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Advertising on Social Media Sites- 6 Best SMM Platforms for Marketing

24 August, 2017

Social Media Advertising- What Are the Best Platforms for Marketers.

Paid Advertising Options on Social Networking Sites- How to Advertise and Market your Content Instantly with Social Ads.

In this digital era, there are many ways to advertise and promote a business online and one of among them advertising through social media or social media advertising. There are different social media platforms which you can choose for advertising of your business on them, as per your needs, requirements and audience base.

Paid Advertising Options on Social Networking Sites-Advertise Market Content-600x400
Social Media Advertising- Best Networks for Marketing

Thus, today we are about to discuss on the same topic to help our readers and their online businesses as well. So here I am going to share some of the best platforms for marketers for social media advertising.

Thus, the list begins here:-

Social Media Marketing on Facebook : Facebook Ads

Yes, it is the social media platform which holds the users approximately from every part of the globe. Thus, it is one of the best platforms to go for social media promotion of your business as you can a wide range of audience base for your business. Not only the Facebook’s free services (like Facebook Page, Facebook Shop, Videos, and Reviews) help marketers to grow their business, also paid services help as well (Like Facebook Ads).

Facebook Ads are one of the effective ways to promote a business online. If these Facebook Ads are utilized properly then, these ads can make you a known identity among the audience as well as will help to drive targeted traffic and leads to your business website.

Social Media Ads on Pinterest: Promoted Pins:-

social media advertising via pinterest-promoted-pins-500x400
Social Media Advertising on Pinterest via Promoted Pins

Pinterest is also another one of the known platforms which you can utilize for advertising your business. It is the best platform to promote any business with captivating images and unique pinboards. Apart from that, you can also use Pinterest Promoted Pins option to promote your pins of the unique pinboards. 

All you have to do is just to select your best pins and then Pinterest will show these pins to the most relevant places. Along with that with Pinterest Promoted Pins you can also set particular audience base to see your pins and also can make changes once your campaign starts to keep the things working and to weed out which aren’t.

Social Media Advertising with Rediff

Social media advertising option at Rediffcom-500x400
Social media advertising option at Rediffcom

Rediff is also a social platform where you can brand your business. It is because the platform has huge audience base and has approx 1.2 million visits a month. The website provides many options to advertise your business from which you can select or can also following this link for advertising on Rediff Community.

Here you have only to fill a form asking for the details required and then submit it. After that, the Rediff’s advertisement team will contact you with the most suited customized advertising plan for you.

Social Media Ads on Stumbleupon : Paid Content Promotions

Stumbleupon is fourth in the row and also one of the best social media platforms to market your business. With Stumbleupon, you can stumble your business pages and share with other stumblers. It will not only increase your reach but will also result in real leads.

Along with that, you can also go for the Stumbleupon Ads to market your business. It is a platform for full page native advertising means without any distraction in between like ads or pops for brands and publishers. Here with Stumbleupon ads, you can share any content with your audience which may include articles, slideshows, videos, etc. with a URL to content.

Social Media Ads on Twitter:

Twitter is another big social media platform after Facebook to do social media advertising of your business. According to statistics an average of 80 million visits occurs every month on Twitter. Thus, if you want to promote your business Twitter is the best choice to go for it and to share your compelling content with the world within seconds. There are lots of awesome Free Twitter Tools for Business.  

Twitter Ads from Twitter are also one of the best forms of social media advertising which you can select to promote your business. Twitter advertising or Twitter ads have many options from which you can choose depending on your budget and needs. These options include Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts, Promoted trends, etc.

Social Media Advertising on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is among the best professional networks for marketers to market their business. Whether you have a B2B Business or B2C business, it is a perfect place to advertise and market your business professionally. Also, LinkedIn Ads are there to help you further more efficiently to expand your business and reach.

With the use of LinkedIn Ads for advertising your business will make your business known among unique audience base and will also help to drive real business results in terms of lead generation, ROI, etc.

Thus, if you are also about to market your business on social media platforms then this post is a must read for you. Hope it will help you to craft better your social media advertising plans to make your business a known identity among targeted audience base. Also if you like the post then doesn’t forget to share it on different channels. Thanks for reading.

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