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Top 10 Websites for Watching Movies Online for Free

12 March, 2016

Watch Movies Online for Free: Stop Wasting Time and Money on Booking Movie Tickets  

Entertainment has become an important part of our lives. Amidst so much pressure of work & life balance we feel like having some fun time not necessarily by going out for playing or something rather sitting at home with snacks watching your favorite movies online. 

There are numerous websites to watch movies online. 

You don't really need to depend on torrent & all to firstly wait for the movie to get downloaded and then after so much of patience watch it offline.

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Watch Movies Online

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Here we bring to you the List of top 10 websites for watching movies online:-

# 1. Watch Movies Online

The website to "watch movies online" as the name itself says. 

This website has bifercated the movies on different basis. It has got various folders depending upon the genre of movies for instance cinema, A-Z movies
(alphabetical order),  new movies, action, adventure, comedy, animation, crime, documentary, Drama, family, fantasy, horror, romance, mystery, sport, thriller, war, sci-Fi, western etc.

The site covers all sections of entertainment & makes it easy for users to enjoy the movies for free.

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# 2. Movie25

A mobile friendly website for all. Said to be one of the biggest free full movies library that comprises of great collection of interesting & popular movies.

It is seen that many online movie websites covers TV/drama section too for the users but this website doesn't have any such kind of section. 

It is purely movie based & allows you to select from amongst various links available of the movie. This is so in order to ensure that in case any link is not working properly than user should not suffer rather alternative links are already made available therein. 

You can watch your favorite movies for free without any hassle. The best part of this website is, it gets updated time to time which makes it much in demand by prospective users.

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# 3. Movie4K

The site can be accessed from any of your devices be it android, iOS, Mac, windows etc.

One of the pros of Movie4K is that you can stream unlimited free HD high quality movies and TV shows for free. Free browsing & streaming of movies on your device. 

Formerly the site was known as Movie2K. It is the video on demand type of site & registration is optional here.

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# 4. Streaming Movies

The site keeps the updated collection of movies and so is the reason it is rated amongst the top 10 websites for movie streaming. 

No registration is required in this site to start watching movies. You just need to browse your favorite movie choosing its genre & the year of release and now you can enjoy watching it online. 

The site requires you to have flash player in your device be it android, iOS, or PC etc or whichever you are going to watch on.

It is basically supported by flash player.

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# 5. Vumoo 

A great looking website with about 60,000+ movies is one of the best to watch movies online. 

You can search your favorite movie by its name, genre, name of the actors and many more options for search, this way the movie you need comes out accurate in short time rather than unnecessary scrolling & effort because of the reason that what you needed was not on your list. 

The quality of movies are extremely good.

It is fastly growing & accepted by its audience that is increasing at a great speed.

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# 6. Crackle

With Sony as its owner which is one of the most trusted brand, crackle is an online distributor of original web shows, Hollywood movies & TV shows. 

Crackle is available in 22 countries & 3 languages namely English, Spanish & Portuguese. 

The genres featured in this site are action, comedy, drama, horror, crime & sci-fi. A commercial free site. 

You just need to register yourself & start enjoying online movies for free. Also there's an app for this service which can be downloaded on iOS as well as android.

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# 7. YouTube

Well, who would have not heard about YouTube? Today if ask children about YouTube they are also well aware of it. Kids are seen enjoying rhymes on YouTube. 

It has got millions of videos from all over  the world. You get to see all kinds of videos at this single platform be it movie trailers, song videos, TV shows, awards, news, sports etc everything.

In order to watch latest movies one needs to be patient in case of YouTube as it takes some time (months for instance) after the release of that movie to upload it online.

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# 8.

This website provides amazing collection of both Hollywood as well as Bollywood movies to watch online for free. 

As it is a 'Video on demand' oriented site so it also provide streaming of various popular events example sports and others for specifically Indian clients on demand basis. 

You can watch any movie of your choice which you demand on this site. It is designed keeping in view Indian audience. Registration is required herein.

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# 9. PrimeWire

Website with one of the biggest library of movies. PrimeWire is such a trusted website as it gets updated on minute basis.  

It requires you to create an account like you do for any social networking site & after that you can watch as many movies as you want online for free. 

It has a huge database of movies. About thousands of movies are available. Once you log in to your account you can avail the benefit of enjoying the movies of your choice.

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# 10. Popcornflix

Good news is, no registration is required for this website. Clients can have direct access to it. You just need to surf the website search your movie and enjoy it for free

Simple browsing of movies by their genres eg; comedy, romance, Horror, Drama, Action, Kids, Documentary, Sci-fi, short, etc and you are ready to watch without having to download

It also streams the reality shows which nowadays has become a trend on TV and has massive audience for it. So is the reason Popcornflix covers this section too.

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