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10 January, 2017

3 Ways of Advertising a Business - Online Outsourcing Tips for Marketing and Promotion

Online Advertising and Internet marketing options for a small business- How to get your online advertisement work outsourced completely or partially, in order to cut cost on advertising.

How to Outsource your marketing work? 3 Ways of outsourcing your business marketing- Freelancers, Online Consultants, or Marketing expert.

This article is mainly written for : Small businesses. 

Why to advertise your business online? if you have a newly opened business then you must promote it over the Internet as per your budget. You could cut your cost in mainly 3 ways as described in this blog post. 

3 ways of marketing and advertising your small business online. How to cut costs? 3 methods to outsource your work. what services to use- freelancers or agencies? Everything explained!

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Ways of advertising a business via Online Marketing and Outsourcing

If you are not a company or big business house, it's always wise not to pay a hefty amount to some advertising and marketing company as their charges will be very high..Rather, you could hire someone and get the work going on.

You can even pay someone to do the right things to make free online advertising for your small business. In this way you can cut your advertising cost up to 60%.

This is the magic of consulting, outsourcing, and freelancing a business work on a small or big level. This is a very important strategy adopted by many of the online small businesses now-a-days. You not only save money by cutting a lot of cost to your business, but also end up getting more of the marketing work done for your company.

Online marketing tips for small business owners

How to outsource your whole marketing and advertising work to cut the overall marketing costs?

How to market If you have just started a new small business and don't know from where to start promoting it to get a good jump start for your business, in terms of leads, inbound calls, and visitors.

For example, one of our clients ( i am an online business consultant ) took the following steps to insure the Internet marketing and advertising activities for his business by his own with the help of some other professional who knew very well about free online advertising ways.

The professional advertising expert achieved the marketing goals in only $3K. It took him 30-45 days to accomplish the task involving free online advertising.

So, my client had to pay only to these 3 types of professional peoples:

These are the only ways where you are spending the amount to get the advertising work done.

#1 An online consultant ( you can save on this if you know very well about online advertising concepts and the ways to perform it). 

#2 An advertising expert who managed and directed all the activities involving the actual work. ( You can also do this by your own if you can manage all the freelancers and the outsourced work) 

#3 The freelance workers who actually did the "free online advertising" work for your business. These freelancers were hired or assigned the work by the advertising expert. You can also do this work by your own and save all the cost. But, are you able to spend that much time, or does your business allow you doing this way? 

These are the 3 channels you will be spending your money through, you could cut any channel (s) as per your capacity and business budget.

Now, we will explain more on how to operate your work through the 3 different channels or alternates as explained above.

3 Ways of Outsourcing your Marketing and Advertising your Business Online-Tips to Promote a Small Business using Outsourcing & Freelancing.

#A- Hiring or taking services from an online consultant or marketing consulting strategist. (Enterprise level)

You could find the online consultant from your local places or try on the Internet. There are also individuals who provide their services independently as a freelancer. You could find the one for your business and can discuss the things related to your business promotion and how the marketing goals would be achieved.

Or, you can take the services from an Internet marketing agency/ local advertising firm. But this could be quite costly depending upon the scope and reputation of the agency.

But, they will be able to do the following important things for you-

They will Create Internet marketing strategies for your business, in terms of short and long time based goals. But, you should customize the strategies as per your needs. You can instruct them to use only free ways of marketing and advertising your business online.

Here, the end service provider is not charging anything for the promotions made. For an example, 'ad posting work' on free classifieds, like OlX, Craigslist, Gumtree, etc. These website owners are not charging anything from anyone using their services.    

#B- Get services from an advertising and Internet marketing freelance expert (Pro level)

This is a middle path where you have to semi-manage your advertising campaigns and activities by leading a mediator who will be getting your work performed with the help of another small level individual freelancers/workers. The actual work will be delivered by the end workers. They will be completing your marketing work as directed by your advertising expert. 

So, the whole task is broken down as follows :-

(i) You lead or direct an advertising expert and he will be responsible to deliver the actual work through his choice of freelance workers. BUT you will assign him the main goals and tasks; and 

(ii) The intermediate advertising expert will manage your projects and hire and direct the end workers to fulfill your advertising work. He will be managing and navigating the whole work assigned by you.

(iii) The end level workers will be completing your actual work and they get and take directions and instructions from the Intermediate advertising expert who is directly hired by you to finish the online advertising and marketing projects for your small business.

#C- Hire, Manage, and direct the bottom level freelance workforce. (Economic Class )

This is the most economic method for any kind of small business owners. This is suitable for all types of small and very small kind of businesses who have just started their business from scratch.

But, this is not suitable for those who don't know much about the modus operandi of the advertising on the Internet. If you don't know the proper ways and operations through which advertising is being done on the internet you wont be in a good situation to direct others. And, it is very difficult to get the work done in proper quality unless until you know yourself the basic level of the work. 

Though, learning is an option that is always available for you, but you need at least 6-10 months to be able to understand the Internet based advertising and marketing work . 
Contact the bottom level freelancers who perform small projects as per your budgets and directions.

Be active on freelancing platforms. Open project work Bids. Assign and manage the freelance tasks.

You could submit your project and hire any number of good freelancers at these of the best freelance websites-  

  7. SEO Clerks (for SEO and Internet marketing )
  8. ( for content only)
  9. 10 Best Freelance sites 
[ 10 websites to hire freelance writers ]

Promote your Business Using these 9 of the Free Ways of Marketing:

( you can directly hire Freelancers and assign them promotional work through free methods (except PPC networks) as listed below. You only need to pay the freelancers to complete your task.)    

  1. list your business in free and paid local business directories
  2. submit free business classified ads on 1000's of classified websites
  3. submit your business on the 40-50 popular search engines, likes of Google, Bing, etc.
  4. Submit your business in Local advertising websites for free. 
  5. Create some article blog posts on good number of free article submission sites.
  6. Promote your business free on the Internet forums.
  7. Create some good videos on the popular video sites, like You tube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, etc.
  8. Take PPC paid advertising from any of the paid ad networks, like AdWords, 7 Search, etc.
  9. Post free ads on thousands of quality classified webs. For this reason, these classifieds without registration requirement would be great time savors!

Related page- When you want to hire online freelancers for your business promotion, you have to post your job advertisements in various popular job employment websites.
Here is the post that you can use to find -> 

And getting your business promoted using the above methods you can create the same visibility ( and much more perhaps) with only 10-20% of the amount you would have spent in Method #A . Hiring a marketing agency or company to advertise/market your business is the costliest method. Though, you could easily find top marketing agencies anywhere world over!


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