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28 July, 2016

Learn about All the Marketing Career Opportunities to Choose from

Choose the Best Career option for you within the Marketing Job Opportunities

Marketing is one field that attract pool of applicants. It has plenty of jobs opportunities and moreover it gives great chances to fresh and young talents. 

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In order to make career in marketing you need to possess different skills that goes in sink with different job roles. Communication skills being one very important trait that one should not miss out on. [ Best websites in India for SEO Jobs ]

Here are some of the categories in marketing field that offers jobs in their respective areas. Let us precisely highlight some major information in this regard.

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Marketing Jobs career employment Opportunities
Marketing Job Opportunities

1. Internet Marketing

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Career Options in Internet Marketing

Promoting products via internet has become a trend today. With the success and craze of social media amongst everyone, marketing through web based platform is quite convenient and effective. But the fact remains that without proper skills and abilities this platform too shall not be good enough. 

This is the reason why every marketing firm hires professionals and Internet marketing or digital marketing experts to promote their products around the world wide web.

Various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ etc are used for the purpose of marketing and making the customers aware about the products and services. 

Social media manager, E-mail marketing manager, Web content manager, Search engine marketing strategist , Online sales executive etc are the kind of jobs fall under this category.

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2. Design Marketing

Career in Design Marketing-300x200
Career Opportunity in Design Marketing

Attractive, creative and effective marketing campaign makes a lot difference in the eyes of the consumer. This is the reason why designing stage is considered to be one of the important stages in the marketing of product. 

The appearance of a product should be such that it is able to speak for itself communicating a message to the consumer.

The kind of jobs that fall under this category includes content editing, content writing, graphic design and lots more of such jobs that are involved in enhancing the look of the marketing campaign.

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3. Market Research

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Marketing Career options in Market Research

Market research involves all the information gathering on various aspects related to consumers i-e their needs, demands, taste & preferences, purchasing habits and more. 

Jobs like brand manager, marketing research analyst, director of marketing, director of marketing research, sample specialist, field interviewer and many more  are the ones that comes under market research field. 

To be an ideal candidate in this field a person should possess both qualitative and quantitative analytical ability with good interpretation skills.

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4. Brand Management

It involves supervising the activities related to promotion of brand of goods.It also includes guidance by brand managers to their team with regards to product benefits, samples, new product development, ad campaign, new vision for the brand etc. 

Highly potential candidates with good communication skills and little need for supervision tend to crack for this position/field. Jobs like brand manager, product manager, product development manager etc falls under this category.

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5. Advertising

Right from the stage of strategy formation to its execution, advertiser has to look into all the aspects. Different jobs in this field has different roles & responsibilities to perform. It involves all the jobs that are aimed to inform the customers about the product, to attract and motivate them to buy the product. 

Take the job of Media buyer, it has to find appropriate media to place ads in. Talk about account managers in this field, their job is to make sure that the execution of ads has been done in the allotted budget and schedule and likewise the responsibilities differs. 

One can find the jobs in this field in advertising agencies, nonprofit organizations, marketing research companies etc. Advertising managers, Media director, Account planners, Advertising sales director, Media coordinator etc are the jobs in this field.

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6. Promotions

Advertising or awareness campaign ultimately aiming towards boosting the sales of the product and increasing the customer base. Promotions forms an important part in any business. 

It is the way of communicating the product, brand or service to the masses. Numerous jobs are there in the marketing firms related to this. Tele marketer, promotions director, promotions assistant etc are kind of positions people are employed as.

7. Public Relations

All the communication with the media, consumers, employees, public, investors, etc are managed and handled by PRs. Their job is to keep up the game of the company. 

They get the products promoted on different platforms, give the news to the journalists so that it gets spread (responding to information requests) and more.

To be a part of this zone candidate must be good at communication, understand people and their mind, quick thinkers and decision makers as well as possess the ability to think out of the box. 

Public relations coordinator, ,Media relations,PR consultant, Account executive etc are some jobs that comes under this category. There are lot more jobs though.

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