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19 September, 2017

Ask the Internet- Top 10 Websites to Post Questions and Answers

10 Best Q& A Websites, like Yahoo and Quora to Seek Answers and get Free Referral Traffic and SEO Benefits.

Best question and answer sites on the internet!

In present date we have many sources to find answer to our queries, we can get answers to questions either by means of articles and blogs and videos and so on.

But many times we come across the situations when we don’t find any right or satisfactory answers to the questions. Here the Q/A sites come in action and plays an important role. With the help of these Question and Answers sites, we can find the answers to even those questions, we don’t find by other sources of information.

So today I am going to share the top 10 Question and Answers on the internet where you can find answers on any topic and even expert advice. It is because experts also do have accounts on these sites to help the people.

Top 10 review Sites

Top 10 sites-to ask questions and get answers of anything-550x350
Top 10 sites on the Internet to ask questions, seek help, get answers and information on anything

List of the Question and Answer Sites on the Internet- Best Places on the Web to ask questions, get Help and Information on any topics and subjects.

#1. Yahoo Answers- Get answer and Information from Experienced Users 

Yahoo Answers-The oldest and reputed site to get any kinds of answers

Yahoo Answers is one of the most trusted and well-known Q/A website on the internet. You must have already seen how frequently Yahoo Answers appear on Google Searches for so many queries. This is why this is thought to be very good site for SEO and good quality backlinks

It has around 29 individual categories, related to all sectors ranging from business & finance to Home & Garden, Games & Recreation to Society & culture and so on.

Thus, on that note, you can get answers to almost anything on this Question and Answer site.  You can also give answers as well if you are an expert on a particular topic.

And the best thing about the site is that it does not entertain any unnecessary links in the answer. It keeps them only and only when it is truly crucial.  Along with that you can also award best answers to you question.

Alexa Rank Worldwide: - 5
Alexa Rank USA: - 5

And according to stats millions of monthly visits occur on Yahoo answers.

#2. Quora- Get the Best Answers to Any Questions

Quora- Get the Best Answers to Any Question-500x400
Quora- Get the Best Answers to Any Questions

Quora is also one of the sites in question and answer sites list.  On Quora, you can find many categories under which you can ask answers and get answers to your questions. It has many categories.

Many industry experts are there on Quora to answer your queries. You can also give answers as well if you are an expert on a certain topic. Likewise, Yahoo answers you can also upvote the answers which you find problem-solving. On Quora, You can also put your blogs in the blog section.

And also can follow specific questions, people, and topics to stay updated with latest things happening around.

Alexa Rank Worldwide: - 96
Alexa Rank India: - 14
Alexa Rank USA:-98

#3. StackExchange - Made up of 160 Expert Communities

stackexchange-a popular Q n A site to get expert answers

StackExchange is also amid the list of best Q/A sites. StackExchange is, in fact, a collection of different websites (sub domains) for every individual category.

For example, if you are searching for mathematics then it has a complete website for it where you can ask any query related to math and so on. 

You can get an idea about their full list of sites of StackExchange for different categories with the mentioned link.

Alexa Rank Worldwide: - 159
Alexa Rank in USA: - 137

#4. - Knowledge Exchange via WikiAnswers, ReferenceAnswers, VideoAnswers one of the popular sites to get answers is third in the row of best Question and answers sites. With you can find answers to any of your questions which come under their around 29 categories and sub-categories. 

You can also promote your questions, join community forums and even contribute on the website to make answers better if you are more into answering then asking. Additionally, you can also write articles to explain the things in your area of expertise better by becoming an Writer.

Alexa Rank Worldwide: - 498
Alexa Rank in USA: - 183

#5. JustAnswer- Get Answers from 'Verified' Experts 

JustAnswer-a good site for question-answers-500x400 a popular question answer site

JustAnswer is also among the websites that answer your questions with 100% satisfaction guarantee. It is a paid Question and answers site to get answers 24*7.  It is also available with many categories to provide answers in those categories.

Here on JustAnswer, you can apply for becoming an expert & becoming an affiliate to earn money.

Alexa Worldwide: - 3541
Alexa USA: - 995

#6. AllExperts - Oldest & Largest Free Q&A Services

allexperts-com-question-answer-site-500x400 of the Oldest question and answer community site

According to Details mentioned on Portal itself: - “ is the oldest & largest free Q&A service on the Internet and has more than 2 million questions answered.

AllExperts is indeed a great portal to get the answers, and one thing which makes it different from other Questions and answers site is that it only provides a login credential to experts with their means Expert Login.

You can also apply for being an expert by means of their Expert Application.

Alexa Worldwide: - 38,328
Alexa Rank in US: - 13,444

#7. Blurtit- To Ask, to Learn, to Share, to Grow

Blurtit-social-community for question answer is one of the famous q&a websites. Here you get answers to any question of your interest. They deal with 22 categories to provide answers in different sectors.  You can ask questions, give answers and also can follow individuals.

You can also ask questions anonymously without being a registered user. And if you want can make an account on it by registering through mail or any of these social networks: - Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

Alexa Worldwide: - 44,920
Alexa India: - 9,570

#8. Able2Know- A Free Forum to Ask and Share Answers is one of the best online Q&A sites. Here you can ask questions and get answers, also can answer questions and help others. There are total 24 categories on the portal for Questions and Answers. With Able2Know you can also see your ignored users. Registration is must to perform any activity on the platform.

Alexa Worldwide: - 97558
Alexa USA: - 54566

#9. The AnswerBank- For answers on Quizzes, Puzzles, Law, News, Crosswords, etc

The AnswerBank is an excellent Question and Answer Website to get your queries solved. The website has around 31 categories in which you can ask questions and also respond to questions. And for that, you have to become a registered member of the platform. 

You can also use their website to ask and answer questions with the means of their Mobile site named Mobile AB.

Alexa Worldwide: - 134282
Alexa USA: - 43523

#10. Ask Me Help Desk- Get an Expert Advise on any Topic

Ask Me Help Desk is last in the row and is also one of the best Q&A websites on the internet. It has twelve categories in all with a huge number of subcategories. If you love to surf the internet on mobile, then you can also use their mobile website.

All you have to become a registered member of the portal to do any activity. On their portal, you can also view the list of their experts of different categories.

Alexa Worldwide: - 134282
Alexa USA: - 43523

Hope that this list of Question and Answers websites will help you to get the best answers to your queries and can also contribute to establishing you as an authorized expert. Let us know about your views.

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  1. Very good list. Most of these question and answer websites are very famous and have been around for many years. Also do check which is a new website but looks good.