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Online Furniture Shopping Sites in India - Best Ecommerce Sites to Sell and Buy Furniture

24 January, 2017

Top 4 eCommerce Websites in India for Furniture Shopping for Buyers and etailers.

You would find here 4 of the best eCommerce online marketplaces for Furniture Items in India for buyers and sellers.

The second most valuable thing to mould a house into home after family is some great furniture and interior but furniture shopping can be very daunting or frightening if you are in search of something that is essential, luxurious, and fashionable and won’t burn a massive whole in your wallet. ( List of eCommerce Websites in India )

Furniture Shopping Online in India-400x300
Furniture Shopping Online in India

Your furniture should reflect your personality and taste

Thanks to the e commerce inflation, a galaxy of etailers now caters all your house decorating needs. The best part of any eCommerce site is that it categories products in different order and sequence which save time and creates a clear picture of what is additional and what is essential.

Though furniture etailing has acquired only $ 200 million compared to the $ 13 Billion ecommerce market size in India, but the growth rate is quite impressive at around 10 % annually. 

Though home assortment and furnishing as a marketplace category is witnessing new entrants, the big four of furniture etail are Fab Furnish, Urban Ladder, Pepperfry and Zansar.

However, Fab Furnish, Pepperfry and Urban ladder own over 75% of the market. The total size of furniture retail and etail both stands at Rs. 44,000 crore. 

According to an industry survey, Godrej Interio which is present both online as well as offline is the biggest player with the revenue of 1,600 crore combined. 

While Urban Ladder runs on Inhouse model and sell under their private urban ladder itself, Fab Furnish and Pepper Fry run on marketplace models.

Pepper Fry Fab Furnish and other Top eCommerce sites for Furniture shopping

Through this article I decided to walk through the plenty as well as filter through splashy and extravagant that is repeated on sale at most furniture shops, and deliver my collection of the top five must visited sites for your furniture needs.

I highly recommend a five minute browse on these websites can provide you with something dashing, well designed and it will not rob your bank.

List of Best Shopping Websites in India for Furniture Items and Products.

A list of Best eCommerce site for online sellers in India for selling Furniture Items via big online shopping platforms, like the mentioned below. These eCommerce marketplace avail home delivery only in India. As a buyer you can shop online any kind of furniture and home decoration items in competitive prices.

You can easily find perfect furniture items online according to your personality & taste.

# 1 Pepper Fry

Pepperfry sells for everyone. It has a collection which suits every household. Starting from Neelkamal plastic Chairs to high end luxury brands anyone can shop here. With over 70,000 monthly transactions Pepperfry is leading in etail furniture market. 

Most of the sellers on Pepperfry are from Delhi, Jaipur and Jodhpur, but now its expanding in east as well as southern parts for its sourcing bases. The daily users on their portal on a regular day is about 1,00,000 on an average. 

You might like to watch this exclusive interview of Ashish Shah COO and Founder of Pepperfry to Understand more about Pepperfry and furniture etail in India

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# 2 Fab Furnish

Rocket internet backed FabFurnish, follows a mix of inventory led and marketplace model. However 70% of sales come from private label only. They have two offline stores in Bangalore and two in NCR as well. Fabfurnish attracts 75,000 daily users and claims more than 50,000 orders a  month.

“The average ticket size of furniture category is Rs 10,000, while for the other categories it is Rs 3,000,” said Vikram Chopra, co-founder of the company.

With over 60,000 SKU’s in categories like home furnishings, home décor, furniture and fittings, lighting, bed and bath, kitchenware and more it has over 400 brands and renowned international luxury brands like Lodge, Narumi, Noritake and many others have exclusive partnership with FabFurnish.

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Zansaar and Urban ladder- top-shopping-websites-for-furniture-shopping
Zansaar and Urban Ladder as top destinations for shopping furniture online

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#3 Urban Ladder

With about 4000 products in 35 different categories in furniture and home décor Urban ladder stands at number three. 

The company raised about 26 Million funding in last quarter and Tata’s investment of an undisclosed amount the company is eyeing faster growth. No wonder it is pacing up the ladder. 

It is currently serving in 140 cities and aims to cater in 400 cities in near future. The average ticket size of urban ladder is 20,000 Rs which is much higher as compared to Pepperfry's 14000 Rs.

Urban Ladder claims to be selling at 25 - 30% lower than offline stores like Home Town and FabIndia

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#4 Zansaar

With initiatives like free interior designing services zansaar is trying hard to compete with industry leaders like Pepperfry, Fabfurnish and urban ladder. 

Backed by Tiger Global and Accel Partners it has got categories ranging from furniture, home furnishing, home décor and kitchenware to glassware and even imported food items. They place themselves as modern furnishing solution provider.

‘Modular furnishing market in India is worth Rs 62,00 Crore but mostly unorganized' said Jawad Ayaz the founder of 

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