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Check out 10 Developing Trends in e-Commerce Industry

20 July, 2017

Whats Trending in e-commerce: Discover and Implement to upgrade to the Latest Trends

All thanks to the advanced technology that the businesses are going global today. E-commerce industry is rising bigger and better with the passage of time. The reason being it is accepted with open arms by all and hence has become their need. 

People love to buy and sell through e-Commerce sites because of the convenience that lies within. Moreover, if we take a detailed look at the status of businesses then we will find that none of the business is confined to one city or state or country. 

Check out The Top 10 Trends in e-Commerce Industry
10 Developing Trends in e-commerce

In this article we will read about the emerging trends in e-commerce that is worth throwing light at. Let us take a look at these:

1. Switching To Mobile Commerce

As far as the prediction says, by the end of this year 2016 almost one third of the total population of the world will be using smartphone. Now, the main focus here is to make the E-commerce websites mobile friendly so that it must fit in perfectly in all screen sizes and make the experience smooth for the users. 

People today spend maximum time on digital devices and this is a proven fact. Therefore, e-commerce sites cannot ignore this aspect of becoming more & more mobile friendly as they can lose on huge amount of business which otherwise they could generate via these smartphone users.

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2. Payment Options

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To enhance online shopping experience of the users and make it more convenient for them, businesses are coming up with multiple payment options and also focusing on increasing payment security for both buyers as well as sellers to ensure smooth transactions between the parties.

Magnetic cards, EMV, chip card readers, ewallets, etc and many more models have emerged in the past.

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3. Omni Channel Business Model

Multiple channel is much needed for any business model and retailers have better understood this fact. Talking about online shopping comfort, well a lot of positive & negative is said in this context. 

Often it is heard that people keep on surfing web all day long and at the end of the day they go buy stuff from offline store (market/ mall/ outlets). To improve the physical store experience, new technologies like store digital services are coming up today.

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4. Smooth Shopping Experience

Companies are coming up with various new features to improve the shopping experience of the users. Some examples can be quoted here like:-

  • unique store debit cards or coupons,
  • easy wallets with discounts,
  • easy online payments and more.

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5. Social Media

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Social media has turn out as one magical platform for the retailers and so is the reason that they are adopting it. 

If you see the figures then about 40% purchases take place due to social networking channels or we shall say, social media handles. This proves the importance of social media in today's retail world.

6. Quality Focus

Seeing today's trend & behavior of customers, retailers have gotten to this point and understood it well that quality is winning over quantity. Means to say that, in order to win the customer, it is important to offer quality & not just focusing on offering more variety. 

This is why, retailers & companies have shifted their focus to give more customized shopping experience to the visitors/ buyers. New features are added on like zoom in view, virtual trial rooms etc that makes a customer feel they are offered value.

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7. Relationship Building

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Earlier it was more about discount schemes & offers but today the focus is shifted to better integrated technology service

This is so because huge variety is available for the customers and due to which customer loyalty is not given due attention. Therefore, there is a need for well integrated technology that could support easy payments and high tech shopping experience.

8. Customer Support Service

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Now that e-commerce & online shopping trend has made life so easier and people can search & choose from variety offered to them while sitting anywhere anytime, so there is a need to offer 24/7 customer service as you may never know when or at what time or from which place you can receive customer's query. 

The need to stay active on customer service front is indeed necessary and companies are more focused & improving on that part.

9. Easy Working With Online/ Offline Merging

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No doubt to say that a well integrated technology system is important in e-commerce world but also the fact that merging online & offline systems is needed for smooth/ hassle free working.

10. Learned Customers

Today's customers are informed better than ever. They are way too smarter. Winning their trust is not an easy job but one of the most important though. 

Improved quality, customized shopping experience, good customer support service & well integrated technology and various other crucial things take to win the trust of customers and we see that these are given due focus.

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