, refer to the help of the search engines.

On the Internet, you will find a huge number of articles on this subject with detailed descriptions and explanations.

Step #2. Upload all video and audio to YouTube

Many bloggers use audio and video in their posts for the greater perception of information and upload them directly to a blog server. If you have such type of content, surely they must be removed and uploaded to special websites, for example, YouTube. 

If you have a number of reviews or video lessons, and visitors, as well as clients, will begin to view them in the amount of one hundred people for all videos, the server will beg for mercy because of overload.

So, you should upload all the videos to YouTube and then just paste the code in the blog. Once you have all the video and audio transferred to other resources, the less outgoing traffic will go from the blog.

Step #3. Turn off the post's revision

Some more advanced bloggers know what is a post revision, but let's explain what it is for beginners. You write a post and save it when it is fully designed. That's right. But quite often, over time, there is a need to change, remove, or add something. And what happens to the original version of the post? 

The post revision is created, or in other words, a copy is stored. Just imagine how many revisions (copies) will be accumulated for a year? Therefore, your main task will be to remove all revision posts, as well as to disable their creation.

Then we recommend optimizing your blog database.

This is a very important thing in blogging. Do not forget to do this procedure periodically.

In conclusion, we would like to highlight a couple of moments that you can work on to speed up the blog and to reduce the load on your server:

1. When inserting pictures to the article or post, then try to load them not large because the big picture is also loaded for quite a long time. With the help of search engines and other blogs, you can find a lot of interesting and useful information on the subject.

2. As we’ve already mentioned at the beginning, it is not necessary to insert audio files and video clips, which will be loaded directly from the host (server) to the news or reviews on the blog. There is enough variety of services for this purpose, such as Youtube. Use it.

3. If it is possible, then put all the scripts codes "in the basement" of the site. We are talking about the footer.php file. Then during the blog page load, images and text will be loaded in the first place and only then, all sorts of widgets.

We are firmly convinced that with the help of this advice, you will qualitatively optimize and speed up your blog, which will lead to a greater number of subscribers. 

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