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Job Board Promotion- 10 Brilliant Ways to Advertise and Promote Job Portals

27 October, 2016

Advertising and Marketing a Job Website- 10 Practical and result oriented Tips for promoting a job board.

Employment websites are designed for posting job openings by the employers and are commonly known as job boards. If you have recently launched a new job website then you need to promote and market it to get the visitors to it.

The tips mentioned here regarding the job website promotion are also applicable to the old websites that want to enhance the search engine visibility of their web.
Advertise and Promote your Job
Tips for Job Board Portal Owners: Rank your website with the 10 Killer tips
Most of the job or employment website want to attract job posters, employers, recruiters, and consultants. So that they can submit more jobs to their website. More live jobs means more traffic and more success!

There are following 10 best ways for advertising and promoting your employment job board:

Use the below mentioned methods and techniques to make it Popular among Job Seekers and employers.

#1. Word of Mouth promotion-

Tell about the job website to the people who are interested and ask about your website. Also whenever you send an email, your email signature should include your website URL and other social network links. You need to do branding by providing people with the business cards or other physical objects.

#2. Take help from Blogging-

Blogging can also be used for promoting job website which is search engine friendly and is organized and provides specifications of you being an expert in your work. Blogging helps in developing trust of the people in your work.

It also helps in increasing your base audience and encourages people to try your services. Writing for other blogs also provides advantage as at the end you can mention your job website link which can draw new visitors in the form of employers or job seekers.

#3. Social Media-

To increase the number of registered candidates and recruiters on your portal , the best way is to utilize the web by sharing and connecting on the social networking sites. It is the best possible way to become visible and share the online content. Some of the best social networking sites include:
  • FacebookFacebook is the best medium of social media and it also offers a fan page creation service as well. A fan page can be used in connecting and communicating with the candidates and employers for promoting your job board further.
  • Twitter- Twitter is the best method to update your followers with the message in less than or equal to 140 characters.
  • Google Plus- Google Plus can also be used to promote the board websites as it is indirectly connected to the #1 search engine: Google! A fan page can also be made on Google Plus.

Social media can also be used for word of mouth marketing. It is also a great tool for customer inquiries and real-time communication. It helps in knowing about what people are talking and the recommendations they provide.

#4. Video Marketing-

People love videos and so video marketing can be used to promote your job board. People love watching more than reading and it is the best way to connect to people to your website, as a person. 

YouTube can also be used to have your video in the community. Google indexes your content from YouTube and others can embed your video and share it on other social media. Videos can also be posted on Facebook as well as it has higher engagement rate. You can also advertise by buying targeted ads on the others video submission sites.

Photo Marketing-

You should incorporate the idea of photo-sharing of your website. The best networks for sharing the photos are: 

  • Instagram+Facebook- Posting photos of your websites on Instagram followed by Facebook. Instagram are owned by Facebook, so they favor Instagram photos.
  • Pinterest- This can also be used for sharing photos along with the link to the post where the photo is attached.

#6. Audio Marketing (Podcasting) - 

Podcasting can be used to promote websites when people are away from the computer. People prefer podcast while walking, driving and commuting.

#7. Forum and Guest Posting-

Joining and commenting on people’s issues and problems on the Internet forums is the best way to tell people about your website. Read forum rules and follow them. Also writing guest posts on other career and employment related blogs is the best way to promote your job portal.

#8. Email Marketing-

The best way for web promotion is to include your websites in the email list. It distributes information to the registered subscribers. You can connect to people on their personal email. 
Aweber is a paid service to use for email marketing services. Mailchimp is a free email marketing service and it can also be used. Find here a list of best email marketing service providers on the Internet.

#9. Make use of Paid Advertising-

A fast way of getting visitors and customers on your website is through paid advertising.  The advertisement on the Facebook and the links and advertisement on the Google Searches are part of paid advertising for promotion. 

Google Adwords and Facebook Ads can be used to set the daily budgets for the ad campaign. Retargeting ads is a process in which visitors start seeing ads to come back as soon as they leave the website. This can be done by placing a tracking cookie on the visitor’s computer.

#10. Start implementing Basic SEO-

Search Engine Optimization is used to optimize website according to the big search engines,  like Google, Yahoo, etc. Use main keywords throughout the content wisely, create a descriptive title for your posts, and provide relevant links. SEO is a time consuming process and provides significant results in months. Also Use Content Marketing Optimization (CMO).

Some other ways to promote your job board, include submitting your website to every search engines , Blog directories, Instantly approval directories, etc. 

You can also exchange your URL with others as long as you put their link on your websites. It is called link exchanging. Use it cautiously.

Also use banner exchanging websites to generate more traffic to your job board.  You can also pay for the services which will auto generate links to your website from other websites. But you may get banned on Google on doing so; hence it is not long term solutions for getting visitors on the website.

You can also provide value-added services and special discounts, deals, offers to your existing candidates and employers.

You need to regularly update your database containing information of the customers and provide updated information to the customers through emails and messages. Also provide 24 hours voice mail for easy availability to the customers and visitors.

This voice mail can also be used for advertising about the website services and products. Use your company forms to promote business.

Making advertisements on online classifieds websites is another great way to make sure that you don't leave any stone unturned when it comes to promoting and marketing your job portal. There are countless ad posting webs on the Internet, but i would rather suggest using only the high quality and popular advert sites.

Here is a great list of free advertising websites where you can market your job recruitment website effectively without paying anything!

Being an owner of a new job board,  If you are planning to offer premium listing then you should hold the idea for a time and instead offer free job posting services, considering that your website is quite new. If you want more employers to register at your website then keep it free until it gets popular among job seekers and recruiters.

You can list your services, products and value-added features of your website. You can also advertise about your website in any of the publication you want to. You can also be part of Job fairs where you can directly meet the recruiters and employers and tell about your employment website services.

Public relations (PR) strategies can help build your reputation and influence to bring visitors to the company website. PR also builds credibility and proves expert in the work. ( Tips to choose a good PR agency )

You can measure your success by adding analytics to the website as this will measure engagement on your website and will also calculate the visitors on your website.


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