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Website Lead Generation Strategies- Online Business Tips for Beginners

21 August, 2017

How to get More Leads from your Money Making Website?

Some Quick Tips for making your Website well optimized for Generating more leads and sales.

Running a website to make money? Interested in generating more sales, leads, and money from your website? Discover some real beginners tips.


We all put in a lot of effort to make our website look visually appealing and attractive. 

We also realize the importance of website for lead generation and sales however, many of us do not fully utilize the website as a lead generation platform and skip major things which shall be there on our website to get more leads. 

We have already learned about these best methods to promote a website and now in this article, we shall explore some easy website hacks that we can immediately implement and start getting more leads and reduce the bounce back rates.  

Tips for getting More leads from your Money Making Site 

Website Optimization and conversion Tips for better on page Lead Generation:

The below mentioned basic and most important steps would help you to optimize your sales pages and landing pages so that they are well poised for worthy conversions.

You need to make changes and analyse your website time to time until you make it in the fittest position to capture leads and sales.

How to generate Leads via your website
Website Optimization Tips for Lead Generation

8 Hacks to Trap more Leads and Increase Revenue

Increase revenue and earn more profits per visitor by just these simple little tricks.

Here we go:-

1. Website Heat Map Tracking

Website heat map tracking is crucial to understand how the visitors on your website are engaging. It helps analyze and improve or shift focus on certain areas or sections which are been liked by the visitors the most.

Through website heat map tracking you can understand which sections on our website is attracting more traffic and where the visitors are spending more time. It also helps understand better and focus on improving the other sections where the bounce backs are high.

It is also crucial to trap lead and form a lead funnel by assessing the visitors behavior on specific sections of the website.

Website heat map tracking also helps to understand which sources are bringing in more traffic or simply from where the traffic is coming from and in what volumes. So this also helps to focus on the methods or sources which are driving more traffic for your website and spend less time and money on the sources which are yielding less results.

Popular Directories for Blog or Website Submission to increase Search Engine Ranking

 Ideas to get real estate leads

2. Live Chat

Live chat is crucial for conversions as with a live chat customers escape the tedious task of calling to the customer supports and waiting in a queue or writing up an email to customers support and waiting for a reply which can all answered right away with a live chat option on your website. Top 100 Sites for advertising online to get leads sales )

If the visitor has a question, query, or a concern which he is not clear about he can instantly see a simple chat text and get his answers which help in making quick buying decision for him.

In lack of a quick newer or a solution he might hot wish to call or write to customer support and go back to some other competitor where he get his answers instantly without much effort or hassle of connecting to customer support team through a call or mail. See also: Important steps to increase leads and sales on your storefront website

How to Open an Ecommerce Storefront Site?

3. Leverage Google Analytics

Google analytics is a great tool for lead generation and tracking but many of us do not fully employ to get the maximum results from it for getting more conversions as well.

Google analytics helps us define the conversion rate, conversion vs revenue, revenue per landing page and revenue per keyword, etc. With all this data the subsequent campaigns get more improved and yield more leads.

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4. Social Media Presence

A strong social media presence helps your visitors identify you as a renowned and trustworthy brand. It is crucial to get that first impression where customers are nor apprehensive about the shopping site even if they are shopping for the first time from your site.

The genuine engagement on your different social media platforms assure them of your credibility. It is very important as there is a huge number of bounce back in e-commerce just because so many companies have mushroomed and people do not trust online transactions with any Tom Dick or Harry unless they know its a safe and secure deal.

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5. Exit Pop-up offers

Exit pop-up offers help get back probable bounce back visitors by enticing him for something he would be interested in and stay back to avail the offer and change his mind of not shopping from this particular site. Major Payment Gateways in India

Best advertising sites to create leads for car dealers

6. Glue them to the Sales Page

Glue the customers to the sales page by highlighting the offer product or anything which is your USP and you're selling on the basis of it.

Find out the best picture or info-graphic or text highlight that a gets registered in customers mind. It should be compelling, tempting and entice the customer to give in and buy the product. [ Must read: 26 Tips to increase sales and conversions on your website ]

How to create an ad copy with a greater potential to generate leads

7. Reduce Distractions on the Sales Page

Keep the sales page distraction fee. No ads or images shall be there other than the main pitch which can be in form of text highlight, image or infographic or a combination of any of these. 50 Free websites to generate leads and sales for real estate

8. A compelling Call to Action Button

Be it a single product or a range of products or multiple categories all of them should have a compelling call to action button so that when the customers give in to temptation of buying and finally decide to but they can see the CTA button right there everywhere.

This is the foremost basic and simplest way to get ready for getting leads and sales. Keep the 'call to action' button big and bright placed at the right places. Some Common Inventory Mistakes 


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