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04 March, 2017

Mobile eCommerce Marketing Tips for Online Shopping Made on Mobiles

eCommerce Tips for Mobile based Shopping: How to Deal with Marketing for the Online Shopping through Mobile Devices.

eCommerce is a growing global market largely driven by increased use of smart phones shopping and internet users across the globe. According to a report by Digi Capital, mobile will be the major source of traffic and sales will be happening  by mobile phones itself by 2017.

We have already witnessed the major e-commerce players going app only and shutting down their web - shops. One of the recent example is Flipkart, India's biggest e-commerce giant which went app only.

e-commerce and Mobile Marketing

With over 70% traffic coming mostly from mobile phones and 57% orders been made by mobile phone, there is no doubt that mobile marketing tops the chart when it comes to e-commerce specifically.

Shopify report says that mobile is the default way that people shop these days and it has been generating more than 60% of the traffic.

Rise in mobile traffic can also be attributed to increase in social media usage and targetted ads as well as in-app advertisements etc.

An interesting report by bug finders suggests that there is no fixed shopping ours and customers are buying more at wee hours nowadays. Shopify has coined a term fo this "always on shopping".

1. eCommerce Website Vs Mobile App

Which one is the best for etailers depend on man factors like customization and more personal engagement with customers, feasibility and ease of usage, etc.
It also depends on type of market, internet mobile or desktop users, consumer behavior, product type, etc.

A responsive website is crucial to any e-commerce retailer however, a mobile app is an effective channel to drive traffic.

With technology taking longer strides, e-commerce app market is poised to grow many folds.

A mobile app also guarantees repeat purchase to larger extent as compared to a website.
Other benefits that a mobile app has is it helps boost in-store experience by omnichannel retailing providing a seamless buying journey for the shoppers.

Top Mobile Apps for Social Media Marketing

Shoppers learn about more products and find out more what is appealing to them as there is more scope of personalization and customization in a mobile application as compared to a website. 

However, one can not ignore the traffic and utility of a responsive eCommerce website as well. So, for etailers eyeing better revenue and loyal customers an e- commerce website along with a mobile app is the nest way to have both.

2. Optimize your Store for Mobile Devices

Mobile advertising can be done in a highly targeted way to attract the right audience. It is more easy to personalize and customize in mobile applications.

Studies have revealed that about 48% of emails are opened on mobile device and almost 50% are opened on a smartphone or tablet. In-spite of this whooping figure the email marketers about 89% of email marketers don't optimize for mobile. 

This means more action is being missed upon here. These prospects can easy be tapped to generate sales if they are optimized and channelized properly. 

Marketers are still not fully utilizing the mobile ads opportunities. Reports show that they are still spending more on internet ads as compared to mobile ads, reflects a missing opportunity in mobile advertising.

3. Customer Acquisition Cost

Customer Acquisition Cost in case of mobile marketing is less as compared to internet marketing. 

Mobile marketing has witnessed more loyal customers and repeat sales behavior. Engagement metrics is also high in case of mobile marketing and can also be more precisely gauged to improve consumer experience and also target more appropriate ads. 

The results are instant as users carry their mobile phones with them all the time so average time vs call to action is also less which further slashes down the costs.

Tips for Mobile Apps Marketing

4. Road Blocks

Mobile screen size, data transfer rates, costs factors are some of the major road blocks for mobile marketing.

There are no fixed standards when it comes to mobile phones as compared to desktops and laptops mobile phones have varied screen sizes and it is reallly a tough task to design ads which may appealing to all sizes.

Even if the screen size is optimum for the ad being displayed it gets tedious to touch and poceed further to next step and actually take an action for many customers. 

There are a lot many users of smart phones but not all of them are too much tech savy so as the reports also indicates that more and more young shoppers are buying through mobile phones but for others its still not too convinient. 

Privacy concerns while surfing is also a mojor draw back which marketers needs to conside and take care of so as to provide a seamless journey to the customers.

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