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List of Paid+Free Local Advertising Sites for Advertisers and Publishers

20 January, 2017

Best Local Paid Ad Networks and Advertising Sites List on the Internet for USA, Australia, United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, India, Indonesia, South Africa, UAE, Canada, Germany, Russia, etc for 2017.

Paid Ad Networks & Free Local Advertising Web Sites List

Local as well as global paid and some free advertising sites list- Sometimes our customers who are willing to market their products or services on paid advertising sites ask for the list of good paid as well as free advertising websites

( Learn how to design and place banner ads for more conversion )

How to know what amount of paid traffic you are gathering from different channels?

When you check into Google Analysts, you can have a look at the traffic channels and know the all kinds of traffic to your web pages in a simple way. You can check how much percentage you are getting from paid channels. 

Advertising List for  Paid and Free Ad Networks and Channels

And, to make this report accurate you should add the paid networks in the list of local search engines in Google Analysts. In this way you can tell google that which kind of traffic is from paid channels.   

So I have compiled the list of popular online free + paid classifieds and advertising websites on the Internet. We have also included Paid social advertising sites as well in the list as they are becoming dominating in the premium online advertising market places for big advertisers and companies, like, FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn ads.

This list of online advertising sites (paid + free) is designed to save your time that is needed to search and explore websites that offer paid and free online advertising. While we have already have some experience about them and know which stand where. 

So, we are publishing them here for you to help you make a decision on what are the best ad networks according to your specific online marketing requirements.

Check these advertising websites that are relevant to your business or organisation and use them to promote your business or product services online in no time.

Paid advertising is specially useful and effective when you have to drive bulk and massive traffic to your campaigns. This is more so relevant when you have tried free marketing options and want to cater the more advanced sector to beat your competitors.

Post paid ads on PPC advertising sites and local adverts sites, and some free ad sites

List of ad networksPaid advertising networks for PPC and social ads. post paid ads using best paid advertising networks. 

List of ad networks for paid advertising. promote a business service using PPC, CPM, CPA ad platforms. Paid search engine marketing using AdWords, Yahoo ads, Infolinks, etc. 

Use these paid ad networks to advertise on the Internet using Display ads, In-text ads, Media ads, context based advertising, Facebook ads, etc.

5 Best ad networks for Canada

Top Paid ad networks for United Kingdom (UK)

Internet search engine Marketing Platforms for United Kingdom for 2017. 


  1. Nice article. To me, both paid and free advertising sites have their own good and bad. And as for me, I prefer paid advertising site as it gives more features and deals. It might cost a bit but it's worth it. I've tried a few paid advertising sites before and everything is fine. But for those who are still new to online bussiness field, they may have to use the free advertising sites as they don't have much budget to pay for ads. Free advertising sites are good too. They have quite good deals like the paid ones.

    1. Hi Johnny, thanks for your valuable inputs about the list of paid and free advertising systems. I agree with you paid advertising costs you less than the so called free advertising if you consider all the results, time, and labor. And, you get good reputation online if you are using paid advertising since many systems are exploring who is paying what and on the basis of that they judge the credibility of a business or website. I am not 100 % sure or right thinking this way, but i felt so when i started using paid ads on my sites and suddenly i became valuable for many companies and systems :)

  2. Great Post, for advertise business. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hey Thanks Rizwan for appreciating the post. I hope the advertising list proves to be very useful for your own business. BTW, what do you do?


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  5. Great article! People who have started their businesses for the first time MUST post advertisements on Free Online Ads Sites. It will not only help them spread the information about their businesses but also save their money.

  6. great link.. thanks a ton. very helpful to enlarge our business. RSN InfoTech


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