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Top 10 Packaging Companies in India- E-commerce B2B Development

22 October, 2016

Best Packaging Companies in India: Find Out the trends and a brief analysis of the Packaging Industry in India

India's packaging industry trends and analysis.

India's Packaging Industry:

The perennial rise in urban population in India is leading to an increased demand of packaging.

Packaging industry in India is growing at a rate of 22- 25 % annually. Currently standing at 5th largest sector, the packaging industry is a high growth sector in India now. 

Over the last few years, the packaging industry is driving technology, innovation and thus growth in the country by adding value to various sectors including e-commerce, agriculture and FMCG.

As compared to European and U.S market the cost of packaging and processing is quite on the lower side in India thus attracts a lot of investment in this sector. 

Due to cost control the price of processed food and other packaged food etc are lowered when manufactured and packaged by India.  

The boom of e-commerce has also added and multiplied the growth of packaging industry in India. 

The packaging industry has been helping Indian economy by adding value and providing huge employment opportunities.

Heightened competition in all product sectors has facilitated huge demand of packaging in the country. 

Packaging serves the four distinct functions i.e protective function, graphic and/or infographic function, convenience function and physiological function from the marketing point of view. 

Few types of packaging by content includes food packaging, drug packaging, cosmetics packaging, toiletry packaging, dangerous material packaging, liquid packaging, clothing packaging, etc. 

Types of packaging by materials include rigid packaging (like bottle/metal can, wooden box and metal box), semi-rigid packaging (like cartoon box and plastic bottle), flexible packaging (like paper, plastic, film, cellophane, alu-foil, etc) 

Best Packaging Companies in India


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Key Industry Trends

With technology taking strides and increasing consumer awareness, the packaging industry is experiencing new trends and patterns.

Other factors which are affecting the trends in packaging industry are:

- Per capita disposable income
- Increasing urban population
- Advancement in technology
- Change in consumer behavior

Above factors have been affecting the industry which is coming up with following trends:

- Growth in Organized retail
- Growth in Consumer packaged goods
- Usage of biodegradable &  recyclable packaging
- Usage of metal packaging
- Increasing usage of flexible packaging
- More infographics
- Tamper evident packaging
- Vacuum Packaging
- Skin Packaging
- Aerosol Packaging
- Aseptic Packaging
- Increased use  of tetrapacks 

# 1. Balmer Lawrie & company limited

Balmer Lawrie & company limited was founded inn1867 by two Scotsmen, George Stephen Balmer and Alexander Lawrie, in Kolkata, India.
Now, Balmer Lawrie is Public Sector Enterprise understand the Government of India's Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas.

With a total turnover of over Rs 3400 crores  and profit of about 330 crores it is one of the biggest packaging companies in India.

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# 2. Max India Group

Max India Group is on a high growth path with a customer base of over 7 million. It was founded in 1985. Max India is also a multi business corporate and more into service oriented businesses. It aims to become India's most admired corporates for service excellence. It has over 310 offices across 216 locations in India and employee strength of 70,000 persons.

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# 3. Ess Dee

Mumbai-based packaging giant was established in 1905. Ess Dee was the first packaging company in India to manufacture exclusive high end pharmaceutical packaging products. Some of its high-end packaging products that was launched are cold form blister packaging and child resistant blister  packaging.

It stands at top position in aluminium packaging.

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# 4. Jindal Poly Films Limited

New Delhi-based Jindal Poly Films Limited was founded in 1985 but they were in polyester business since 1984 itself. They expertise in polyester (PET) and Polypropylene (PPP) films. They are India's largest metallizing industry and largest producer of PET films as well as PPP films. 

# 5Uflex 

Founded in 1983, based in Noida, Uflex is also a unit of D&B Global Database. Uflex is an industry trendsetter and has a name in being technology leader and has introduced the most innovative technology trends in flexible packaging. Uflex is also the first packaging company to have introduced advanced products in the packaging industry. 

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# 6Time Techoplast

Time Techoplast is Mumbai based company and was founded in 1988. They are leading manufacturer of polymer products Technology driven innovative products are their main forte. Time technoplast limited is a multinational company promoted by seasoned professionals with good industry experience and exposure. They are also into multi businesses like Automotive components, Real-estate and construction and Packaging solutions.

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# 7. Flexituff International Limited

Flexituff International Limited was founded in 2004 and is based in Madhya Pradesh. It has a total team strength of 5000 member.

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# 8. TCPL

TCPL is Mumbai based packaging company. It was founded in 1987 and is known as Twenty-first-century printers limited. Kanoria family was involved in its promotion and marketing. Commercial production was started later in the year 1990. It is one of the largest manufacturers of folding cartons and one of the largest exporters of printed cartons in India.

Other products manufactured by TCPL were printed blanks &outers, plastic cartons, folding cartons, shelf ready packaging, bluster paper, litho lamination etc.

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# 9. Parekh Aluminex Limited

Parekh Aluminex Limited was founded in 1994.
It is the largest manufacturer and exporter of AFC (Aluminum Foil Containers) and also biggest manufacturers of aluminium Lids and AFRs ( Aluminium Foil Rolls)

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# 10. Easter Industries Limited

Easter Industries Limited was founded in 1985. It is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of polyester films and engineering plastic compounds. Hreadpffice is based out of Gurgaon, Haryana while the manufacturing unit is in Uttarakhand State. The engineering plastics is marketed under the brand name 'Estopladt' and polyester films marketed under the brand name 'UmaPET'. 

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