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Best Social Bookmarking Websites 2016 to Drive Traffic to any Business Website Blog

10 September, 2016

20 Social Bookmarking websites for business- List of bookmarking sites 2016 that are very helpful in getting referral web traffic to your business Website or Blog

Business Promotion over the Internet by Social SEO Bookmarking

What are the social bookmarking websites that every small business must use to drive free search Engine traffic and promote their business website. You can safely use this List of Bookmarking websites that are safe in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for any business or company.

We have picked only high quality, relevant, and high domain authority High PR bookmarking websites for your business which you can use to drive organic and naturally good traffic to a business service company blog.

All the sites listed here all completely free and are best for SEO and website submission for generating quality backlinks.
After Bookmarking your website you should ping them to these best Ping websites for quick indexing.

We are going to explain you here about the social bookmarking websites that are special like good business forums for promoting small businesses online and you can generate massive traffic to your business portfolio blog or website constantly on a daily basis.
List of  Best Social Bookmarking Websites for Promoting Businesses Online

We have talked about in the previous articles about the ways for business promotion on the Internet, like Search Engine Methods, Forum Promotion, Content Marketing, advertising posting, PPC, email marketing, Free Press Release submission, blog commenting, social media marketing, etc. 

Now, in this post we will focus on how can we increase online presence of any business through some good social bookmarking websites. 

There are several thousands of bookmarking websites on the internet, but you must use only some selected ones from them as the policy of 'getting backlinks blindly' can harm the online reputation of your business, company, or professional services.

[ High PR advertising and classifieds websites ]

A Few Word of Caution before you proceed:-

I have seen many instances of business representatives asking bad(low quality/irrelevant) websites to remove the links of their company website from such sites. So, 'think before you act' and only include quality websites in your SEO project list.

25 Best Social Bookmarking websites for 2016 to Promote any business online

Along with submitting bookmarks to these social bookmarking sites, you should also submit your business website or blog to some of the great RSS directory websites 

To promote a business, you need to make sure that is well indexed in all the major search engines on the web. If you haven't already submitted your web, you can visit here to add your website to best search engines.

PDF and word document sharing platforms are also great places to be for marketing a business website online. Check out this post to submit your business site to 30 best PDf and Word Document sharing sites.

Have you submitted your business or website to some prevalent Press Release Sites yet?
If not, then visit here to find the list of 40 best websites to submit a free press release for your business or website.

Must use tool for social bookmarking: Visit Social Adr to add urls to top 29 social media sites automatically.

Sr     Social Bookmarking Sites    Google PR

1 Pinterest- Bookmark or Pin your Blog Posts    PR9

2 Tumblr- A Great community Micro Blogging Platform PR8 
3 Plurk Bookmarking Community           PR8

4 stumbleupon- Best Platform to Share and Market Content  PR8  
5 The Synonym for Online Bookmarking     PR8 
6 diigo- a dedicated Bookmarking website- Free + Premium PR8    

7 tell your Blog Story in Bookmarking Form  PR8                             
8 a vey OLD and reputed Bookmarking site           PR7

9           PR7

10                   PR7

11   PR7

12 ScoopIt-Social Media Bookmark Sharing n Curation PR7              
13 Reddit- Bookmarking Made Interesting n Un-boring! PR8                          
14                           PR7

15                   PR5

16                                   PR6

17                           PR5

18                   PR5

19                           PR5

20                   PR4

21                                   PR7




High PR Local Directories for Business

HOW and WHY to Use Social Bookmarking websites for Website Ranking?

Social Bookmarking Websites - Build Backlinks Faster and Get Instant Traffic.

Social bookmarking websites are exploding all over the web giving internet marketers a huge opportunity to build massive backlinks to their websites in very short period of time.

- Websites like, Pocket, Pinterest, Diigo, and are giving users an opportunity to employ one of the most powerful methods of online advertising using social bookmarking. 

- As users post their links to sites they like, other readers can grab those links and post them to their own lists giving marketers an opportunity to enjoy the power of viral traffic generation.

One of the biggest attractions to using social bookmarking websites like Digg is the fact that a tremendous amount of traffic frequents these sites on a daily and monthly basis. If you are diligent about your keyword research and have the ability to craft a newsworthy article, your potential for a massive spike in traffic can be instantaneous.

While creating newsworthy content certainly has its' benefits, what if your content isn't newsworthy is it still worth it to go ahead and bookmark your sites? Absolutely. Due to the high page rank these sites enjoy, you can still benefit from bookmarking your website as the search engines see these incoming links as votes for your website from these high powered sites.

It's important to note that the page rank for the social bookmarking site linking back to you may not be passed if there is a nofollow tag associated with the link, but you can still siphon some of the traffic from the site into yours giving you an opportunity to get some immediate traffic.

The very nature of social bookmarking sites is that they are indeed "social" so it's important to link to other sites that are not yours as a way of contributing to the community.

More backlinks means more traffic and social bookmarking websites provide a very simple solution for achieving a larger number of backlinks faster while supplying instant traffic at the same time.

You should also submit your website to these 50 High PR and High quality Web Citation Directory Websites here.

Submit your Blog to High PR Blog directories ]


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    1. Thanks Mate for the nice words for the work. Yeah, we wanted to make a list of social bookmarking sites that only had ultimate bookmarking sites in it. And, as you have noticed the sites listed here are amazingly good for bookmarking your content for White hat pure SEO !

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