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B2B Trade Portals - What are 10 Best Indian B2B Directories for India

07 January, 2017

5 Best B2B Portals in India for ONLINE Sellers AND Business Owners. Buy Sell Trade Directories. Promote business service Free.

B2B business websites for Indian Business owners and Entrepreneurs

Not all companies have million dollar distribution, sales and marketing budgets. Not all companies enjoy the strength of a recognizable and trusted brand name. B2B trading portals offer an answer to businesses that face these challenges. They offer an opportunity for business owners to access international markets without a large initial investment. 

Top 10 B2B Sites in India for buyers, sellers, Exporters, Manufacturers, and Suppliers

These are the best B2B Business websites in India which offer potentially huge benefits from a modest investment. Buyers and investors from different countries all over the world can trade easily with Indian buyers and sellers.

B2B (Business to Business) trade websites are similar to business directories. Like Biz directory sites or Yellow Pages, you can also submit your business details and MUCH MORE.

Here at B2B sites you get a profile and a separate page to display your products and business service listings. 

B2B Portals: 10 Great Business Promotion Platforms for Indian Business Owners.

Benefits of B2B Websites:

On a b2b portal, it is easy for small companies to access overseas markets. It is also easier for buyers to buy electronically via visa card or Paypal which is much more convenient than a bank wire transfer.

Companies that have never automated their processes can do so via a b2b trade portal. Since the investment is minimal, it is easier for companies to use b2b trade portals to test different ideas and how they will work. 

They also offer a unique opportunity for retailers to study their competition closely.

Promote your business free by Submitting it to ->
25 B2B Local Directories in India

A B2B Web Portal is a great combination of the below given types of websites, Plus Much More:-

  1. Business submission Web directories
  2. Local Business Citation Directory websites
  3. E-commerce Shopping website portals in India
  4. Online classifieds websites

The portal offers each user a webpage featuring all they have to offer. They condense the global market into a tiny village where sellers compete for attention and buyers from practically any country can browse what is on offer.

It is worth noting that India has a large domestic market, one that offers a huge demand for its products. Therefore these b2b Business websites target not just the international market, but also very importantly the local Indian Markets

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Some of the most popular products are hardware, like steel castings and agricultural produce such as coconuts. Pharmaceutical products are also extremely popular. 

Ayurvedic and herbal products including, cosmetic are a great Indian export that is consumed in Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas. Other trademark Indian products are henna and herbs.

By acting as mediators between business owners and buyers, importers and exporters, these portals facilitate international trade opportunities.

These websites offer a means of streamlining your business with international trade standards by meeting their standards. They are suitable for different levels of production whether mass production or small scale production.

Those companies that have many years of experience in eCommerce gained by many years in the b2b portal business, can harness that information to enable clients have more impact in their advertising efforts.

B2b portals do not just facilitate online sales; they also host trade exhibitions in different cities within India and around the world, facilitating that initial contact that may eventually turn into a sale and finally a profit.

10 Best B2B websites in India for Traders and Retailers to buy or sell:

1.eIndia Business: The Best B2B Portal in India

eindiabusiness-com-b2b-directory-for trade-suppliers-400x300
eindiabusiness - The Number One Portal in India for Online Traders

On, there are providers of manufactured goods, agricultural products and business services on sale. There are more than 600,000 users on the site. also belongs to Advent.

This is a great trade portal for Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters & Service Providers in India and abroad.

2. Indiamart trade site- an Extremely busy B2B Website is one of the largest online marketplaces connecting small and medium enterprises with their markets. 1.5 million suppliers use indiamart to sell their products and the popular website has been used by more than 10,000 buyers. is extremely popular, having been ranked 86 in India and 906 all over the world. The site is mostly visited by Indians and Americans.

indiamart-Indian B2B website-400x300
Indiamart- A Very Popular Online Place for Indian Traders

The leading trade categories available at IndiaMart for which you can find manufacturers, sellers, dealers, suppliers, and exporters- 

  • Electronics & Electrical items
  • Industrial Machinery 
  • Industrial Supplies 
  • Building & Construction materials
  • Mobile & Telecom 
  • Computer & Office 
  • Mechanical Spare parts 
  • Automobile Parts
  • Hand & Machine Tools
  • Apparel & Garments
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Cosmetics & Personal Care products

Visit IndiaMart- the leading trade portal in India
Free Classifieds to advertise your B2B products or services

3. India Trade Zone is aimed at Indian traders and suppliers as well as the rest of the world. Here buyers and sellers both put up ads in the hope of striking a favorable deal.

On indiatradezone, more than half a million companies from 240 countries in the world buy and sell from Indian companies. The bulk of the trade is with companies in Asia at 55% followed by Europe and then the rest of the world.

Indiatradezone-One of the Best Indian Trade Portals

The registered buyers number 150,000 and counting. The portal belongs to Wyzensystems Pvt.


On, it is possible to sign in with ones Facebook id, making it easier to access the site without additional passwords and usernames to remember.

Over 30 million users have registered on the website and this may just be one of the most popular. The website belongs to the Infocom network, a company that was established in 1990. The growth of the company has been very rapid.

The website sees more than 20 million hits every single month.


A Great Trade portal in India for small, medium, and large sellers, suppliers, manufacturers, and exporters. The site is free to signup or registration for buyers and sellers. They have simple yet effective platform to run your trades in India and abroad.

They also offer free and premium advertising options to promote your services and products to a larger group.

6. ( Update- Is closed now!)

A Great business portal owned and maintained by Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Limited.

Get 400 Credits free once you signup at the Portal. You can market your business services, buy or sell products. The Portal is free to join. Register here to start promoting your business today Tata B2B carries the faith and brand name from the world renowned company- Tata itself.

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8. ( World's No#1 )


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  4. Very good listing fro B2B portals but I came to know one site recently that stating the India's first B2B site it's main domain is in Tech products and accessories like Smart watches, Bluetooth speakers, USB Cables, Hdmi cables, android boxes. Do you know anything about it

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  6. Good blog...You add this Business directory in this list...

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