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Mobile App Marketing- 14 Ultimate Tips for Promoting Apps

22 August, 2017

Mobile App Marketing: Tips to get more Mileage and Downloads for your Mobile app.

Marketing Tips to Promote your App Online.

With over 800000 apps in app store, it is crucial to not only design an outstanding app with an exceptional idea which sells but also marketing the Mobile app is of utmost importance. 

Do you own a mobile app? are you in an online business of mobile apps?

Like any other business, services, products, or websites you also need to market and promote your mobile app

App stores are flooded with mobile apps and there is no dearth for unique ideas and app concept however what differentiates a successful app from a failed or sluggish one is not necessarily the concept but the marketing and planning to hit the target niche. Let us explore in this article, how to market mobile apps for more mileage and downloads.

Mobile app Marketing Tips and Techniques
Tips and Ideas for Marketing your Mobile App

In this article, we will discuss 14 ultimate tips for mobile app marketing which will help you get more mileage and downloads. Also, read this article about How shutting down the e-commerce website and going app only is benefiting the e-commerce business

Here are the most prominent ways that i find of the utmost importance in the process of marketing your Mobile Application. Here we go-

1. Make a Separate Website for your Mobile App:

Promote your mobile app on your app's website. Have a prominent app download link on your website. A website visitor is a hot lead who is interested in your app and that's why he is visiting your website. 

make website to promote market your Mobile app300x200
Make a website to promote and market your Mobile app

So, make your website clear and answer to all FAQs about your app in a neat manner. Website should also carry right contact numbers for further assistance and also a live chat.

Live chat increases connectivity and when a visitors get answers instantly he is more likely to download the app instantly.

Learn How to use content marketing on these blogs for promoting your mobile app 

2. Get your App a Mention at Mobile Apps Review Sites:

Make sure the prominent mobile app review sites have reviewed your app. There are many mobile app review sites which function in specific industries and areas. Connect with all of them and send your info if they have not already reviewed you.

Use-Mobile app Review Sites-to-market-your-apps-300x200
Use Mobile Apps Review Sites for Marketing your App

10 Best sites for getting your app reviewed FREE:

Read more about e-commerce and mobile marketing

You can use the below listed sites for getting your app reviewed:-


3. Use the Right Online Forums for Marketing your App Business

50 Online Forums for Marketing your apps ]

Discuss about your apps in right forums and provide download links. Look for the popular forums in your niche and get hold of right threads which can get you mileage and downloads.

Visit Popular Question Answer Sites and look for the questions where your app provides a solution and take advantage by referring your app to the forum member who are finding the related solution/s.

4. PR and Media

Why is it crucial for your app business to hire a PR agency ]

PR and Media plays a prominent role in getting those millions of downloads by reaching out to the masses in your target market. Burn some cash and get more download through the PR and media promotions. Media loves stories.

If you can come up with some stories keep sending to them and they will connect you and you might get some free coverage also if your story is interesting to them.

How to select a Good PR agency

Press Release sites play an important role in driving hits to a newly opened business or website by drawing in a lot of attention among their regular readers and associated online content syndicators. So, don't miss this opportunity to get free promotion and traffic to your app page.

Find here some really good press release sites where you can publish news about your app.

5. Highlight USP

Highlight your USP in all your content and promotion materials as people do not have much time to skim through all the content everywhere. If the highlight is able to catch their attention it can help keep them as well.

So it is the first impression you create with a catchy highlight of your app. Hit the USP or the need that it fills.

Best Picture Editing Apps for Product Pictures

6. Reach to Locals

[Local Advertising Ideas for Promoting ]

Talk about it with your friends and your social networks, your family and family friends. Leverage personal and professional relationships for promotions

Your personal Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn all shall become means of your app promotion. Interlink and go about branding everywhere.

Learn from these tips about how can you advertise your mobile App via local advertising 

7. Email Newsletters

Exclusive step by step email marketing guide for beginners ]

Send emails to your email list subscibers and promote your app. Send appropriate download links needed within the email for facilitating instant downloads.

8. Social Media Promotions

Find out the Best Social Media Tools for Promoting your Mobile App ]

Create social media branding pages for your apps.

Promote on all major social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc
Try to join and share in as many community and groups to increase visibility.

9. Social Media Advertisements

Invest in social media ads after analysing which one is working best for you in organic promotions.

For example, a B2B corporate gifting solution might get more results by promoting on LinkedIn ads while an ethnic wear app store will get more results from Facebook's ads.

Free Twitter Tools for Marketing your App based Business

10. Create a Referral Program

How to build a successful referral program ]

Create lucrative referral scheme to entice the downloaders promote to their friends and contacts and get more downloads for your app. This is really very successful ways to promote any app.

People believe more in what their friends and acquaintance refer to them.
This is also a cost effective and easier way to increase the number of downloads for your app. The more quality of an app product and the enticing referral program the more number of downloads in a faster pace.

Mobile apps-Create a Referral Program to get more downloads for your apps-400x250
Creating a Referral Programs for Marketing your App

You can also make use of affiliate marketing in your favor if you are ready to spend a good money amount on a continues basis on your affiliate marketers. The affiliates only charge you when there happen any real actions in the forms of downloads or sales ( premium or paid app membership/subscription from your app users)

11. QR Code Promotions

Promote QR code everywhere. Across all social media and embed in business cards and email and marketing messages sent across for promotions.

Business classifieds to promote your app

12. Playstore Promotions

Tips to Increase Mobile App Downloads in Playstore

Google play store promotions are most important to get some quick and consistent downloads. First and foremost complete the details page for your app and fill in all the details elaborately. 

Do not miss upon any feature or function and mention the keywords. Optimizing the details page on Google playstore will get you more visibility and consequently more downloads. 

Use these 10 best Mobile ad networks for taking benefits of aggressive paid advertising

Advertise your app coupons and codes free here

13. Leverage Video Marketing

10 Video Marketing Tips for Promoting your Mobile Apps ]

Videos are best for promotions as an average consumer nowadays is more inclined towards watching a video than reading through all that content out preset for marketing. 

Videos have taken over and is a big marketing tool nowadays for content marketing. Create a video for your mobile app with a clear call to action and promote it on popular video sharing sites like YouTube etc.

Find the Video Sharing Sites List here->  10 Best websites for video submission

14. Appropriate Communities

Discuss about your apps in right communities on social media which might be interested in your app. Do a demographic analysis of your target market so that it becomes easier to find out and start discussing in the right group after identifying their potential.

How to use Snapchat for marketing your App?

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