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Local Advertising Tips- 11 Ways to Advertise a Business Locally!

27 September, 2016

Ways to Local Advertising Explained: 11 Marketing Methods to Target Local Market Places

Highlights: What is local advertising ? |  What are the methods or ways to promote a business service in local market places? | What are the best websites to use for targeting local places? 

Local advertising is one of the most important facets of Geo marketing where delivering ads are optimized with regards to the geographical location of the recipient

It is an important pillar of success in businesses today if the consumer local search behavior is anything to go by. It is clear that for businesses to be successful, they must target local markets, and that means that they must know where the customer is. 

We will discuss here all the most important ways of marketing in local areas nearby your business locations. We will also learn about the types of local advertising websites that play crucial role in optimizing a business's local reach .

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11 Methods for Promoting via Local Advertising Websites

Get here a list of Local Advertising Websites and 11 Tips for Promoting a business or service in local areas. Online and offline methods of local targeting.

Will know about the webs that help in increasing a company's local visibility over the neighborhood market places, like : classifieds, directories, Google places, AdWords, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, Twitter advertising for business, etc 

Here, in this article you will find the popular techniques and ways of local advertising. 

Both- online and offline businesses - can embrace to take their businesses to greater heights of achievement. 

1. Google Local places

If you want to enhance the local visibility of you business or brand, Google Local Places is the place to be. It is easy to get your business on Google via the free search, Google maps and Google+. 

This is so especially citing the results of a recent study by Google on consumer’s local search behavior. Every day, people search for things nearby by conducting local searches. These are searches aimed at finding things near where they happen to be. 

This may include finding directions to a local store/ business, checking local store hours, or searching for local stores that have a product in stock. It was also realized that 4 in 5 consumers use search engines to find local information

Additionally, 50% of consumers who conduct a local search on their Smartphone visit a store within a day, and 34% who searched on computer/tablet did the same. 

More importantly, local searches lead to more purchases than non-local searches. With this in mind, you cannot avoid local advertising especially with Google Local Places if you want to be successful in your business. 

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2. Google AdWords

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If you consider the number of local searches that are done every day on Google, you will have all the reasons to consider Google Ad words as key elements of your local advertising campaign.

This is a Pay Per Click advertising medium that allows you to create keyword optimized ads and place them on Google searches results pages. These ads attract local searchers to your business, leading organic content to your site.

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3. Local Classifieds

Posting ads in local classifieds is you would like to have a huge local following which will lead to high returns on investment. The number of local classifieds increases by the day, and it has been reported that most people get information concerning businesses on local classifieds.

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4. Local directories

There are several offline and online local directories for Business that contain the basic information of an organization including the physical location, address and contacts. This information is quite essential for a prospective customer

Depending on your advertising budget, you can decide to either go for the free listing or the premium listing that comes with more features and advantages.

Some directories have various versions for certain geographical locations, and you can take advantage of that to customize your advertising plan.

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5. Local Citation Sites

Having your company name, phone number, address or any other information about your business mentioned by another site on the web has a great impact on your Search Engine Optimization.

The citation may or may not have a link and it has been found out that citations make about 25% of the local search ranking factors.

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6. Facebook Ads for Local Targeting

Facebook has completely transformed communication with friends, and that is why Facebook Ads cannot miss out on local advertising campaigns.

If you have a Facebook page, you can customize it in a way that targets a specific group of individuals located within a specific region

Remember local advertising entails giving the consumer a reason to patronize your establishment, because they have a feeling that you are one of their own

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7. LinkedIn Local Ads

LinkedIn Ads forms the basis of targeted advertising that is run by LinkedIn.

Several ad formats are acceptable, and you get access to sponsored updates, a large network of professionals and precision B2B targeting that will play a crucial role in getting new customers to your business

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8. Twitter Advertising for Business

With twitter, advertising for business encapsulates geo targeting right from the outset. This is so because you are required to choose your target audience in the process of signing up for an account.

Once your account is up and running, you get to amplify your advertising message and get discovered. The advertising costs are customer friendly, as you are only required to pay for what works.

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9. Local Mass Media

Local mass media advertising way for business promotion-300x200
Local mass media advertising is a popular way for business promotion

Broadcasting your ads on radio, recorded music, films and local television channels also goes a long way in geo targeting customers.

This is so because the advert will reach a specific audience located in a specific geographical location

You can also take part in programs aired by local radio and television channels to cement your existence in the neighborhood. 

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10. Local Print Media

Local print media for business advertising-300x200
Local print media advertising for business marketing

Create localized content on the various forms of the print media such as newspapers, pamphlets and books so that the local community appreciates your existence.

Localized content become increasingly more popular both online and offline as local blogs and newspapers report on community and neighborhood activities. 

We have always seen retailers, such as department stores advertise their goods in the local market through the local media in the form of brochures and newspapers inserts. Online businesses can also do the same and watch as their sites go viral.

11. Local outdoor media

Local outdoor media for advertising a business in local markets-300x200
Local outdoor media advertising for a business

We cannot ignore the importance of the outdoor media in geo targeting. Billboards located in strategic places in busy highways, sports stadiums and road junctions play a crucial role in advertising the business locally.

General tips for advertising in local market places

- On your social network pages, recommend and get involved in nearby social events. 

- By IP address tracking, identify the location of your customers i.e. their country of origin,    city and the street address whenever possible. 

- Emphasize on explicit profile data targeting and behavioral targeting on social networks 

- Practice contextual targeting, search targeting and mobile targeting to enhance your geo  targeting plan. 

- Embed a digital map to your site. This will give people an idea of where you are located. 

In a nutshell, while techniques continue to evolve one thing is certain: a huge opportunity exists for local advertising online.

With a large percentage of consumers spending happening within a few miles of the home, there is incredible incentive for the online ecosystem to continue to search for better tools to drive local advertising

Remember what Mark Twain once said, that many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.

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  1. Local advertising is the best way to target the local market and local visitors and your ideas are so useful for all of us to run local advertising campaigns successfully.

  2. Thanks Mate for the nice words. Local advertising is logical and makes sense as you target where your market is. It's like being precise, specific, and focused!


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