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13 September, 2016

26 Quick Ways to Increase Sales Conversion on your Website

Increase Conversion on your Website and reduce the Per Customer Acquisition Cost

Online business tips to generate leads and convert them into sales

Improving website conversions is a matter of concern and cannot be overshadowed. Converting site visitors to paying customers is indeed the game all about. The existence of your business depends on customers. More the customers, bigger and better the business.

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There is a technique called "Split Testing" which is also known as A/B Testing used for the purpose of increasing website's conversion rate.

Increase Website Conversion- Online business Tips
Tips to Increase Website Conversion

26 Tips to Grow Sales and Conversions on your Site

Attracting lot of traffic to your website would be easy but are you able to convert those potential leads into customers? Are they buying from you? That's the question arises.

For conversion optimization and turning website visitors to buyers, a few tips which can be followed are stated below:-

Take a look!

1- The customers/ users should not be forced to register themselves before they place or complete their order as this would be unnecessary waste of time for them.

2- Live chat option should be taken into consideration and made available for the users. This would help in grabbing the attention of those who would otherwise hardly take interest in you.

3- Unnecessary links that doesn't serve any purpose should be removed from the lead capture pages. The entry page of website and other important sections should depict the clear objective of the business/ brand.

4- Try use 'Order now' call to action button instead of 'Buy now'. It gives a more positive vibe.

5- You need to search out the proper way for privacy policy and other terms and conditions.

Try to find out how can make the complicated technical language easier so as to make it understandable for the customers giving them assurance while securing yourself.
Remember your customers do read them for the purpose of decision making.

6- Write stuff keeping/ making your customer as the center of your business.
Lay emphasis on 'you/ your' instead of 'i/ we.'

7- Stretch the guarantee span and test which one is doing well for you. No matter if you're required to make it more than what's the industry standard. Go ahead!

8- Text that create urgencies should be supported by active language like "Buy", "Register", "Subscribe"etc
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9- The whitespace should be effectively used in your design. This will help in attracting users towards the 'call to action.'

10- The most important information should be kept on the top and bottom of your pages as these are read first by the users.
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11- Make your site navigation easier for the visitors. Make sure the format is such that allows them to reach wherever they want to go on the site in less than 3 clicks.

12- The entire process after 'call to action' button/ stage should be smooth, easy and moreover anticipatory.

13- Tackle the issues of customers with direct confrontation. Do not get upset of or avoid complaints or bad reviews.
Take them as a guiding tool to deliver even better and resolve them.

14- Try testing different kind of offers and schemes with your products. Also try tying-in some bonuses like free-shipping, free-gift etc that would help you in getting the leads converted into customers.

15-  Use Web Progress Indicator Bars at register, login, and Checkout pages. Sometimes the design of a website is such which involves series of steps in checking out process. If similar is the case with you, showing a progress indicator can be of help to let the users know what next step they need to go on.

16- Real photos of staff as well as stock should be used. Realistic things helps in building trust.

17- Forms validation is imperative. Your form doesn't accept error code. Mention clearly, it accepts A-Z or a-z so that the process doesn't stops in between and you may not lose the lead.

18- Avoid shocking customers by surprising them with certain hidden charges or other issues once they are near to checking out. Make the experience pleasant for them.

19- For more clear directions to certain pages or to take them to the next step/ page, you may attract their attention towards arrows, asterisks, links or other signals/ indicators. Excess usage of such may distract the customers though. Keep them limited.

20- You can use audio or video display on your website for the demonstration of your product and its details. Also you could include helpful and interesting tutorials to guide your customer on product's usage.

21- Make your products look tangible by including micro pictures of them so that customers do not miss out on them or discontinue further interest.

22- Freshen up your old pages for new visitors.The content should not be one that becomes outdated with the passage of time. Make sure it is undying, eternal and evergreen.

23- Be ready with the answers to the general questions which you think your customers might ask for instance how is your product better than the competitors product. Genuine answers would make a difference.

24- Try to make the page sharing steps easier for the customers in case they want to share it with friends via social media or email. It should be a one step process with the scope of personalized messages.

25- Lay down precisely all the benefits of your product before asking for order. Avoid paragraphing, write in bullets. Easily readable.

26- Take feedback from customers on the working of product after they receive the order. Ask them if any kind of help, guidance or assistance is needed. This will lead to repeated patronage of customer.

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  1. Wow these 26 tips are truly valuable. Increase conversion is tough task to do. After reading this post now i have confidence, that i can increase my conversion.