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10 Most Popular Real Estate Advertising Sites in India for Property Agents and Buyers

30 December, 2016

Top 10 Real Estate Websites in India to Place Free Classified Ads Online.

Advertise your Real Estate Business Online in India. Best Sites for Realtors to Sell or Rent a Property.

We all at one stage or another will have to choose our desired place to live by browsing the internet through the real estate websites. Real Estate in India is doing not so good due to several features as increasing costs of financing and cases of corruption.

Therefore, we should have advertising sites that are influential to place free classified and online ads to individuals and even groups to create awareness.

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The Most Popular and Reliable Sites for Real Estate Properties in India 

Property buyers typically carry extensive online research before making an investment in the house. An online real estate advertising site should have all kinds of relevant data on the property. Find here the cool collection of the sites for apartments and rentals.

Some online advertising sites are beginning to offer counseling services to interested individuals.

Why Marketing a Real Estate Business over the Internet?

The internet has played very paramount roles in the marketing industry. Therefore, it is important to sharpen your marketing strategies with help from an experienced real estate agent which helps with selling or buying a property at the highest price possible.

Research shows that 9 out of 10 of the population uses the internet to search for properties.

Many agents post ads on different multiple advertising sites to increase the chances of the sale of that particular property.

Online advertising is a great move when it comes to real estate. Real Estate top agents use other advertising sources such as a real estate blog. RSS feeds, Geographical Location Articles and Forums for sale.

The following are the various links for getting classified real estate ads:


The following are the ten most popular online real estate advertising sites in India based on their fame and demand.

1. 99Acres- The Number #1 Real Estate Property Website in India is the most traditional real estate advertising portal for buying and selling and its main aim is coming up with solutions to interested customers regarding the property in question.

This website exposes buyers, brokers, and sellers to a reasonable manner of exchanging information. At 99 Acres an individual can place free classified ads advertising a particular property, search the already posted ads and browse through several property options.

This site's USP is to resale sites which give a broad array of choices for reselling your property be it an apartment, bungalow, office space and its equipment or a flat.

99Acres has the legit and reliable database. 99Acres site has the question and answers sections for the customers who are significantly useful and also has a section of applying for home loans.

2. Magic Bricks- The Very Popular online advertising real estate site

The is an online advertising real estate site that has all the source data on an individual property for buying and selling. Magic Bricks provide detailed information that a buyer needs to access including photos of the involved property.

The website has original data that is also satisfactory to customers like the fair taxation of resources. In a case of rental services, the Magic Brick site proves to be significant.
Gurutalk is a talk session with the real estate experts.

3. 360 Realtors- Property Site for Realtors in India

360 Realtors is an advertising site with expertise in housing issues making this buying and selling experience smooth and fruitful too. offers various real estate services including property management tips, property valuations, consultation services and reality services.

360 Realtors go to the extent of giving after sales service to customers and discussion of home loans one is exposed. Its expertise has all necessary data on the various properties available.

4. Common Floor- Buy Sell rent Properties in India has the good database of prospective property buyers and sellers and the property in question. Common Floor has detailed online ecosystem with property search for those interested in not only buying but also renting property.

The property locality and its management tools are available on this site providing proper analysis and reviews.

5. Sulekha Properties- Buy Sell Real estate Property

Sulekha properties deal with property search in your region and city. offers excellent deals for individuals in small Indian cities.

Sulekha: Sulekha is not a dedicated real estate forum. They have an appealing website.

They also have a mobile friendly version of the website. There is also an android app of sulekha. Sulekha is a digital business platform. It gives information about nearby properties and rentals, education and training centres, home and office services, health services etc.

They have a very big dealers network. If you search for properties on Sulekha you will get categorised results like apartments, plots and lands, luxury houses. you get the approximate costs, payment plan and seller/dealer contact. Many properties also include pictures of the properties. Sulekha also include a detailed descriptions of the property.

If you are a seller and want to sell your property it is a good platform to sell. But be ready for some mock calls and people who want to bargain. But this is the problem on every Indian forums.

6. Housing- Housing Advertising Site to Buy a Place in India

Housing advertising site is an online portal located in Mumbai allowing people to search for houses based on certain features like the number of rooms a particular house has, it is location and many other.

The company serves in more than 40 cities in India. has the good database of properties, and it is always accurate in its data.

Housing:Housing doesn't have an appealing website. It has a very simple interface. It starts with a search box. 

You can search cities and localities. The website gets your location automatically and tell you plot rates near your current location. Housing is better if you want to buy plots, but it's not much useful for buying houses and apartments.

It doesn't have many property listings. However of you want to sell properties you get sufficient serious calls about it. There are lists of top localities, top brokers and tops builders to choose from.

Conclusion: If you are looking for best forums for real estate you should go for Makaan. However if you are looking for rented apartments and other services Sulekha provides better experience.

And if you want to buy plots or want to compare land prices in localities housing is the way to go.

7. India Property- Buy Properties in India is a good advertising site for individuals living at smaller locations.

This site gives details of all projects and city you want to purchase a property from and has excellent search facilities.

8. Makaan- Buy Sell Properties in India at Makaan

In comparison to other websites in places, like Hyderabad and Ahmedabad, provides useful information on its assets.

Makaan is a part of the Elara Technologies PTE Limited.

Makaan is an excellent dedicated Indian Real estate Forum. You get a visually appealing website when you open it. They do not have much mobile friendly website though. But they also have an android app which gives you every feature the desktop website have. You get a "How may I help You" option on this website which is an excellent way to go if you are having troubles or if you need help.

Makaan also provides insightful articles on real estate and have great guides on real estate business. You can search by location, Builder or project name. You also have quick links for property search by cities.

They have a unique feature known as "Talk to M". M is the personal advisor provided by the website which guides you through the properties of your interest. They have a column featured properties, which have a list of some really good and trending properties.

When you search for properties it gives you list of properties available with their prices. If you are a buyer and you are interested in a property you just have to click them and you get a detailed analysis of the property. Its land area, surrounding, pictures special features etc. There is also one of the most interesting feature on Makaan.

It contains an analysis of annual growth rate of the prices, so it helps your decision making.

9. Prop Tiger- Real estate Website to Buy Property in India is a good advertising site for cities, like Mumbai and most importantly NRI’s. Proptiger site functions on trust being very fundamental as well as transparency in every sale on makes.

This site assists individuals with choosing the best property existing.

Specializes on Data Labs, Real Estate Advisory, Home Loans Advisory, and Advanced Real Estate Analysis.

10. india Real estate- Buy Sell rent Properties at PropertyWala 

In towns like Delhi, provides proper selling and buying of properties. Propertywala is among India's top five real estate advertising sites and has indeed verified agents. Specializes in Website Development, Search Engine Optimization commonly abbreviated as SEO and Real Estate Promotions in the area. is privately held online media site that was founded in 2007 and comprises of 11-50 employees.

The Future of Online Real Estate Marketing

The Internet has surpassed traditional marketing forms. Most active real estate agent combines traditional as well as online marketing for faster efficient sale. During buying and selling process, excellent communication skills and relations is paramount. Agents help in making your house look at its best. Using the internet is a crucial tool of real estate that is becoming famous and trendy. Find here the Real Ideas for Real estate Entrepreneurs.

Here are some really cool tips for real estate Business Marketing.

Better online marketing sites for properties should come up to give competition. Are you looking for a house to buy? Are you looking for a house to rent? Well, look no more. Just use your internet, search for the best online real estate advertising sites, and all your issues solved in a wink of an eye.


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