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How To Make A Perfect Checkout Page for your Storefront?

16 August, 2016

Online Shopping and Payment Making Process: Everything you need to know about Making a perfect Checkout Page

A lot of time, energy and effort goes into creating an online shop. Everything about your online shop must be bang on be it landing page or product pictures or description and rest of the things including the traffic coming but are you getting that much amount of sales as well? This should be the major focus.

When you see that despite of everything being spot on still you are not getting sales, you must understand it’s the time to get your checkout page right. Now what it takes to get a perfect checkout page is what needed to be highlighted. 

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Checkout processes for two distinct eCommerce websites cannot be same and hence you cannot easily define what’s perfect in the context of checkout page. 

In order to know what works best for you, you have to conduct A/B testing that will let you know what version works in your website/online shop’s favor.

How to Make a Perfect Checkout Page?

Why the need of a near perfect Checkout page?

A good checkout page is mandatory to  a seamless and mutually beneficial online transactions. With a poor checkout page you will tend to loose some business with more shoppers abandoning the cart. Learn here how to have a perfect checkout page.

Let us take a look at what all is needed to get a perfect landing page in general. What key elements needed to be put together. What aspects needed to be looked into carefully. How opportunities can be explored and so much more.

Often as an online shopper we face this issue of abandoned shopping carts. This can be due to various reasons like, poor user experience, payment security concerns, high shipping cost or other reasons. 

Now how can we execute the checkout procedure in the best way to boost up the sales and get more buyers.

Well, here are certain key elements which needs to be combined to make a perfect checking out page and get your shoppers turn into buyers.





Again, How to get the aforesaid right?

- By making it easier for the existing customers to login and telling them the way out if they forget the password (how to retrieve it)

- By avoiding forced registrations and providing customers with guest checkout option.

- By saving users time and effort in filling forms by prefilling wherever possible and indicating errors in the missing fields to let the users know what actually needs to be corrected before proceeding further.

- By not complicating things by asking unnecessary questions just because it could be advantageous for you. Moreover keep things simple and easy for the customers/visitors.

- Test your page because you must know what works best for you.  The perfect structure depends on your product and audience. Therefore, you must conduct A/B testing.


Shopping Cart Page

Coming onto cart page, the necessary elements that must be listed here are:

- Displaying cart details

- Providing customers with the option to remove items from the cart if they no longer want it or allow them to change the quantity or other changes as well.

- Do not hide any fees which could shock the customers later rather include the final price on the cart page.

- Including a photo affects the buying decision to a great extent and provoke customers to purchase the product.

- Allow window shoppers to save items in case they make up their mind anytime later to purchase the product.

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Next goes billing and shipping page, here are the key elements:

- Multiple shipping time options must be provided.

- Give clear instructions by inputting examples in empty spaces.

- Don’t force the customers to enter the details twice.

Elements necessary to be listed on the payment page:

- Allow multiple payment options to make it comfortable for the customers to make payments. Different customers like different payment gateways as per their choce and necessities. Find here a List of Major Payment Gateways.   

- Visual clues of security must be included like logos, lock icons etc that depicts and assures about security of the buyer.


Next in the queue is confirmation page:

- Shooting a confirmation email via customer support so that later they can follow up with the clients in case needed.

- Provide contact details so that customers can get in touch with you if required.

- Offer sign up option for guest customers.

- Make page printing easy by providing automated PDF version of the page.


Last but the most important to explore the possibilities via A/B testing repeatedly:

Implement A/B Test – See if the things are going right, Sales are picking up and graph is moving upwards. Track the information necessary to keep on improving your strategy and experience of the users as well.

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