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12 March, 2018

Top 20 Blog Directories and Blog Submission Sites 2018

Top Blog Directories to Submit your Website [Free/ Paid]

If you submit your blog to good blog directories then it could be very helpful for ranking your blog in Search engines. Having good number of backlinks from such blog directory sites can increase SEO for your blog or website.

You can easily optimize your website or blog by submitting it to the popular blog directories mentioned in this list. The blog Submission directories mentioned in this list are the best ones on the Internet. It is time to visit these blog url submission sites and rank your content higher in search engines.

List of 20 Most Popular Blog Directories for Web Submission

[ With Free/ Paid/ Reciprocal link addition options available ]

List of the best of blog directories with High Google page rank of (PR5-PR8) with free/ Paid submission plans. 

Blogging is a lucrative venture which relies on you getting as much exposure as possible.

After you have created an appealing copy, description, title and link strategy, it is time for you to list your blog in one or more directories.

It does not just apply for blogs, it applies to websites as well.

List of the Top 20 Blog Directories on Internet-932x700
List of the Top 20 Blog Directories

Having your website out there highly ranking is the toast to your success in terms of marketing and exposure. There are two concepts, however, that you should be familiar with. Paid directory sites and free web submissions

Paid directory sites are a marketing model in which you pay to guarantee that your site or blog appears when the search results are spilled out after a search on a search engine

On free web submissions, you are not charged for your links so that your website or blog appears when one searches for information on your substance.

List of Blog directory submission websites to 'add url' for SEO and Quality back linking in business blogging

These are some of the best Blog directories for you. Most of them have High PR and High DA. Use these Blog directory websites to promote your blog online. It will be a great thing to do to boost Search Engine optimization (SEO) for your weblog

Your blog will get good quality backlinks from these High Domain Authority (DA) web properties.

Free and Paid Blog Directories with High PR+DA and Great backlink Quality

#1. is a free blog directory

In there you can post your blog URL and get massive traffic for your blog. The site is well organised and neat so that it will be easy for you to find the relevant category to put your blog. There is a real variety of blogs which are published on this site. 

The biggest catch with this site is that you do not have to pay for a thing but your blog gets promoted and receives the traffic it needs. On, there is human edited category which ensures that you get high quality traffic. 

This site is reviewed meticulously by humans which is a great advantage as it ensures only substance makes its way through. There are a variety of blogs such as health, art, news, advertising and marketing,  and entertainment among others.

#2. is a service where you can add your blog or website for free

It automatically informs subscribers on new content once it is posted on the site. This is great for those who frequently write blogs as anytime they post anything, many people will be notified at once. increases the speed with which search engines index your content both rom blogs and sites. It supports visibility of your content across the online space not just on search engines but also on social media sites, ISPs and aggregators. 

#3. Scoobe Business Directory

Scoobe Biz web directory ]

Scoobe is a major directory site which allows you to improve your website’s publicity and to get your website known so that people actually find it online. Blogs are organised well so that anyone visiting the site will find what they are looking for. 

When you list your site or blog in this directory it will give you visibility on search engines. You submit your links for a price on this platform.

You have two options here- regular Links (Free) and and Featured links ($29 for lifetime)

#4. WordPress blog directory is both a free and paid service

For the business and premium versions, there is a fee you pay per year. For the business category, you pay $299 while for the premium you pay $99. One WordPress you get advanced customization, you can have premium themes, you can share videos, and there is plenty of space to work with. 

You can create a free website or blog. WordPress prides itself in controlling more than 20% of the web. It is simple, flexible and search engine optimized as well as multilingual so that you can reach a wide variety of people.

#5. Sportsblogs- The Directory also show latest content from your blog via RSS feed

Sportsblogs is a sports oriented helps to drive the traffic of a blogger’s content. It has an aggregation of RSS feeds which gives this site the ability to build entries

It is a site which helps people keep up to date with their sports giving information to sports lovers on their respective sports. Once you contribute with an article covering the sport of your choice. 

For advertisers, Sportsblogs offers custom ads and custom text ads in order to reach many audiences. 

#6. Dmoz- the Biggest Blog Directory on the Internet, edited by humans

DMOZ is the largest human edited directory. It provides for your blogs to be organised on the Web. It is dynamic in that it can keep up with multiple submissions and still maintain a high sense of quality.

It has kept pace with the growth of the Internet making your blog reach a multitude of people on the net. DMOZ powers the directories of the largest search engines such as Google and AOL search

#7. BlogCatalog- a Free and Paid Blog Submission site

BlogCatalog is two ways, both free and paid. You pay for business blogs. On this directory, you are able to get traffic and make money off the internet. There are paid up options which are designed to help your blog peak. 

It is search engine optimized enabling your content to be widely visible. 

#8. Jayde- Blog Submission Directory and a B2B search engine

Submit your blog free on Jayde ]

Jayde is both a web directory and a business to business search engine. Everything is designed to help users find what they want. It has been around more than a decade giving business people exposure and marketing power. 

You can list your blog for free on Jayde. It uses a search algorithm known as ClickRelevance which pushes search results for your site or blog according to user interaction. 

#9. EatonWeb

EatonWeb is an invaluable directory. Your blogs will be listed on huge sites like Huffington post and Gawker. If you consistently produce good content, it will be placed on top of the listings. 

Your blog is measured on strength, momentum and overall.

#10. Ping-o-matic- The Powerful Ping System that helps your blog for better crawling and indexing

Ping-o-matic gives your blog free exposure. It does not do listings but ping other content hungry directories and platforms. It lets people know that your blog has been updated and there is new content been published on your blog. 

Once your websites and blogs get that ping, the directories and content syndication channels crawl and index your blog or site.

#11. Best of The Web (BOTW) - a PR8 Paid Blog Submission Directory Engine

Best of the Web is a collection of websites which aims to look for the best blogs and sites. Their blog directory is free and edited by humans. This directory has a high authority score. It has various categories. Its services should be paid for.

#12. Ontoplist

Ontoplist is offers both free and paid services. It is free and human edited but you can make Paypal payments to hasten the listing process. Your blog is ranked according to authority

It receives a high number of submissions due to its efficiency and ability to reach many people. 

#13. Loaded Web

With Loaded Web, you can get sufficient traffic on your blogs. It deals with other platforms such as social media like Twitter. It is a geo-centric directory

They accept Blog or business submissions from the following countries only- 

  1. United States. 
  2. United Kingdom
  3. New Zealand
  4. Canada
  5. Australia

#14. Submit link URL- a PR4 well Indexed directory where you can add a Blog (Free/ paid)

Submit link URL is a new and improved free online directory version. It's a Google PR
Blog directory and has good strength and domain authority. Even its inner pages have good Page Rank.

Submit Link URL has hundreds of sources with SEO tools which ensure that your site peaks at number one. Search engine submission and website promotion with an aim of pushing traffic to popularize yourself. 

#15. Blogville blog directory

Blogville - USA Blog Directory Site ]

Blogville blog directory is a great way to promote your blog where beforehand it is manually reviewed and the highest quality dished out for people to be able to read online. 

You can tag your blog with whatever keywords you deem fit. All blogs are checked against Safe Browsing malware. 

[ Online Coupon Submission Sites for Ecommerce ]

#16- Blogarama: One of the Oldest Blog Directory

138000 live blog listings and counting ]

This is an oldest blog submission directory on the Internet. They have Millions of visitors who come to their blog directory for browsing, reading, and submission purposes. Blogarama has hundreds of thousands of blog subscribers. So, you stand to get a very good visibility and SEO benefits if you submit your blog there. Blogarama offers Free url submission and hence you get free advertisement of each of your blog posts! They offer Free, premium and business packages for blog submission. 

You can submit a blog url free for the following main categories at Blogarama:

  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Blogging
  • Books & Literature
  • Business
  • Design
  • Education
  • Fashion
  • Finance
  • Food & Drink
  • Friends & Family
  • Gambling & Games
  • Green
  • Health & Fitness
  • Home & Garden
  • Internet
  • Life
  • Marketing
  • Politics
  • Shopping & Gifts
  • Software
  • Spirituality
  • Sports
  • Technology
Submit your blog Free at Blogarama

5 More High PR and good quality blog directory sites where you could add a blog url Free:-

#17. Link center 

#21. Blog Hub

#22. BlogFlux- add your blog free

Submit your blog Free at Blogflux. Blog categories for Art Blog, Business Design, Entertainment, Family, Fashion, Food, Health, Humor, Internet, Life, Marketing, Movies, Music, News, Parenting, Personal, Photography, Politics, Reviews, SEO, Technology, Travel, and Writing.



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