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Contextual Advertising Networks - What are 10 Best Companies for Context Ads?

19 August, 2017

The 10 Top Ad Networks on the Internet for Paid Advertising with Contextual ads. 

Promote your business or website content using Context based targeted paid ads via in-text and banner advertisements.

An ad network connects advertisers to sites that are willing to host advertisements. It aggregates ad space supply from publishers then matches it with the advertisers demand. 

Contextual advertising on the other hand is a form of targeted advertising in which the text contained in a website is scanned for keywords then adverts based on these keywords are produced. 

A contextual ad network is thus an ad network for contextual advertising. You can drive keyword targeted relevant traffic on your content by using such type of context based paid banner advertisements. 

Also read the important tips about context based paid advertising through In-text ads, PPC ads, Banner ads on the various ad platforms on the Internet.

Context Based Ad Networks List for Paid Advertising

Here is a brief review of the Top 10 Contextual Advertising Networks for Contextual ads. 

1. Google AdWords

Contextual ads through AdWords (for advertisers) on the Network sites using Google AdSense.

From the definition, Google AdSense is the greatest network for contextual advertising. Google uses contextual advertising system to display advertisements on the Search Engine Results Pages depending on the keywords used for the search. 

No keen advertiser can ignore the power of Google AdSense and Google Ad Words to convert visitors into buyers and perhaps that is why everyone uses it. It is a bit expensive but the costs are nothing compared to the advertising solutions it provides. 

Google AdWords PPC Contextual Ad Network

How to use Google Adwords for Search Engine Marketing

Tips for Using Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool

2. VJG Interactive

This is a leading contextual ad network that combines all internet and computer-based business services with a comprehensive PPC plan that transforms businesses from one level to the other. 

It is a digital marketing agency that offers all marketing services under one roof. 

3. Kontera

Kontera cannot miss in this list. It is a contextual ad network to reckon with as it provides brand intelligence measures and dashboards that provide insightful information to advertisers and publishers

It also offers strategies, tactics and procedural processes that make it easy for publishers to monetize their sites and advertisers to get access to the ad space inventory of their choice. 

In-text contextual ads from Kontera

4. Microsoft Ad Center

Microsoft, through Yahoo and Bing network for contextual ads offers web publishers the opportunity to earn advertising revenue through a well-structured paid advertising plan. 

You are required to have a Microsoft account for you to join the Yahoo and Bing contextual advertising network. 

Bing Microsoft Network for Context based Advertising  

5. Clicksor

Clicksor is one of the reputable top ad platforms that allows contextual advertising. Both advertisers and publishers have access to ad technology and tools that will enable them to monetize their sites in the most efficient way possible. 

During these tough economic times, you cannot afford to miss a chance to make a coin or two with the advertising solutions offered on this site. 

Contextual advertising with Clicksor assures advertisers of delivery of the most relevant ads to the right audience in the right time. This boots return on investment. 

Use Contextual ads via Clicksor

6. BidVertiser

BidVertiser simplifies contextual advertising for publishers and advertisers. It allows you to advertise across hundreds of websites and pay through PPC (Pay Per Click) basis. 

It has a wide network of websites from different channels of business from which you can choose your keywords, set your geographical targeting and make your pay per click bid.

BidVertiser Network for Context based ads

7. Chitika

All those who have used Chitika agree with me when I say that it offers valuable contextual advertising solutions for both advertisers and publishers. Chitika delivers ad solutions that make your website more valuable day in day out. 

It collects information about various activities on your site and sends targeted advertisements based on these activities. This is the cornerstone of contextual advertising. 

Chitika Platform for advertisers and publishers

8. eClickZ

eClickZ is a great advertising marketplace that helps advertisers in targeting the right user at the right place and at the right time. As an advertiser, you can maximize your budget simply by distributing ads on the channels that are available across your PPC ad networks

On the other hand, publishers or owners of authority websites and blogs can monetize their sites by selling their ad space inventory. Transparency in reporting and effective handling of data creates a good platform for both advertisers and publishers to accentuate their advertising plans and monetization plans respectively. 

eClickZ for Context based advertising

9. boasts of cutting-edge ad technology and a unique network of publishers that make it a contextual ad network of choice for many publishers and advertisers. 

Its advertising programs include a display network, affiliate network and an enabling marketplace that rolls out the easiest way to buy ads from thousands of websites in an automated process

You are able to advertise in a few minutes and you pay a fixed sum of money at the end of the month. This makes budgeting easy and convenient. 

Hsoub Ads

10. Info links

With, you can monetize your site using smart ad units that allow you to break from the norm and advertise inside the lines. Content on the site is scanned in real time and the most valuable keywords noted. 

Relevant ads are then placed based on these keywords, and a proper balance of relevancy and payouts smooths content and earnings flow. The inText ads on the site attracts visitors and encourages them to click and learn more on your business. 

Infolinks for Intext Contextual Ads

Contextual advertising tips

If you thought that knowing these contextual networks is all you need, you have more fish to fry. This is because coming up with a successful contextual advertising plan is easier said than done. It requires careful consideration of the following tips :-

Work with a good fit for your website. Contextual advertising is not for all. It does not depend on the amount of traffic but rather the type of traffic on a website. For this reason, work with the websites whose visitors are in the buying mood.

Read the terms and conditions and adhere to them to the latter. Contextual advertising is very terms and conditions must always be followed if success is to be achieved. 

Use the available data to make future projections and decisions.

Diversify your keywords. Do not put all your eggs in one basket. 

Make your site more Search Engine Optimized as per on-page and off-page SEO practices

Try long tail keyword marketing as it will get you more traffic which is easier to achieve and is relevant too.

In a nutshell, contextual advertising is one of the most important forms of advertising for businesses. That is why all the organizations contained in this list of ad networks are very essential in online business growth and development

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