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02 September, 2016

How to Post Ads on Google? 15 Ways to Advertise your Business FREE on Google Services

Free Advertising options on Google : What are the methods, techniques, & ways to advertise your business or blog-website on Google? Tips on how you can promote your website further using Google's various web services.

Latest Updated in September 2016

Google has many products and online web services by using them you can post ads directly on Google. Most of the methods shown here will allow you to advertise or market your business, product, website, or services for free on the Google's networks and platforms. 

Use these advertising techniques and tricks explained here to promote or advertise your website links or business services over Google owned web services. BUT, don't over do or spam it, otherwise Google will penalize you later through its Google Panda/Penguin updates. 

And, Google is more so strict when you are caught abusing their own services. Google Inc is a home to very renowned and world famous online web services and they strongly believe in quality, honesty, and trustworthiness.  

Post Free Ads on Google: 15 Advertising-Marketing options for Businesses

Google + Post ads

Google has recently launched ( a month back) +Post Ads campaigns to Start Conversations for the users who are using Google Adwords. Through "+Post ads" you could expand your business brand’s content by easily turning Google+ posts into display ads that run all across the Internet web via AdWords. Where users can leave a comment, follow your business brand, or click a +1, or directly join a Google Hangout from an ad.  

15 Ways of advertising Free on Google

1.  Google You Tube Video advertising Platform ( Advertise your business using You Tube Search Engine marketing )  

2. Google Plus - One of the top 10 Popular Social Media Networking Platforms (but Google has discontinued Orkut- an old and popular social networking site ). Googleplus is a great source of free traffic. You can use many ways to drive traffic to your website using Google Plus social networking sites. You can join popular Google+ groups and can share your content.   

3. Google AdWords (World popular Website for paid advertising using PPC ) Get your ads placed on Google's SERP's as well as on its partner publishers websites. This is not a free service though. You will have to pay to create ad campaigns in Adwords! 

4. Google Map Local Places (one of the best places online for listing your business free on Google where local users may find/ discover your business as per your location.

5Google Blog Search - Blog Search is a technology focused on Blogs. Register free and submit your blogs to be included in Google Blog Search.

6. Google Groups ( Google has thousands of Groups where users discuss and share their ideas in front of the universal community. Google Groups are great places to speak and talk about your business services to the audience that is interested in your products.

7. Google Sites ( Google has this easy web creation free services to anyone interested in creating small or bigger business sites. Google sites rank very well in search engines listing pages. 

8. So, Google Base (now called Merchant Center) - Google base or Merchant center to advertise your products. You can use your products feed to Google Merchant Center where it will be shown for the searches made for products related queries. 

9. Google Blogger Blogspot - Blogspot is a popular Web 2.0 FREE Blog creation platform by Google itself! It lets you create a blog within 2 Minutes! Needless to say you can do anything with this blog.

You can also use it a secondary blog and promote your main business or services over it. This will be great for SEO purpose as your Blogspot blog will have very nice DA (Domain Authority) rating. Nowadays DA is the crucial factor that has replaced Page Rank (PR) factor.

10. Google Feedburner - Feedburner is a free RSS service for webmasters and bloggers around the world. After creating an account submit your blog there and activate important features of Feedburner, like "pingshot". 

You should go to "publicize" tab and then click on "Pingshot" and Enable it. Once enabled it will always notify interested services whenever your blog or website feed changes or gets updated!

11. Google Bookmarks - You can save all your bookmarks at Google Bookmarks. There you can arrange your bookmarks as per labels and tags. I have seen a positive effect on my urls after i submitted them to Google Bookmarks. [ 20 Best Social Bookmarking websites for Business ]

12. Google Gmail- Use signature to every outgoing email and add the links of your blogs or websites in your signature. This is a cool way to market or advertise your product/service with one time setup. This is easiest way to promote something without any efforts (or once a little effort in life time )   

13. Google Documents- It's a good place to create advertising documents or product/ services catalogue for your business and mark them as public to make them available to any one who is searching for the relevant/ similar information. 

You can also use Google Docu to use on your website or to upload on to the document sharing sites.

14. Panoramio- Photos of the World. This is Google's own product or online photo service site where you could upload images, make titles, and descriptions and add your website or service links to them. So, it's a good way to get free traffic from the high authority site. Your photos and hence details show up in search results for the relevant queries made on the site Register free on Google Panoramio

More of related to photos- 

15. Google Support and Help ForumsThough, Google Forum is not just like any other forums on the internet, but it's more so about Google's products and services and you can't directly start using it for your advantages. But, if you join the forum and ask relevant questions, or help others by answering their queries, you can get good referral traffic from there. 

If you are more aggressive towards business marketing, then get yourself talking in these top 50 business marketing forums

More options for business advertising -

Take the next step and Post free ads online on 100 best sites and don't forget to submit your business on 100 best Online advertising sites and always ping your website content after publishing it. 

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  1. There are great ways to advertise on Google. Many of the Google websites you listed i saw for the first time :)
    Google Groups and Google sites are great services from Google where users could connect with others and take advantage of free sharing and web creation.

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  10. I'd recommend using a tool such as Google Analytics. It's free & will show you where traffic is coming from & what they searched to find you must check

    1. Sure, but that's a different story altogether. Analytics is like a report card of what you have done to get your website traffic!

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  13. You really should update your links. eg: Panoramio has been shut down. Google often changes their mind about service offerings, leaving people high and dry.

  14. It's really helpful especially for start-up companies. You can also post free classified ads on local websites so people will notice you and buy or make inquiries.

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