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18 Common eCommerce Mistakes to Avoid- Online Business Development Tips

03 August, 2017

18 Common mistakes that e-commerce Business Owners are doing and How to avoid Them.

Beginners Tips for Ecommerce Business Owners 

Due to the increasing success trends of eCommerce websites for every kinds of the products and services used in daily life, more people are coming forward and launching storefront sites. A large number of such small business owners who start an online storefront commit basic and fundamental mistakes. Due to which there is also an increase in the chances of failures of such eCommerce shopping sites

Some people start operating without much research and deep study on eCommerce shopping sites. As a result, they fall prey to lots of common mistakes in their eCommerce platform, in terms of designing, concept, and operations. 

This article is focused on the same types of mistakes and we have tried our level best to make you aware about the potential errors that your site might be facing. You should see and check if you have managed everything correctly for your eCommerce business.

Small Business Marketing Ideas
Common mistakes to avoid in your e-commerce Business
What common mistakes to avoid in your eCommerce based business 

1. Not Choosing the right e-commerce Platform

One e-commerce platform can be good for a particular business but might not be the best option for you. With so many options available in market you need to be highly aware about what fits in your business requirement and according to it choose the best one for you.

Instead of jumping in to go by the most popular or what friends talk about most, take out time and do your own research so that there is no scope of regrets later.
Some Common Inventory Mistakes

2. Not Choosing the right Social Media Platform

An e-commerce business selling kids clothing might want to focus more on Facebook for their marketing while a corporate gifting e-commerce business would like to focus more on LinkedIn or twitter.

Before rocket firing your social media campaigns research and find your niche. Find out where your customers are more to be found and focus on it more and so on.

3. Under utilizing the Technology

Not utilizing technology and doing things manually when almost everything can be automated would not be a wise step. Use technology for all your accounting, logistics, warehousing, etc needs. Don't solely rely on manual and time taking process.

Some Common Logistics Mistakes

4. Poor Data Strategy

Data is the backbone and oxygen of e-commerce business. Many start-ups fail to realize the importance of data in e-commerce and lose the track. Work out and research the best data for your niche and plan how to reach to them.

5. Poor Website Navigation and checkout

A poor website navigation and a cumbersome checkout process can be the most frustrating thing for a shopper. Many start-ups don't pay attention and face losses due to this.

6. Low Quality Photographs

Customers turn to online shopping as they can get to see more variety, more options, competitive price, comfort of home etc. to shop for.

They are still skeptical about how the product would actually look when it arrives. They don't get to see the products physically before buying.

So with this inhibition if you have low quality pictures it will do only good job of driving them away from your website. 

7. Poor Content

Idea of using the same content as provided by the stockist or manufacturer might sound very tempting but it will not give you results. Search engines tend to bring up those results more which has unique and fresh content.

8. Not Selling on other Marketplaces

Start by selling on marketplaces will give you a good hang of what you are going to start. It will also help you test waters at negligible cost.

With a good traffic and reliability marketplaces give you a good opportunity to begin with your initial few online sales.

9. No Scalability

Building an e-commerce business which is not scalable according to the growth projected and revenues expected is a big mistake which many start-ups make.

10. Not having Mobile Responsive website

When so many big players are going app only and the ever growing user market of smartphone and handheld devices, we cannot afford to not have a mobile version of website.

11. Poor customer support and escalations

You don't have a customer support number to display on your website means bounce backs due to following reasons:

a. Lack of credibility and reliability in absence of a contact number.

b. No one to answer to the queries.

If your customer support is inefficient to address to customer grievances and assist them smoothly with their purchase it is where you should get worried about loosing more customers.

12. No marketing Plan and Testing

Lack of proper marketing plan and poor strategy to begin with, can ruin any business. In a growth industry but with a highly competitive environment e-commerce demand a firm marketing plan and testing to understand the dynamic market.

13. Not understanding the market and your niche

Having a good sell-able product but targeting a wrong market will be a failure. You red to understand your niche and how you can target them to drive sales and repeat purchase in future.

14. Relying on bogus or single marketing strategy

Relying on only one or two or a bogus and outdated marketing medium will not do any good and you will end up spending without proper results.

Like selling for huge discounts on deals and coupons website, distributing pamphlets and expecting all online sales etc. 

15. No Analysis

Not analysing the shoppers and keeping no track of them is a huge loss. Tools like Google analytics should be employed to keep a track of your data insights so that you can plan future strategy accordingly instead of hitting in the void.

16. No feedback and improvements or up-gradations

Encouraging customers to give feedbacks and taking them seriously to improve product, services or customer experience is paramount for success in e-commerce arena.

17. Limited Shipping and Payment Options

Don't let them go! They are here because they want to shop and you don't have their choice of shipping or payment options will show them exits.

Include all shipping ad payment options to avoid any such losses.

Why Free Shipping is a Must

18. Poor Site and Payment Security

Online shopping is scary for some don't rely upon the security of all websites. Specially shopping sites has to have a good site and payment security to avoid any customer find your site insecure and don't want to make any online transactions therefore. Get proper security certifications and ensure other security measures.

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